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  1. The 200 000 member is: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/profile/231817-ad2/
  2. Good evening I just bought il2 Battle Stalingrad today, but problem after five minutes the game crashes; is there a patch available ...... OR OTHER Thanks for your help. Toujours en Anglais!!!!!
  3. der Grund für das Klopapier ist, wenn einer Niest, dann machen sich 50 in die Hose....
  4. There is no reason to be negative, I have been registered in the forum myself since December 11, 2013, but only really active since April 2019. I was still very tied to IL2 1946. I think IL2 GB has developed positively enough, so much so that I rarely play IL2 1946 anymore.
  5. It's nice to see how our community grows day by day. It can only take a few days until the "limit" is exceeded. I'm curious when it will be. Let's welcome the 200,000nd together.
  6. Great and because the C47 was used everywhere ..
  7. Search under skin for, then you will find some
  8. this is a Campaign first mission in english an german with Romania voice IL2 1946. http://www.mediafire.com/file/lv3psms6ce5wgp3/Romania.zip/file
  9. lately, the subtitle can no longer be properly incorporated. It cannot appear 10 seconds, especially when using a media trigger (I want to use voices file from IL2 1946 Italy, Hungarian, French and more). Neither it seems too short or not at all. Of course, I always use a timer trigger between them. But no matter what I try, no success. Please fix the subtitle trigger or a clear and simple instruction to work with the trigger (the problem, it could be me)
  10. Campaign status: Since there are currently big changes on the part of the developers, I am forced to wait. But I'm still working on it. I think it would be better to wait until the tank crew is no longer beta. Unfortunately, I have found that every innovation also brings new problems. I ask you to be patient.
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