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  1. I'll be honest, my group have all switched to smaller bombs and long drops because we've found taking anything over 100kg pointless, where before we were flying the Peshka with 4 250's now we'll instead take the a-20 with 20 100's, the 88, the amazing 4 500's and 2 250 mix we'll just take the 100's, honestly it's made the larger loads pointless, same in the 110. even offline i'm finding smaller bombs a better option now, but I guess as this is "Working as intended" maybe they don't want us using larger bombs anymore? splash damage has been utterly nerfed to death, you practica
  2. This. which is worrying as Valiant effort had plans for lancasters, halifax's, mosquito's, wellingtons etc etc. My genuine hope for Il2 is we get at least a flyable B25, (the 26 would be lovely but obv i realise costs etc), and I'd very much like to see the C47 flyable as well for allied supply and para runs. there's more of us dirt turners than people think I reckon.
  3. I'm addicted, clearly. Mid 70's high vis scheme, VF-41 Black aces.
  4. I would highly recommend (in no particular order) Lions of Kalinin Fire and Ice JG51 over Velikie Luki Langnase Dora Platzschutzstaffel Pitomnik Campaign Taman Bridgehead Ivan's war Moscow Sky The Butcher i've played a few scripted and these are mostly what i keep installed and come back to regularly.
  5. Well that's torn it, i'm going to have to do all the squadrons now... VF-84 Jolly Rogers VF-111 Sundowners VF-111 will be on HSD shortly i've just uploaded, it was very fun to put together. Spotted a mistake on my sundowners skin, corrected version re-uploading to HSD
  6. I Also wish to add my support to this request, I entirely understand the logistics of mirroring parts but it genuinely would mean so very much to us skinners, and we know we are a minority, and please do not take us as ungrateful, anything but in fact. Thank you.
  7. It'd be lovely to be able to fly the plane that drops those beautiful paras, it's ripe for a paid add on.
  8. I'm yet to fully test but I believe it is here: With wireframe on it looks ok, with it off it's almost pure black, this appears to be the bit that's causing the see through parts. if you modify these two black boxes with a lighter grey in the alpha before applying to your skin it should fix the issue. again, i'm yet to fully test this as i've not skinned the 39 directly myself but a quick download and fiddle appears to indicate this as the location. edit: worth mentioning that there's black squares on the skin template too so possibly worth lightening the
  9. This should fix standard skins, however, these ones by 216th_Cat appear to have used a very dark alpha layer for the nose inner which will basically come out as see through I had the same with one of the vents on the P38 skin tbh and had to alter the Alpha so it wasn't so dark, after that i had no further issues, happy to discuss in skins or via PM if these are your skins. edit, No cat has been tagged, i'm sure he'll update these at some point.
  10. In two weeks* *Please be sure to read this two weeks before actual release.
  11. Hi, I've recently uploaded a seafire skin to HSD based on the irish air corps, is it of any use to you?
  12. No! we're about to fly blue for the month! Hey devs can the update wait a little bit? 😄 Good update, great to see BON moving forward, the 410 model is lovely and the 4k skins are very welcome.
  13. Used my reaction quota so i'll say it instead, Thank you
  14. "Luke you've turned off your norden bombsight!"
  15. Ah, bridge over the river... wait, where are we? @Leifrwhat grid square are we in again? Wait, I see the target. - is usually how our raids go. My only concern will be the lack of air cover from our blue fighters who will undoubtedly be hovering over this new lovely frontline waiting for their next catch.
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