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  1. Since sorting the mapping's I havent' had this re-occur, but i'll continue flying and see if anything crops up, it's possible the tweaks they did during the last patch broke something in the DB engines for both 110's? though it seems pretty rare for now to say for sure.
  2. It looks like some sort of mapping error for sure, though only one button was set as feather, my button for the map/briefing was previously set for feather and hitting that appeared to trigger it post update. I've been flying 109's for a while so didn't notice. I've defaulted my key bindings and remapped and it seems to have sorted it. Thanks guys!
  3. I think this may be it yeah, I'll Just clear everything tonight and reset. Only takes a minute or two. Thanks everyone!
  4. I'll double check the bindings. Its so very odd. Frustrating mainly.
  5. No message of engine damage no. It's like they're starved of fuel or something. I get a message about prop feathering off and then they conk out. Almost like a mag drop in fact.
  6. I'm wondering if I could get some help? i've got a good few hours in the 110 but this is the first time i'm flying it since the baseplate updates. I'm finding that my RPM's drop away and both engines die on me, i can sometimes get them started again but they don't last long before the same thing happens. i've got all engine assistance turned off, radiators are set, local temps are good with engine temps well within range, i'm not flying on emergency, just a mix of continuous and combat and it's less than 5 minutes before they start cutting out. i'm sort of losing the will here, i'm not sure what's going wrong? for the moment i'm flying the G-2, to be fair i haven't tried with the E-2 yet. I do have fuel! i checked, there were no mysterious holes anywhere, my crew chief assured me the cap was back on and that the wings were not in fact filled with lead. any ideas? Pete
  7. See the guys always wondered why I never took the rear plate in the 110. "It never works" I said. Bloody hell I was right...
  8. I've noticed longer load times for the game in general and loading into quick mission too. This is probably an optimisation thing we'll see patched out when boden goes live.
  9. Apart from being quite close together the thrustmaster pedals aren't all that bad, you can improve them with better springs too.
  10. I'm hopeful we'll have a lot of options on the hurricane bout just the eastern front configs.
  11. I'm not really sure what you're saying here but i was merely pointing out that what you took for personal insults were not in fact personal insults. unless of course you identify with being a whiner, which as i say would mean it was a personal insult. I really can't spell this out any more for you.
  12. For a Lanc you can go here: https://www.lincsaviation.co.uk/ for a tour of a static and being rebuild Halifax you can go here: http://yorkshireairmuseum.org/ i've done the latter, she's lovely and they're still putting a lot of work into her, but damn, you feel nekid in there, the skin is so thin, there's absolutely nothing to stop bullets in that thing! how they flew those planes from yorkshire all the way into germany, bombed things and got home, honestly i'll never know, let alone how they got off the runway with their massive testicles. very humbling experience, i highly recommend it. Yorkshire air museum also have a Dakota, they fire up the engines occasionally and you can go inside the rear section too, they do talks etc.
  13. For the record, this indicates you're talking about the skin of a plane, you do not mention the armour plate behind the pilot you specifically mention the surface of the plane. hence the reactions to your post, we didn't think you were "retarded" we're merely incredilous at your absurd claim. this is normal. This isn't a personal insult, seriously, he's just pointing out you're whining and making it up as you go along which if you re-read the entire thread it does appear that you're doing so from a casual observer. again i refer to thinking about the point you wish to make before posting. a personal insult is directed at your character, personality, or individual traits. unless you accept that Whining is a trait of yours? in which case yes, that would constitute a personal insult from DD_Arthur.
  14. Yikes, where to begin? First off flower, nobody has made any personal insults, if anything they were observations, a personal insult is something that outlines a character flaw or percieved fault, for instance "You have the emotional range of a watercress sandwich" see? we're simply observing on your post, i.e. whining. now, with regards to "Do you know what is sarcasm?" i'm sorry but i've never heard of that term before... again an observation, you changed your argument then acted like you'd caught someone out, when pulled on that you went with the "it's sarcasm!" argument, this is classic schrodingers A-hole tactics, quite obvious tbh, if you wish to make a point on a forum consider it and lay it out properly instead of going off half cocked. 'Boi' should be spelled Boy, and i'm probably old enough to be your father... Now your actual query. the MG17 ammo if all AP would be S.M.K l'Spur ammo, a tracer coating on a short steel core. This ammunition was a 6.5gram (101gr) bullet and had a muzzle velocity of 810 m/s (2,657 ft/s) it could penatrate 18mm of RHA at a 90° impact angle and 13mm of RHA at a 30° impact angle at 100m. After calculating muzzle velocity drop off (almost half at 400m alone) i'd actually agree with you that you'd likely not penatrate the armour plate of a Yak (assuming it's 8mm of RHA) if firing from the mathmatically improbable position you'd listed. I'd be a little unsure about 500m but i'm pretty confident 800m would see you safe to fly another day. Now flower, that took me a whole 5 minutes of googling, before you post another whine and start clashing against other members of the forum maybe, and i'm just spitballing ideas here, maybe look it up? Pete
  15. No, you changed your argument half way through and believe you're being clever, the problem is you're just coming off as an a-hole now. if we take the overall jist of your posts your luftwhine is that the 8mm mauser round is capable of penatrating a YAK's armour plate from 800 meters. TBH That may well be so, but it entirely depends on the variables. What specific mauser round are you referring to? (phosphor B or SmKL AP?) what was it fired from? (MG17 is stated at least) What was it fired at? (Yak, but what make and model? what year?) what did it strike? (which armour plate?) What angle was it shot at? (any treadhead will tell you that angle is key when armour is involved) in short, consider your argument before you make it. Pete
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