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  1. try it in: bin / editor / reset editor setting
  2. try the attack area on low and not on high and the WPT of the bombers on high
  3. Great catastrophe for the model makers in the USA Container collapse and other Modelling news, ( My stuff was on this ship! ) - YouTube
  4. The shadow bomber look same this: Handley Page HP.11/HP.12
  5. Santa and the IL2 GB developers team
  6. I confirm PE2 Mission see zip: 46th BAP 12.10.1941.zip
  7. When I was interested in it at the time, I was an absolute beginner as a mission editor ... at that time I had "1000" ideas about what you can do. Today I know how complex it is to write a mission. I haven't given up yet, but it's not that easy. In addition, I would have to retire for health reasons, and I had to deal with other problems. But now I've come to the point where I can and will revive old ideas.
  8. the media folder must be in the mission folder: data / mission
  9. The mission starts in hostile territory .... the mission in zip: _gen.zip
  10. If you have no ideas for the hurricane: Hurricane I RAF Flying School 4 L1873 Gunnery Flight central Flying School Upharon 1940-V0B
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