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  1. They will be added to the list that includes the Hurricane, C47, Storch and FW 189.
  2. If the devs had the money with a fully animated ground crew then I would love it. But it would take a rediculous amount of effort to animate it to a point where it really wouldn't be worth it. So for this reason; I'm out.
  3. Looks like there is some hope for a mossie after all https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/12/part-2-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev/
  4. I agree with PTO but I'd prefer to start it with Battle of Burma 1942 or Java Sea 1942
  5. No love for the bf110? Looks nice, fast and has a reasonable payload. What more can a man ask for?
  6. While I really hope it isn't Korea I like how it being a multi national conflic is a plus and then only have one slot in the proposed plane set for a non-american plane (even that has the Corsaire as option.)
  7. BoX had a very rocky start. Mostly to do with unlocks and undeveloped single player. Most people who were interested at the start but don't play now left because of these issues and haven't given the series another shot. There is also the absense of any marketing by the devs. When BoK came out I tried to advertise it on Reddit but with the absense of a proper trailer I could only really describe it and it nobody really seemed interested. Hopefully BoBP will be different.
  8. FS doesn't have a badge yet. Neither does the tanks module.
  9. @AeroAce - Pretty sure its because tanks are far far more durable than planes therefore easier to maintain and restore. There is a Tempest MK.V cockpit in the Yorkshire Air Museum (Doncaster) but it is very stripped down. Don't know if that would be any use to you Jason https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/registration/SN280 Seems to be very accessable so anyone with a decent camera and a ruler could get some pictures.
  10. I expect the detailed engine modeling greatly helps with damage modeling. Looking forward to hearing the new plans you guys are working on. re-worked AI perhaps?
  11. In the wake of the fantastic new Star Citizen Squadron 42 trailer I found myself remembering the last time I tried to promote IL-2 when BoK was released. I posted the news of the sim's release on Reddit but all I could link to was a store page. Store pages are good for people already interested in buying the game but really don't do much in terms of getting people interested in the first place. For BoBP we really need a trailer, either fan made or preferably done by the devs, to show off to people who could be interesed in the game. Devs, please consider either making one or running another competition so we can spread the love.
  12. For oddball/rarely seen aircraft I would love a 1939 Poland/France/Baltic series.
  13. That last picture of the Pfalz looks incredible. Looking forward to getting my hands on it some day.
  14. My only slight critism would be that the looking from the rear the wings on the Camel look incredibly thin. It may just be the angle though.
  15. I hope they finish WW2 first though. Especially early war.
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