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  1. Realistically never, as said above. If only we didn't live in a world of scarce resources...
  2. Meh, I think PTO is way too big for them to divert attention to Korea
  3. Wednesday means it's pretty much Friday. Hopefully some new P-38 pics emerge!
  4. "Number 1 is engaging!" I get freaked out just thinking about it
  5. Well, you all have finally done it with this thread. Every page has probably added one week to the p-51 release date
  6. >Having completed all these tasks, we'll increase the maximum visibility distance for planes and ships from 10 to 100 km and the resulting visibility distance will realistically correspond to the lighting and weather conditions. TAKE MY MONEY
  7. I was about to come in here and REEEEEEEEEEE all over the place, but this made me feel better. Safe travels Jason
  8. Probably not gonna happen, have an original pic of one though:
  9. Il2's is pretty good, nothing will probably ever top 'Arnhem' from Medal of Honor Frontline:
  10. Ah, I see. Hopefully no news is good news then! (as doubtful as it is)
  11. Of course it's purely speculative, but even the best market research involves a degree of assumption. The greatest variable would be man hours per project, and rate per hour. Otherwise we know how much the games cost and could make a reasonable assumption of how many were purchased on sale, and could make a reasonable estimate.
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