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  1. yes, i get drift after some time and the 1.5 vers should fix that This is the error i get
  2. Hi, I have EDTrackerPro device and i'm trying to update firmware vers. 1.5 from 1.4 from EDTracker UI but i get an error, missing file , their site is not online anymore, is anyone has that firmware file or is there other way to update? I sent an email to EDTrackerPro devs but that is not working also
  3. hey, do i need to buy the controllers too or only the headset? looking to get an Lenovo Explorer
  4. Soldering is very bad on that board, i fixed with a help from a friend, is not complicated , just need proper soldering. Now all buttons are working fine.
  5. I got this from Amazon US , to send this unit back it means i almost pay twice for it just from shipping and taxes, it' s not really worth it. I will ask a friend to help me out with soldering, hopefully there are only those switch broken.
  6. I have a problem too, just got it and the buttons A1 and A3 are pressed in and not moving at all, in wizzzo they not register signal when i try to press them harder. Is there a easy way to fix this? The piece of metal witch is covering the base buttons is moving abit as well. Chinese assembly quality...not a happy 1st night with Gladiator http://imgur.com/a/Q44ez
  7. I have client on steam, there will be up on store page also?
  8. Salut, doar Fighterstick USB, Pro Throttle USB, Pro Pedals USB Flight Simulator Pedals mai sunt.
  9. I went from FX-8350 4.0, 16 GB ddr3, m5a88 to I7-6700k 4.5 GHz OC, Asus z170-a, 16gb ddr4 2400,same video card gtx 970 strix , my fps went from 30-40 fps on low settings to 130-150 fps on ultra, hdr enabled, ssao disabled. AMD is working bad with this engine
  10. No, sorry, it's not worth the cost of transportation just for that.
  11. Price on amazon without transport and visa pieces is around 560$ All parts are in perfect condition, the pedals was cleaned once, around 10 months of usage pretty casual. I got them from amazonNA thru a intermediaire firm for reduced cost transport. I'm from EU - Romania so realistically i can send only in europe thru DLH i guess, is the only company here who sends internationally. Price : 380$ + transport fees CH Products Fighterstick USB CH Products Pro Throttle USB CH Products Pro Pedals USB Flight Simulator Pedals TrackIr 5 Premium Head Tracking for Gaming Track Clip Pro LED Head Tracker for TrackIr units Bracket pole mount, VESA75/100
  12. I'm not questioning if is a good sim from immersion point of view, art , etc. but only from a technical view. We invest lot of money to get hardware only to see a minimal benefit or not at all. For ex. i spent on a GTX970 340 euros + 20% taxes, in my country the minimum monthly wage is 240 euros so u can see it's quite an investment and i tend to get frustrated to see in some modern engines to have very good performance and in all dx9 , 32 bits softw. to lurk around 30-40 fps with spikes on medium - low settings. I'm holding off in getting BOM to see if we get some improvements is this department and this is the only reason i don't have it yet.
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