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  1. 08/06/2020. It will be a nice warm day, summer will have just started and a gentle breeze will be coming through the window. Check the bottom of the year in review announcement for a more detailed look at what is coming out in a rough order (subject to change ofc)
  2. So I hear everyone wondering what spinoff will be next after tanks. Well what we really need is a wartime simulation of the most important logistical transport of the war, Trains! So I'm thinking a Derail Valley type VR train driving experience where you have to put together your own train by shunting the wagons and then deliver it to the front. Imagine that in multiplayer, trying to get a little more out of your loco as Typhoons and 110's are peppering it. Speeding along to repair a section of bombed out track. Watchin in fear as the AA wagons in your train open up and not knowing
  3. Made a quick and dirty guide to what RoF planes have been ported over for people like me who aren't as familiar with the names.
  4. This happens a lot when a company makes something. The Corsa cars have A, B, C, D models. There are many Star Wars movies or James Bond movies. Games aren't any different and just looking at the graphics alone should give you some sort of clue as to what game is compatible with what.
  5. Wasn't expecting this today. Very informative and interesting read!
  6. Damn, I really was hoping for an early Hurricane release.
  7. As a ground pounder can we go back please? this looks too good. Also can we smear the fighter player's screens with vaseline please?
  8. We really need either the B-25 flyable or the Lancaster. I think the Devs are too focused on the quick money that the fighters bring rather than the increased gameplay oppertunities of the other aspects of combat sims (Transport, recce, level bombing).
  9. How about a recce pack? Arado Ar 196 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch Westland Lysander
  10. A StuG in the next TC module or as a collector would be an insta buy for me. Don't know why but I love the design and think it would be really fun driving about in one.
  11. Looking at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Husky_order_of_battle#Allied_Air_Forces Beauforts, Blenhiems, wellingtons, or Hudsons would be a better replacement to the B-25
  12. Just to clarify for anyone who skims the message. The post isn't talking about clickable cockpits, just the animation for arming/disarming the bombs.
  13. Jason said there will be an update about the Pacific soon.
  14. About a Year and a half to two years I think. (Pretty sure BoBp was announced 2 years ago last week?)
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