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  1. Hello, update is awesome for the most part but one minor issue that has unfortunately made me not able to play online. The change from tool-tips being client-side to server-side is neat, however there being no option to force them off on my end (like how you can force off the instrument panel) means Im getting a splitting headache from all the flashing green lights as I try to play. I really love the game and have bought (on steam mostly) and played every expansion so far and pre-ordered the others. But please, for me and for everyone who likes full-immersion, let us force the tips off without disabling the hud entirely (on multiplayer its practically essential). Cheers!
  2. Wanganui_Wildcat id be really interested in those skins if the offers still up.
  3. Issues only observed in IL2, elaborate "windows assistants" please as I don't know what that is Update: it seems the ingame sensitivity slider doesn't effect my mouse at all Fixed: went into graphics options and unchecked "fullscreen", game still acts like normal fullscreen only change is the mouse in unbugged
  4. So I was recently forced to reinstall my PC and after installing IL2 my mouse sensitivity is really low and I cant raise it. In game there is a mouse sensitivity slider that goes from 1-20 but even at 20 my sensitivity is really low. Help?
  5. So as i got the new update I found the game wouldn't start, i run off steam so i made an integrity check and apparently 58 files suddenly went missing during the update, my guess is they for some reason deleted the outdated files but didn't add the new ones. Thought it might be helpful in case this is a more widespread issue
  6. Type of improvement: Adding manual fuel gauge switch option Explanation of improvement: A button that can be bound to manual switch the fuel gauge to the nest tank, often as it is now the gauge can spend 30-40 cycling through empty tanks before showing you your only in-use tank fo 10 seconds. Benefits: Would make low fuel counts less frustrating, would make low fuel flying on spitfires possible, would remove it showing tanks nobody cares about unnecessarily (looking at you tank 4) Type of Improvement: Auto download other players custom skins temporarily Explanation of improvement: You already download the mission files when loading into a match, you could also theoretically download other players custom skins when they or you join the match in a similar manner Benefits: Encourage costom skin usage, as currently they often end up unused as on many maps you want camouflage and cant take your fancy costom camo pattern thats perfectly suited to the region. Also would make it nice to see different squads in their own skins and such Note: Im still salty that the Tempest didn't get its RP-3 rockets, please if you add them to the Typhoon do so as well to the Tempest
  7. Just wondering if there's any way to acquire pdf versions of the ingame maps?
  8. yes i've had that issue with the spit as well, I often fly escort duty and flying straight and level for that long often means you lose your bomber and then have to go find them again.
  9. Currently the system ingame for the fuel gauge is kinda frustrating, only switching tanks every 10 seconds. I would much prefer an option of manually switching your viewed tank. Often I have say 130L in tank 1, and whenever I check my indicator it shows some empty tank and I have to wait, staring at an empty tank, then the next empty one, then the next, than finally see my fuel count. Ideally you would have a key that manually cycles the gauge to the next tank so you can check fuel in dogfights and at a glance. At Least I would really appreciate it as I regularly fly with low fuel.
  10. Back in Slovakia during socialism pilots in training would fly under road bridges in soviet jets as a sort of "right of passage". And during military parades soviet jets would fly so low that all the windows in high-rises would be flipped (they were the old spinney type). Unfortunately there were a lot of accidents.
  11. I know for sure that timed fuses existed and were uses, as well as delayed activation (ex:bomb will only detonate having flown minimum 3 seconds) but I have been unable to find historical evidence of fuses as seen in game, where the bomb explodes on a delay starting at impact with the target. If anyone has some historical evidence of these i would love to see it, this has been bugging me for a while now.
  12. So I've been wondering, how realistic is it when an artillery gun explodes under fire? In game a decent burst of quad 12.7 mm machine guns will fairly consistently detonate an artillery gun. Did this actually happen? I assume there's some gun cam footage or something...
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