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  1. it was a matter of the mirror being set to simple. Thanks THERION
  2. thanks THERION i'll check later tonight. what I meant was I can't see ANY part of my plane in the mirror. so can't see if I lost my tail, rudder, parts of my fuselage, ect. but I can still see all the other details (sky, ground, other aircraft)
  3. hey i'm not sure if it's a bug or a setting on that's causing it. but my personal aircraft does not show up in the reflection.
  4. I haven't been able to fly the me262 yet. on engine startup, when I go to use the engine ignitors, I hear a loud audible beep. after the beep, all my throttle controls of my HOTAS don't work and I have to reset game to get them back
  5. Love what you guys are doing with the games keep it up! I Do have a weird issue since the most recent update... whenever I try to raise the throttle on the ME262, I hear a beep and then my computer doesn't recognize my HOTAS. joystick, keyboard, and rudder pedals don't act up... and all my controls are perfectly fine in other planes. I can still fly my p47. But damn do I wanna get that jet in the air. hope you can help. Salute, Angry Goat
  6. thanks for the help you guys. Requiem, I love the videos. keep up the good work
  7. hey everyone. was wondering if there's a way to change the recorder settings to last longer than 500mb?I feel like every time I finally get to target or a good dogfight... my recording length is over. I see a lot of people posting videos on YouTube and what not. was trying to figure out if they are just masters of video edit and are shooting multiple recordings for one sortie or if I have to adjust a setting?
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