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  1. According to uk law 2000 yards. In joke at my rifle club. 1830m is the legal clearance distance off the back of a shooting range in the event of an overshoot etc. So the joke is that when the round reaches 2000 yards (1830m) it simply falls out of the sky. In 2009 in afghanistan, corporal of horse craig harrison, of the blues and royals (a cavalry regiment of all things) used a .50 cal rifle to hit a two targets 2707 yards away (2475m) What the penetration is like at that range who knows but if you can kill two humans...
  2. Load up QMB, stick two 500kg underneath and set unlimited ammo, go bomb some stuff, shallow dives and release just as the target is obscured by the revi mount. Honestly I do it by feel now, I've got lots of hours in the 110 she's a fantastic crate. Start big on your targets, hangers and factories, then go smaller, 3 second timers are good but if you're going to go as a group consider 10 seconds so you don't blow your wingman to hell!
  3. Agreed, I was never a part of the original clod games and was really looking forward to tf 5.0 and the potential game play, after seeing this thread I'm having second thoughts... I realise Buzzsaw is an individual but I wonder if he realises that he's being the face of that project right now and just how visibly damaging this is to the TF project. To MysticPuma I'll say this, that turret video idea sounds utterly fantastic, Yorkshire Air museum has a number of turrets on display and I can imagine being sat in one watching that vid, lovely work m8.
  4. Since sorting the mapping's I havent' had this re-occur, but i'll continue flying and see if anything crops up, it's possible the tweaks they did during the last patch broke something in the DB engines for both 110's? though it seems pretty rare for now to say for sure.
  5. It looks like some sort of mapping error for sure, though only one button was set as feather, my button for the map/briefing was previously set for feather and hitting that appeared to trigger it post update. I've been flying 109's for a while so didn't notice. I've defaulted my key bindings and remapped and it seems to have sorted it. Thanks guys!
  6. I think this may be it yeah, I'll Just clear everything tonight and reset. Only takes a minute or two. Thanks everyone!
  7. I'll double check the bindings. Its so very odd. Frustrating mainly.
  8. No message of engine damage no. It's like they're starved of fuel or something. I get a message about prop feathering off and then they conk out. Almost like a mag drop in fact.
  9. I'm wondering if I could get some help? i've got a good few hours in the 110 but this is the first time i'm flying it since the baseplate updates. I'm finding that my RPM's drop away and both engines die on me, i can sometimes get them started again but they don't last long before the same thing happens. i've got all engine assistance turned off, radiators are set, local temps are good with engine temps well within range, i'm not flying on emergency, just a mix of continuous and combat and it's less than 5 minutes before they start cutting out. i'm sort of losing the will here, i'm not sure what's going wrong? for the moment i'm flying the G-2, to be fair i haven't tried with the E-2 yet. I do have fuel! i checked, there were no mysterious holes anywhere, my crew chief assured me the cap was back on and that the wings were not in fact filled with lead. any ideas? Pete
  10. See the guys always wondered why I never took the rear plate in the 110. "It never works" I said. Bloody hell I was right...
  11. I've noticed longer load times for the game in general and loading into quick mission too. This is probably an optimisation thing we'll see patched out when boden goes live.
  12. Apart from being quite close together the thrustmaster pedals aren't all that bad, you can improve them with better springs too.
  13. I'm hopeful we'll have a lot of options on the hurricane bout just the eastern front configs.
  14. I'm not really sure what you're saying here but i was merely pointing out that what you took for personal insults were not in fact personal insults. unless of course you identify with being a whiner, which as i say would mean it was a personal insult. I really can't spell this out any more for you.
  15. For a Lanc you can go here: https://www.lincsaviation.co.uk/ for a tour of a static and being rebuild Halifax you can go here: http://yorkshireairmuseum.org/ i've done the latter, she's lovely and they're still putting a lot of work into her, but damn, you feel nekid in there, the skin is so thin, there's absolutely nothing to stop bullets in that thing! how they flew those planes from yorkshire all the way into germany, bombed things and got home, honestly i'll never know, let alone how they got off the runway with their massive testicles. very humbling experience, i highly recommend it. Yorkshire air museum also have a Dakota, they fire up the engines occasionally and you can go inside the rear section too, they do talks etc.
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