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  2. about how much would it cost to get one that would be good for flying twin engine german heavies? i'm interested in it because well the satek i have now went kaput. its why i cant fly and it makes me sad especially with the hs129 now out ;-;
  3. hear hear,this is what i was thinking exactly!
  4. thanks for being so seethrough on development,it means A LOT to us.many other devs dont do nearly as much as you.
  5. i aint !@#$%^& kidding around,Id die happy for a few hours of flight in a bos mossie.
  6. GIVE THE THE MOSQUITO OR GIVE ME DEATH ahem,seriously though,i would literally die for a mosquito fb mkVI in bos quality flight modeling.
  7. what the tarnation did i just watch?!~
  8. I have never missed a preorder yet nor do I intend to,even though it meant biking as few km to get an emergency prepaid card for it...... so worth though because this sim beats the dickens out of EVERYTHING yet to be shown to me
  9. a hearty grats,I have yet to kill anything but ai,but I AM a bomber pilot (and a good on too apparently when i get into the swing of flying things)
  10. also makes the fifty kg bombs actually useful for something,right now there near to useless on everything but the ju88 and even then only in certain senarios
  11. i would love to,only issue is that im a canuck on the other side of the world,so timezones may not work well
  12. hey,just trying to get back into il2bos and well,i just cant seem to do it alone,and am in need of some help. is there any kindhearted souls out there who are willing to help out and teach a semi newb before i got rusty back into the game? I fly Luftwaffe and am trying to get back into my ju88 and the fw190
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