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  1. Key Features LG Nano IPS 1ms response time 27” QHD (2560 x 1440) Nano IPS Display NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync™) 144Hz refresh rate HDR 10
  2. What monitor is better for aerial simulation? https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-27GL850-B-gaming-monitor https://www.asus.com/es/Monitors/ROG-SWIFT-PG279Q/ Thanks Regards Supongo
  3. You do not see many JU52 in the online servers, and even less the U2. It may be interesting to give those who fly those planes many points if they fulfill specific missions, such as launching paratroopers (JU52) or discovering targets that do not appear on the map (only U2 should be able to discover these objectives). Specific bombings for these two planes would also be possible, for example to search, locate and bomb a convoy of trucks (with little or no AA). What do you think? Sorry for my bad english Supongo
  4. Rojo, eso es que ya estás en la reserva, que te haces viejunooooo.
  5. Cuando seleccionas las bombas en el 190 A8 sale en ingles en el tecnochat
  6. Oso, y que pasa si te toca bombardear o hacer de jabo? O cada uno va a tener el roll que más le guste?
  7. En trackir no consigo poner los límites
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