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  1. I've been screaming for individual plane / vehicle controls for years, maybe now with the addition of tank crew and flying circus, we'll finally get it.
  2. DCS is already covering this, just saw pics this week of dcs b-17 over Normandy. Glad IL2 BOX is going where it's going, dcs in the ETO and IL2 in the pacific is the perfect reason to just fly both sims.
  3. Got it working, I had to point WinRAR to my main bos directory and unpack. Originally I extracted to the desktop and manually moved each file, which was creating the error.
  4. The 2.007 update may have broke something, can't get this to run, keeps saying it can't find one of the files in the lua mapemitters test folder.
  5. I would love for the ROF control UI as well. So many good additions to the sim the past 6 months, the controls UI is one of the last major gripes I have that could use some updating. It would be awesome to have plane specific control profiles including curves. Is there a place where we can make upgrade requests or do we have to just make a post in the general discussion and hope it gets the attention of the devs ?
  6. Yea I'm not thrilled about installing java either. The windows 10 browser won't even let you download it, have to use an alternate browser.
  7. Love the Dodgers and Vin Scully. Hope they go all the way.
  8. I'm hyped for the pacific, best choice they could make. Just wish it was releasing tomorrow.....
  9. ^ Not sure exactly, but I just got an email alert from amazon that the glad pro was available so I promptly ordered one. The amazon order details stated product will arrive between August 16th and the 26th. Got a pretty good deal being a prime member, awesome that vkb arranged the option to use amazon. It worked out so well, that I even upgraded my mkII pedals to the new and improved mkIV pedals.
  10. Never thought of this until you mentioned it here, could be a nice compromise to not having a reliable force feedback stick. Does this work well with headphones ?
  11. Tkanks for the info on Wizzo Sokol. On the topic of the T-Rudder pedals MKII, how do you change the cam to the softer centering CAM on your MKII ? Looking at mine, it only has curvature for centering on one side, so inverting it like the video you posted of the MKIII Cam will not work I'm guessing. I'm starting to think I should have another separate CAM to insert for the softer centering CAM on the MKII, or some people have a MKIII double sided CAM on their MKII. This is the one I have, notice the CAM is one sided. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLg_B_JUkE4
  12. Does wizzo have any benefit for me as a VKB rudder t-peddal mk II user, can I use it to setup the virtual toe brakes ? Also I can seem to find any instructions on how to change the centering cam for the t-rudder mkII, is it possible for this model ? I found stuff for how to do it on mk III and IV but not for mk II.
  13. Would it be possible to add a options tab to the campaign that would let the user define some things like AI performance especially the gunners ? I wouldn't mind flying the campaign, but it's no fun at pilot level 10 with terminator AI. Would be nice to dial it down a little. The only alternative would be to make the mission goal 100% priority on landing at base and accomplishing the objective is just extra. This linear objective system is again not fun at pilot level 10.
  14. I'll do my best to show up for the VVS, I'm PST so it'll be a perfect flight time for me. I'm always complaining how none of the event's are favorable to my time zone, so when you guys do one that is, the least I can do is show up. Personally the 2000 EST is great for me, but I may be the only PST flyer with the balls to show up and fly VVS. If you move it to earlier in the day for me It makes it more difficult for me, but you may gain the attendance of 10 Euro flyers so I get it....thus the nature of sim events.
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