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  1. Hello, before a half year BoS worked well on 3D-Vision. Today I have installed the current version of BoS and on CTRL+T (enabling 3D vision) the game completly crashes. Is 3D-Vision still supported by Bos ? I run NVidia driver 425.31 which still provides 3D-Vision ..
  2. My setup is still settings to High/Ultra even with the GTX570. In game 3D-Vision looks perfect and makes a lot of fun. Normaly i get 28 FPS. Specially the smoke effects looking nice in 3D. -> Only the menu has 3D errors. (left side is a map displayed and right side the loading-game picture ) , but I haven't jet installed HelixMod 3D Fix which is available in "3D Fix Manager" for BoS. I bought BoS because is has officially 3D-Vision support in its version history. I run BoS in 3D on my Toshiba TV 55M7463D (passive glasses , 3DTV Play) and Acer 5390W beamer (3D Vision 120Hz) ------------------ In Assetto Corsa I can define 22 opponents which results in stutter on my system. In BoS I want to check if 22 opponents/bombers can be rendered, so please extend the opponent count drop down list to 10. Thanks
  3. OK its a performance thing. Currently my fps goes down to 20 at 8 bombers when a bomber engine explodes , I have a 3GHz QuadCore, 4GB Ram and a GTX 570 , but it's playable @1080p 3D VIsion , makes a lot of fun hunting bombers. May the developer extend the drop down list in a BoS update to 10 bombers so that 20 bombers would fly. A warning can be shown when selecting more than 5. Whats the biggest bomber in BoS ? .. wanna hunt 4 engine bombers
  4. Hello, On Quick Missions I can select maximum of 8 enemy bombers. Is there a way to bring the sky full of 50 bombers ? André
  5. I have the problem that the bombers fly me away. They are a bit faster than me. After shoting down the first the rest 7 bombers are out of range. I fly "IL-2 Mod 1942" against bombers "Ju 88 A-4". Can anybody tell me a plane that is faster than this bomber ?
  6. Yea I shooted my first bomber down. Is the aiming aid option the resulting red point leading the target ? So that I must targeting this red point ?
  7. Hello, Sorry for be back so late. OK, I want to understand aiming aid option with fighting against non maneuvering bombers. Where can i select mission against bombers ? On Quck Mission -Stanlingrad Summer map I don't see bombers on the map. Yes I am a newbie
  8. Hello, I am new to BoS an have the problem that I cannot shot down airplanes. I had some dogfights where I shoted a long while with the MG. Even targeting a bit beside the target plane does not bring results. Can annybody tell me whats the trick in shooting planes down.. Currently I play FastMissions ... Thanks A
  9. Hallo, Ich sehe keine rot markierten Gegner und keine Karte im Multiplayer Modus. Ist das eine Server-Einstellung ? Die Tasten I H O bewirken bei mir im Multiplayer Modus nichts. Gruß A
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