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  1. I disagree, there's not anything really modern that gives a good Defense of the Reich experience as a Luftwaffe pilot. Gah, in a perfect world we would have IL-2's fighters and microproses heavies!
  2. I'm curious of your opinions on this: How detailed do you expect things such as fighters to be? It would be pretty shite of them to not have fighters to either attack or protect formations, but at the same time we can hardly expect Il-2 detail/quality. Additionally, how good of a flight model would you expect? From what I remember of original B-17 it wasn't too great, but easily forgiven for how great the rest of it was.
  3. Early summer eh? summer starts in April right?
  4. It's not too late to bump this thread is it? Battle of Atlantic: Area: near celtic sea/western approaches area (airfields located on minimal land mapped in both UK and France) Aircraft: USN/FAA - Primary missions range from hunter-killer tasks against u-boats to defending convoys against Fliegerführer Atlantik raids/recon - Wildcat/Martlet - F4U/Corsair - Avenger (swordfish if early) - Seafire (skua if early?) - Firefly (Hurricat/catafighter if early) Fliegerführer Atlantik - Primary missions range from s
  5. Perhaps some fusion between crabs and coronavirus that could wipe out the whole eastern seaboard of the US
  6. Definitely gonna release the Hurricane today, I can just feel it
  7. There was a thread about this before. Lots of drama for such an innocent topic... Anyway, something like 90% of IL-2 players play SP iirc, so don't expect this anytime soon.
  8. Congrats Requiem! Let your employer know that BoN will be out soon and you'll need some time to teach us all how to fly the new aircraft!
  9. Not only this, but the amount of time it would take to climb would probably not jive well with the current maps.
  10. A bit early to be drinking isn't it XD But ditto on mighty 8th. I was too young to appreciate it in its entirety, but I still got a lot of value out of it. Would be amazing to have it in the IL-2 world.
  11. This, although jet combat would present a necessity for larger draw distance
  12. Realistically never, as said above. If only we didn't live in a world of scarce resources...
  13. Meh, I think PTO is way too big for them to divert attention to Korea
  14. Wednesday means it's pretty much Friday. Hopefully some new P-38 pics emerge!
  15. "Number 1 is engaging!" I get freaked out just thinking about it
  16. Well, you all have finally done it with this thread. Every page has probably added one week to the p-51 release date
  17. >Having completed all these tasks, we'll increase the maximum visibility distance for planes and ships from 10 to 100 km and the resulting visibility distance will realistically correspond to the lighting and weather conditions. TAKE MY MONEY
  18. I was about to come in here and REEEEEEEEEEE all over the place, but this made me feel better. Safe travels Jason
  19. Probably not gonna happen, have an original pic of one though:
  20. Il2's is pretty good, nothing will probably ever top 'Arnhem' from Medal of Honor Frontline:
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