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  1. I am Calm.... no one can join the multiplayer game anyway :D
  2. How did we manage to lost 6 citys in 4 hours when nobody in the sever on both side? and 7th almost lost.......... BTW and how the hell I become a "Founder" ? :D
  3. Its happened so many times and I juast dont kown what I did wrong now It can explain why I cant get my AK I did landed to refuel before he crashed last time, mabye I did the same as well few times before I gess I have to stay in air little longer until my opponents crash before you guys fix this problem :D And somtimes I damaged a enemy first and my squad mate finished him later It count as my kill in the In Game Scor Board but count as his kill on the web side after is this problem also will be fix? another question: is it shooting pilot after he bailed out (shooting parachute) Irregularities? I got shot once by some LG guy before, I gess because I dameged him and Was shot down after not by him but anther VVS player on his side, he didnt got the kill mebye he was pissed off by that and shot me for two pass but didnt hit my pilot I kown that there is no Annotations in the RULES on the web side to against this But Is this behavior allowed?(shooting parachute) And if I got killed in parachute its also counted me WAS KILLED or not?
  4. If I got hit by enemy and Ruined my propeller when landing it will count as Shot down by enemy right? I have some experience that I got hit by enemy at the first and ditch on the field(with out landing gear) or land perfectly on the airfield but engine stoped after that. they all counts SHOT DOWN by enemy (both Scoring board in game and Web side ) once I got hit by some VVS 7.62 guns.(maybe got 2-3 holes on my wing) I dont even notice that until I landed on our airfield but Ruined my propeller because of my error to Miscalculated the speed It end up I was shot down by that guy Then the last few days I Let some VVS black smoking planes escape and wait for the Kill counts Sometimes I never got the Kill. because the pilot manage to land the plnes with out damege the propeller or back to the base before the engine quiets(That is totally acceptable) But sometimes I already got the kill on the Scoring board in game but nothing on the web side its happend 4 times at least in 7 days Last time I even asked the VVS player after I got the kill on the Scoring board in game and he told me he never made it back to the AF and crashed on a open field. But I got no kills on web when i check it after the game This is a really annoying thing that I hope can get a answer Is it Simply Calculation error of the sever or some game mechanic? in some Cases it will no show on the web side?
  5. I dog fight a MIG3 on my 109F4 tonight all the way from 7000m to 1000m. spent like 5min to get advantage on this MIG and shot him to black smoke then when I was doing a scissors with MIG a friendly 109F2 shot me from my 6 and damage my wing make me broke off from the MIG At the same time the 109F2 pursue and attack the MIG. when I finally Realized there were no another Enemy near by . The 109F2 has already chase the MIG to the deck 7-8km away and shot the MIG down Im really Ok with "KS" if another guy got batter aim than me but using this dirty little trick is really make me angry and upset I not trying to make this guy Banned from the sever so Im not going to say the name of this guy but I really neet this to Vent My Fucking Emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the most important is He shoot down this MIG using a NOT VALID PLNE!!!!
  6. another teamkiller http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=11730&name=III./JG5_Golan_Heights http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=11729&name=LLv32_Korppi shoot friendly 109 when this eara has no enemy
  7. I told you was friendly fire after you strafed me first time. and why did you loop again and shoot me after I landed?
  8. Hi Kathon I want to report a Teamkiller http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=7854&name=Horatio_Nelson http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=7849&name=III./JG5_Georgelee He strafed me first time when I was landing on a friendly AF ,and looped around back strafed me again when I stoped and killed me
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