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  1. Was taking some shots for skins and I rather like how this came out.
  2. It sort of does because we're in agreement with him we're just not sure why he's saying it?
  3. Plus with only a few mods we could get the A-36 too.
  4. Fab stuff thank you, i'll give it a good read, at my range the older guys generally have gas so technically the indoor range IS a wind tunnel of sorts...
  5. I knew someone would know more on this, thank you. 👍 Would be good to see some usaaf stuff on this, I'll have a dig later I'm sure they've done something that'll give some more info on it. I didn't realise the wind squared, I know from experience firing into a wind or with a wind behind doesn't affect shot to bad as long as it's direct, it's the crosswind that gets you, considering we're firing at angles in a slipstream there's got to be numbers somewhere on this, hell, it may have been pre calculated for the presets given in manuals?
  6. Because of Newtons 1st law. The bullet is sat in the breech already travelling at the speed of the plane. When fired it is accelerated by its propellant by the normal amount. Hence if the plane is going 300mph (586fps) so is the bullet. When fired the bullet is accelerated by (not to) 1910fps So the bullet is now travelling at 2496fps after being fired. Did you ever see that mythbusters ep where they fired a cannon from a moving vehicle and the ball looks like it isn't moving? Same thing just in the opposite direction. Law of inertia.
  7. I'm sure someone intelligent has done the maths on this somewhere but say a 50cal of the time, 1910fps add for arguments sake 300mph (for plane flight) to that so it's now 2349fps, but, we're also likely at altitute so the atmosphere is thinner. It would likely be pretty negligible. Still a fair bit to calculate. My point was that both craft are moving, your initial postulation was as if only the bomber was moving but the shooting plane was still. I'm just pointing out if you're both moving 500m is still 500m.
  8. Yes and no. You have to also take into account relative velocities, if you're travelling the same speed as the bomber technically neither of you are moving in a relative sense.
  9. 10° of flaps will do it, but rather than counting you could use the indicator in the lower right of the cockpit. timestamped to requiems vid: also, you can have a laugh at the external fuel tank jettison instruction.
  10. @Jason_Williams XKCD always makes me laugh. Don't stress on the bug, you and the team have given us some epic stuff this year, hopefully it'll be a missed line somewhere, we'll just use this as an opportunity to improve our shooting until it's patched 😉
  11. Ok, before I do the next update I wanted to go back and re-visit "Nicki" After some further research it appears Nicki was in fact NF672 (572 not even being a serial used by the FAA it seems) and wore K onboard of HMS Nairana in 44 during atlantic service, as confirmed by Burgham's own log book. now, if you Look at this photograph -every time I do it makes me laugh.....(sorry) there's a few stand out features that have been debated about, what I initially took as shadow under the wings is in fact differing colour, it seems the White overpaint on HMS Nairana was indeed by request of the commander flying and in turn the captain of Nairana to the admiralty, but there wasn't quite enough offwhite paint to go around, so upper surfaces and leading edges/tailplanes were painted only, leaving the underside in it's factory Sky (known now as Sky type S). Secondly you can see in the very far left of picture under the outer starboard cannon is a large black stripe, this picture was taken mid-late 44 and it is believed that Nicki wore Invasion stripes on her underside at least, though as you can see this does not extend to the leading edge so as to keep that front aspect clean. Why white? The FAA was using white, and earlier sky grey to colour the undersides of their aircraft so as to camouflage some of their planes against the heavily clouded skies of the atlantic and northern theatres, it worked well, the only problem was that by the time a flight of stringbags (Swordfish) got to a U-Boat even with the camouflage it had pretty much gone under or even worse, by 44 the AAA on the bridge of a U-boat was considerable, some of the Type IX boats featuring 3.7cm flak guns, with several twin 2cm guns. The poor swordfish was slow and something of an easy target for these gunners, what was needed was an assault by fighter craft first to clear the AAA gunners and bridge crew and allow time in the confusion for the reliable swordfish to get her torpedoes or depth charges on target, this was the task of the Sea Hurricanes of 835 SQN as well as their general interception and fleet protection duties. I'll be altering the Nicki skin shortly to change the colours underside and later i'll add the invasion stripes (still messing with the various overlay plates) for those who want a fully white skin, i've decided to add another 835 SQN plane NF700, flown (and crashed) earlier by Sub-Lt Burgham, though she also had a sky under, i've put her in as all white as it's a rather nice look. This plane infamously crashed by Burgham in March of 44 (before invasion stripes) was on final, the ship pitched 30 feet in a swell just as the batsman give the cut engine signal and 700 was wrote off as the tail struck the rounddown: With luck you'll do better with her, I'll update the main thread shortly, i need to redo my screenshots as i've updated all the colours and I finally have those Mk IX spit skins ready. Happy Hunting, Melonfish
  12. Is it me or did the dials in brit planes get treated with radium too? or was that always a thing, i just couldn't see it properly before? 😄
  13. Going to have to rename 1c to Ferrero rocher at this rate guys!
  14. Looks like JG51 painted backwards tbh, 301 wore yellow and red tail bands.
  15. Hi Kestrel, Aye, these have been suggested, i may well switch them out but atm i've got them setup as part of my engine selection options for duel flights. you're right though that right eng op button is almost right under the thumb. Interestingly because I can't seem to do this overall, I have been considering whether or not to replace the latching switches on the warthog with non-latching, this shouldn't mess up any of the circuitry and though awkward to replace (as they're all soldered to PCB's) it should solve most of my issues. could be an expensive failure though.
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