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  1. Yes, even a campaign, literature is not lacking in me ...
  2. If you feel like it, a company Tiger would be nice, for example 505 3rd Company
  3. Well, that's the problem, all German tanks are numbered with ..... ..... you decide yourself. There is just too much possibility ....😏Merci
  4. Is it possible to make skins for a whole company? 100 101 111-112-113-114 211-212-213-214 311-312-313-314 🙄
  5. may be. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/media/spitfire_mk-21.22460/ www.modellversium.de/presse/artikel.php?id=1062 is a book
  6. He hears all our wishes, unfortunately: Jason and co disguised ....
  7. I've been thinking about such a campaign for a long time and have already made some preparations. I handle the ME relatively well, but it takes all of its time.I wanted to call it "Max and Moritz" But since we do not have southern Bavaria and do not have to fly a long way, I would like to use the Lapino map.
  8. forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=230398
  9. I would be happy if you could play from 22.06.1941 to 08.05.1945 ... Lvov, Smolenks, Leningrad, Crimea, Kiev, and and and ....
  10. I hope that the developers will manage the Bocage close to the reality. Will not be easy.
  11. I can still remember how I used the Crimean Map and Palm trees to create a small Pacific atmosphere to fly the Zero
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