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  1. ...And we are briefly back. Where have we been? Well, all I will say is that Elite:Dangerous is a giant black hole of time suck +400. It's not that any one thing takes that long, but you string a bunch of little things together and four hours have passed... Anyway, we were therefore good and out of practice when we jumped in the cockpits as you will well observe from the (mercifully off-camera) results. Fortunately, the clans are large as I mentioned before and I am sure a cousin will soon materialize!
  2. Well, the Rawlings and Brenged families are more extensive than most people think. Some people say the even extend into the future and the far-flung regions of space!
  3. I know, if my plane could just shoot by itself, it would surely be an ace by now... Anyway, even though we have been sucking it up lately, I think with the arrival of Brenged junior, we have finally turned the corner and have the team that is going to go on and win the war for the Germans! Oh, wait, maybe that's not such a good idea...
  4. No, not yet. I am still not fully on board with the whole 1C/777 thing after the development cycle of RoF and how the single player experience sort of fizzled for the whole "Buy this shiny new plane" experience. The career mode of BoX has mollified me somewhat but the whole jury-rigged coop career mode doesn't have me fully on board for a full-price purchase. Will almost certainly get it at some point, just maybe on sale... So here is another minor setback in the plan... Turns out Brenged was also a former WWI veteran who is a bit out of place in the new war environment. Fortunately, I feel that he has a son who will be along directly to avenge him!
  5. No, but I think it was a bullet. OK, that was pretty bad. But, at least Rick Rawlings Jr. is on the scene to avenge his father! (Who has now been retconned to have been a WWI pilot pressed into service to help on the Russian front but had not kept up with his piloting and was sorely out of practice...) Go Junior!
  6. You know that armored headrest you always take out to improve your rearward view? Turns out it only helps out if you actually look back there at the right time...who 'uolda thunk?
  7. That's a nice setup! I am only running at 1900 x 1200, so it probably averages out the same at this point. It's a bit rich for my blood but I will definitely be keeping an eye on these devices. Thanks for the info!
  8. Yikes! That sounds expensive... I could wear contacts, my eyes just tend to dry out when gaming in them...What resolution do you run at, [TWB]Sketch? Can you spot targets as well as outside of VR?
  9. Yes, "Shhhhhhhh...he's around the corner!" doesn't really have the same zing to it... Cool little video. I have to try VR sometime. How does it work with glasses?
  10. Here's a down low engagement with lots of tracers...
  11. In this round, we are attacked by at least four enemy shortly after taking off. I mange to clear Brenged's tail after some glom onto him and then he manages to clear mine from three enemies, but not before I am hit pretty badly. We do manage to mix it up a bit before my engine seizes and I have to drop down in a field. Brenged holds on longer and manages to disengage and land to complete our (failed!) mission...
  12. We're back! So literally nothing changed in our setup yet somehow we can see each other again. And fortunately when we... Did I say fortunately? Of course I meant unfortunately, we lost our LaGG 3 campaign in the process! While we were totally having fun either getting hosed every mission or not even being able to catch up to the enemy, such is the fate of all digital lives: de-rezzing... (END OF LINE!) Anyway, this is just a getting back in the cockpit flight to re-acquaint ourselves with a plane with no buttons to push (didn't even rain...)
  13. One's a dachshund and the other is a mix, I believe.
  14. My dog rarely makes a peep on videos. That dog was my buddy's and I think it is the one (he has two) that occasionally eats rabbits. So if you befriend him, you might make your way up the food chain!
  15. Thank you, sir! If more people ate worms, this would be a merrier world. (But with more indigestion, probably...)
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