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  1. way is correct? IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\Campaigns "there is no task description" UPD. Resolved. Just change game in ENG language.
  2. Hi. In first mission by default Ju.52 equipped by 2300 kg of military cargo. Do I must select paratroopers or this is mission of cargo delivery for first wave?
  3. Why you sorry about this? Nice done. Excuse me for wrong copyright.
  4. Pointer "Nicht anfassen" better delete on rudder. White 2 and sign of III gruppe ~ better a little bit thicker, for my opinion. And 7./JG54 emblem, seems like that wing slightly front than boot. [edited]
  5. Muncheberg was at Stab/JG51, not I./JG 51. Victory claims: first 3.8.1942, last 27.9.1942 In that period Stab/JG51 located at Stara Bychow / Schatalowka - 109F: http://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg51.htm Stab receive 190's only in late 42, when Jochen was already command Stab/JG77 in North Afrika
  6. In USSR Müncheberg flew on Bf.109 according "Vom König der Malta-Jäger zum legendären Jägerass von Tunis" Hans-Joachim Röll book.
  7. Stab II./JG 26, Fw.190A-2, WNr.:257 Until 6.5.1942 (77 abschussbalken) rudder was partially painted RLM 04. With next 2 victory rudder has painted completely, but on another plane Fw.190A-2, WNr.:20 209
  8. The whole topic for own cats on russian forum:) https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/2465-tema-dlya-koshatnikov/page-1
  9. Already 15 min.on forum main page.
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