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  1. Here are two bridges from my memory: Map Novosokolniki 0404/6 city Kryukovo bridge id 55 and Vluki 0610/4 city Kuniya bridge id 5027, it will take time to check all bridges ...
  2. The same problem with the bridge id 902 1838/6 near the city of Dakhouskaya, I used to drive all the way down with a PzIII L from Mailkop, and had an interesting idea for a small campaign, unfortunately you can't get many objects with the help of Let "enable" appear in the game. For example, just before you reach the bridge, you can destroy it and repair it again, but you cannot insert a replaced bridge.
  3. You can use the editor to change the bridge (79) with pontoon bridge if it works
  4. https://mikesresearch.com/2018/08/26/panzer-kompanie-mielke/
  5. Important information for the opponents!
  6. I had already thought about using the voice files from the old IL2 1946 to write a Romanian 1942 Kuban campaign. I have already done a few tests to do it.
  7. Une Idee: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCWLLa_oyv_FO3t9tWH8Oxg
  8. OK ........ why must each vehicle have its own wpt? You can also make "delet after death" free, then you do not need "trigger delete", everything is very chaotic, I will quickly build a small mission to show you how it is easy.
  9. I start the next round .... DD today?
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