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  1. I'm hoping the performance loss is modelled when you add the vokes filter too.
  2. There's still plenty of british towns to bomb don't worry.
  3. Hey neat, they're only about 30k assembled. Also, that guy is replaceable right?
  4. There's a war on you know! The Hispano had a 60 round drum, the fire rate on it is listed as 700-750 rounds per minute. it's a scary thing. Flying in the spit for a while then switching to a german plane though it does feel like you have ammo for days.
  5. The BK 3.7 used 6 round clips, the gunner would manually load these on command from the pilot just like in the earlier 110 versions where they would reload the 2cm cannon. Not a great image but this shows the layout internally: The Ju 87 held 12 rounds per gun as they would join two clips together on a pan, that's the bit you see sticking out of the pods. it was crude but worked.
  6. I think i've split my F5 key in two.
  7. if you've removed the program from your game folder and have cleared your recycle bin, i'd suggest verifying your game files via steam (assuming you have the steam install) and this should restore it.
  8. Wondering if any other Thrustmaster pedal owners can advise here, I've recently applied Nyogel to my TFRP and though they now at least offer resistance i'm having serious issues finding the Detent on the device. Has anyone had any luck modifying this or seen any guides on modification that may be helpful? Springs have been changed already so there's plenty of resistance but i'm just having real trouble centering right now very much a feel thing whilst flying. Thanks! Pete
  9. Aye, it was the QF 6 pdr modified by the Molins company (hence Molins Gun) for air use with an automatic feed system and a 21 round magazine, It fired Solid steel projectiles (soft nose) as the intended target was U-Boats. would probably make a decent mess of a light armoured vehicle mind you. it was reported to be highly accurate, though as you say a U-Boat is not a small target. JU88 shot down with one according to record, the story goes that it hit the nacelle and took the engine clean out of it's mount!
  10. It's got a bloody 6 pdr! *Swoons*
  11. Two weeks* *with luck you get this joke.
  12. I really can't wait, the moment this went on pre-order I clicked buy. It'll be massively outdated anywhere post early 42 but I don't care she's a beauty and I NEED to fly her.
  13. Today I bet jason is having a nice lie in, maybe a touch of late breakfast, sat at his table sipping coffee, maybe he'll post later on, who knows. Meanwhile the rest of the forum are hitting F5 like it's whack-a-mole.
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