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  1. Absolutely yes, this is the setup I have currently. I have my regular T16000M FCS throttle set as general throttle and i can fly single or twin engines on this single throttle should I wish (flew the 262 with it recently) Alternately by setting lever 3 and 4 as throttle 1 and throttle 2 i can control them independantly.
  2. Link your two accounts and you're good. There a guide here:
  3. I have the T16000m and throttle, I also found i needed a bit more. I picked up two of the Logitech quadrants and a vacum formed box to mount them diagonally. Similar to Mikoyan74 here: Throttle 1 - Water Cooler Shutter/ Outlet Cowl Shutter - Dual Function (Buttons - Water Cooler Step - specific Aircraft like Bf110) Throttle 2 - Oil Cooler Shutter/ Inlet Cowl Shutter - Dual Function (Buttons - Oil Cooler Step for specific Aircraft) Throttle 3 - Engine #1 (Buttons - Supercharger gear up and down) Throttle 4 - Engine #2 (buttons - Turbo/boost cut out) Throttle 5 - RPM/Propellor pitch Control Axis (Buttons - Nav / Cockpit lights) Throttle 6 - Mixture Control Axis (Buttons - Landing lights /can't remember ) I have post it's on my mount because i keep forgetting what i've set the buttons too..
  4. So I started the single player campaign as RAF yesterday, on the second mission the character says he is from Warrington in the North west of England and lists Bridge street as their place of work. for those unsure that video of tommy robinson (sorry to bring politics here) getting covered in milkshake? that was bridge street. it's my town you see and I did a genuine double take reading the entry. does anyone know? interesting to me, possibly not to anyone else I know. thanks Pete
  5. Hi Chaps, i've been experiencing an odd bug with blitz in that i get sound all through the menu's but when i spawn into a cockpit it's deadly silent, on checking the audio settings the slider has defaulted to 0. after moving it it works fine and i get all sound back but it's odd that it keeps happening. has anyone experienced this and do you know of a permanent fix? failing that which file controls the settings for the sound sliders, is it user.ini? thanks Pete
  6. Due to the way the AAA works in game, all gunners should be set to "Specsavers"
  7. I bought the original CloD a good number of years ago when it was on sale via steam, i dug out my x52 and loaded the game up, tbh i found it overly complex, juddery(my system didn't handle it well) and there was a learning curve there i wasn't quite ready to climb through my rosy 1946/HSFX glasses. so it went away. more recently i've been flying BoX and thoroughly enjoying it, but missing something a little more complex, so after a couple of run ups i've got myself configured and flying in CloD Blitz and i'm rather enjoying it, at present i'm still fiddling with the odd config option here and there but honestly throttle quadrants are a life saver in this game. My main question for this group I guess would be what mods/addons are considered standard or required above the current version of the game or are there any major config tips i should follow with regards to info windows and key binds? also does anyone have a guide for convergence and belt preferences? thank you Pete
  8. Just ran across this thread and reasonably on/off topic it's ace to see JSGME is still going strong, used to use that for all my Silent Hunter III mods. bookmarked this mod for when i finally get boden, going to give this a go. thanks
  9. I was being silly, Leben (life) müde (tired), it's akin to being depressed/fed-up with life and is sort of dark humour related, you could be described this way if you're doing something out of character to spice up your life if you were down.
  10. Well it could be Lebensmüde? the dial gets higher the more you throw your throttle around.
  11. I'm running an I5 4690k overclocked to 4.2ghz 16gb 1866 ram (corsair vengeance) GTX 970 4gb (ish) Overall i get good performance out of my rig, 60fps isn't an issue with everything maxed out at 1080p
  12. Will it have the horrible wing stall it had in il2 1946 do we reckon? i could never keep the damn thing in the air in a turn fight, not that i should have been turn fighting her...
  13. Not left and right, Hinten - Rear (behind), Vorne - Front (ahead) so left gauge is rear tank, right gauge front tank
  14. Well if you have a bodenplatte going i'd love to, it's been hard to justify the cost recently with other stuff ongoing at home.
  15. See i've been playing with convergence and i have to say I can't hit a thing, the odd clip or stray round fine, but i find my guns are dry before anything gets shot down. clearly this is all the fault of my poor convergence settings... hilarity aside fiddling with them may help me hit something.
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