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  1. happy birthday Jason Have you already thought about a TC2?
  2. Career FW190 I./JG51 Pitomik, while intercepting bombers I caught fire with my FW 190 and jumped off ..... it struck me that I don't have a parachute .....
  3. I am very happy that the Rhineland map is being improved, there is hope that the Walcheren island will be improved? It was involved in heavy fighting in October-November 1944.
  4. I know it belongs in the BUG'S report, but for 2 days now, when I want to click directly on a topic, I always get this picture
  5. That's an interesting detail too
  6. One question: is it possible to display damage to a tank right from the start of the mission, so that a tank does not always look like new from the factory?
  7. I found this variant on the Internet without finding any further information. Is that authentic?
  8. In the Developer Diary 130 (page 4) of August 19, 2016 you can see pictures of the "Odessa Map", someone knows why the map never appears in the game ....
  9. (4) Imperial Japanese Navy's Aircraft Carrier Akagi - YouTube
  10. Hello, somehow the females voice does not seem to work, I made a track before 3 female pilots taxi and take off, and you always hear the same male voices. I listened to the female voices in the radio file ..... it doesn't fit. Female voice.zip
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