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  1. i think i have fixed it thank you for the Help everyone.
  2. To go into a little bit more detail as to what is happening if i want to chat to my team i hold down right control and press enter like the game tells me to but when i send the message the message gets sent to everyone not just my team sorry for not making this clear.
  3. Simple my team chat does not work my enter key and both my Control keys work I have no clue why it is not working and yes i hold down right control before pressing enter.
  4. go to your NVIDIA Control Panel, in the control panel go to manage 3D Settings, then click on program settings, select IL-2, on the drop down menu select the processor you want and all your FPS dreams will come true!
  5. i changed my chat to all key from enter to another key but now i want to change it back to enter but every time i try to do it the box that says "press a key to assign it for a command" just goes away and the enter key is not listed as a control. I do have a question about resetting all my controls back to default if i click on the Default button will it only reset the controls in that one section example Service section and camera section or will it reset all controls?
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