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  1. Melonfish

    G-6 Crosshair is to big

    Well you learn something every day, My reticles ALL look like your first pic, so i'll be adjusting my head positions tonight methinks.
  2. Melonfish

    High Altitude Bombing above +5k

    5k really is as high as you need to be, you're relatively safe from flak and your optics at that range can just about make out the ground targets. the 9km bubble is tbh very annoying, I remember Silent Hunter 3 had an 8k bubble and that was sea level based, it was later upped with mods to 16k and worked much better, I hope one day we can get to something like 20k in Box.
  3. I've had to switch to 500kg bombs just to cause damage to buildings and even then i've got to drop it down the flippin chimney! (i'm thinking of painting my bombs like santa) We've got this lovely U2VS which can now mount rockets, it's really fun, until you try and kill something with it even dugouts and small sheds appear to be captain scarlet. May as well fill the rear seat with rocks, at least i'd smash a few windows... I'm not great in a fighter, mediocre is something I aspire too, in a bomber though? that's my thing, right now we've had several updates to the damage model for planes and some balance work, we could really do with this for buildings and static objects.
  4. Yeah, mapped keys last night on the keyboard for RPM up and down, did nothing at all on the 35. You can still fly her mind, she doesn't lack for power this is likely because she's already at 100% RPM.
  5. Just to come back to this, My hotas is already mapped to use Prop pitch up and prop pitch down, it works flawlessly on the series 87 but flying the 35 last night i couldn't get it to work for love nor money. have you had any luck? thanks
  6. Melonfish

    Sound issues and Multiplayer

    At the moment i'm only getting engine sounds in my right ear, anybody else getting this? I mostly fly twin engined planes so it's rather disconcerting. Pete
  7. Melonfish

    Phantom Shell Casings

    I think that's the Phantom AAA crew, they were taken out early on in the war by a stray bomb and have haunted the field since. but no, haven't seen that sorry.
  8. Melonfish

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    I like the idea of more control in the cockpit, the ability to manually switch fuel tanks rather than have it auto toggle or manually switch radiators etc would be rather nice. the same with things like the ammo counters, sight adjustment etc. the ability to toggle complex management like you can CEM would be useful though and allow at least people to choose
  9. Melonfish

    Brake lever on the Pe2Ser87 query.

    I did try this but the way IL2 maps the controls is funny so i've left it be, instead i've set one of my hat switches i had for another task to brakes, it's made life a fair bit easier. thanks to all who responded i'm now sorted! Pete
  10. Melonfish

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Watched this vid on the P40 the other day, quite fascinating tbh:
  11. Melonfish

    Brake lever on the Pe2Ser87 query.

    T.16000m FCS Hotas with rudder pedals. overall I really like it, I do wish I had more hat switches though.
  12. Melonfish

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    I skipped over Clod so didn't experience it, but i'd like to see it as an option perhaps one day.
  13. I got a cheap one and annihilated it trying to get the filter off, there are two versions, the earlier one was easier but the later one is mostly on the market now. you're probably best if you're unsure buying one already done: https://trackhat.org/product/tracking-camera/ yes it costs a little more than getting one off say, ebay, but it's done for you, and I'll be honest i did this and haven't regretted it. Pete
  14. Melonfish

    Brake lever on the Pe2Ser87 query.

    Hi guys, the paddle at present is the only free button/axis I have, i guess i'll have to re-map then, no idea what i'm going to use, i feel like the thrustmaster setup needs about a thousand more buttons. thank you everyone who responded. Pete
  15. Bit of an odd one chaps, i've noticed this on the Pe2 but i've also seen it on the YAK1b, the central brake lever i've mapped the to flappy padle on my Thrustmaster throttle set. now I hit one side and the brake lever is pulled in, simple enough i hit the other side it pushes it away... is that normal? what does that do exactly? can someone help an old clueless fool? I miss german planes and their lovely toe brakes. Melonfish