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  1. I purchased and installed BOM + BOK+BOS+BODm but there is not any single player mission for Battle of Kuban. In Missions, only missions for Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad, and Tank missions are available. Is that normal?
  2. Thank you for the great campaign! I love those skins too!!
  3. In a dogfight of quick mission, AI frequently crashes to the ground. I remember I didn't see this , but I see it frequently now. For example, a BF-109 G2 shot a P-40 from above then the BF-109 G2 couldn't recover from dive and crashes to the ground. It was not a hard situation to recover from the dive. I see this especially during low-altitude dogfight. The level of AI were Aces levels. In 2 vs 2 dogfight, in case I keep the low altitude dogfight last long, the rest of enemies often crash to the ground, So I can survive without engaging them,
  4. Another good read for virtual Stuka pilots! Hitler's Stuka Squadrons: The JU 87 at War 1936-1945 by John Ward
  5. LastRights13, BZKBravoZulu Great thanks for answers! I've never found that menu since I purchased BOS in early access period. Thanks again!
  6. In game, is there any menu for adjusting the sensitivity for control axes? I can not find the one. There is only a section for adjusting the noise filter..
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