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  1. I was banned for 3 WEEKS for a first offense of friendly fire. I didn't know anything about the ban until I tried to log on the next day! I didn't find out the length of the ban until someone else finally got a mod to respond. After the mod response, my length suddenly vanished and I was reinstated after only a week.
  2. Good luck with that! I got a 14 minute ban for similar that has, so far, lasted about a week and a half! I have tried posting on the forums, pm'ing anyone I can think of and even located and pm'd the admin. STILL BANNED!
  3. I have a friendly fire ban in effect for 3 days now. I have been told that it should only last 15 minutes. Can someone please tell me how I can contact the mod for that server so that I can apologize for any transgressions and get reinstated? Thanks in advance! 69TH_Pug
  4. I'm trying to contact WoL mods to appeal a ban. Can anyone help?
  5. I hope a mod can answer this. My squadron mates and I just started flying in Battle of Stalingrad (we normally fly Cliffs of Dover, Blitz). As we were flying around, one of my squad mates asked me to shoot his aircraft to see 1) How accurate tail gun is and 2) what kind of damage it would inflict and 3) how much damage a Peshka could absorb. This resulted in the loss of his aircraft. Everything was fine and we continued to fly. Yesterday I tried to get on and was kicked off the server and banned. A 15 minute timer came up with a notice that said that was my ban timer. After the timer expired I logged back into the server and was promptly kicked and a new 15 minute ban timer was started. This went on for a couple of hours and then we all gave up and went back to CLOD. My question is, How long is a first offense ban? We didn't realize that a one time incident would result in a ban. I was never notified of the ban or told how long it would last. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, 69TH_PUG
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