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  1. Why you sorry about this? Nice done. Excuse me for wrong copyright.
  2. Pointer "Nicht anfassen" better delete on rudder. White 2 and sign of III gruppe ~ better a little bit thicker, for my opinion. And 7./JG54 emblem, seems like that wing slightly front than boot. [edited]
  3. Muncheberg was at Stab/JG51, not I./JG 51. Victory claims: first 3.8.1942, last 27.9.1942 In that period Stab/JG51 located at Stara Bychow / Schatalowka - 109F: http://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg51.htm Stab receive 190's only in late 42, when Jochen was already command Stab/JG77 in North Afrika
  4. In USSR Müncheberg flew on Bf.109 according "Vom König der Malta-Jäger zum legendären Jägerass von Tunis" Hans-Joachim Röll book.
  5. Stab II./JG 26, Fw.190A-2, WNr.:257 Until 6.5.1942 (77 abschussbalken) rudder was partially painted RLM 04. With next 2 victory rudder has painted completely, but on another plane Fw.190A-2, WNr.:20 209
  6. The whole topic for own cats on russian forum:) https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/2465-tema-dlya-koshatnikov/page-1
  7. Already 15 min.on forum main page.
  8. "BoBp" - is incorrect name i think, cos Bodenplatte is name of the Operation, not of the city or country. "OB" Operation Bodenplatte, maybe. Or just B.P.
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