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  1. Yup. Joining the "Please give me a flyable DC3" Squadron. My dad claims he flew on one in Africa in the 1970s...
  2. Also, once you have your mind blown and then get used to the strange alternate universe generated by the super-powerful-but-convention-busting mission editor (or FMB, if you will), you can start churning out your own Stalingrad-located Spit Vb missions! And sharing them with the rest of us! 🤩
  3. Just about usIng mp missions as sp missions. There’s a Couple of other adjustments to be made. After “saving as” an sp mission, don’t forget to add in a player aircraft! Also, if you want to get fancy consider swapping out the complex trigger mcus for traditional checkzones especially if your u want to fly a different air craft as the player aircraft. But the possibilities are endless, and not difficult once you’ve done it a couple of times.
  4. I once spent a happy hour trying to put a flak gun on the roof of a building. Sadly, no dice!
  5. I read (somewhere - I can't remember where, of course) that this is exactly what veteran Rise of Flight mission builders did/do. They'd have the ME running on a second PC and resave the mssion onto a USB stick or similar and then plug it into their primary PC for testing in-game. Obviously, though, it'd be great if the devs could find a way to allow us to keep the ME open when running the mission. For testing, as Gambit said, Subtitle MCUs are the way to go. Also, often it's not too difficult to copy the logic you want to test and paste it into a new otherwise empty mission to test
  6. Making them linked entities seems the way to go. You may want to tweak their "damage threshold" values (I can't remember exactly what they're called - I'm at work). If there's a ton to do, you may not need to go through all the blocks by hand. It may be possible to do that by using find/replace on the .msbin (?) file - I mean the mission file which is amenable to text editiing (again, sorry - I can't actually remember which one it is!
  7. Most objects in the game (including buildings) have a damaged (or destroyed) state. Certainly for villages on maps, mission builders can "dial up" the damage for each block of buildings. I suspect we can do the same thing for blocks of buildings in cities (like Koeln). Testing is about to begin! 😎 Edit: by the way, that's just an astonishing photo, particularly for someone who's actually been to Cologne and seen the cathedral. Here's an anecdote that might make our German friends smile: I emigrated ten years ago from the UK to Vienna (in Austria, obviously), and of course my childr
  8. My squadron was full-in on CloD for several years (until BoS, actually), but it was so so difficult to get it to do what we (as a squadron) wanted it to do - old-school IL2 '46 coops, basically, with our own mission designers putting together coop missions for our weekly campaign flights. Apart from all the bugs (and there were so so many bugs!), there was a very limited range of triggers and elements you could use to create "events" in your missions. There were workarounds, but they quite literally necessitated embedding whole "sub-missions" inside your "main mission" and then act
  9. Respect for (finally) getting it to work, Stick! The lady with the shotgun is the one and only Jenny Agutter, from The Eagle Has Landed. I also posted a picture of Ingrid Pitt from Where Eagles Dare. I toyed with the idea of doing one of the delectable Kate Beckinsale (from the WWII travesty that shall remain nameless), but I just couldn't.
  10. Yeah.... I've made custom skins, - which means I've done the alpha-layer two-step successfully in the past... But I've been away from the game for a few months and I can't remember what I did, and even when I did it successfully, I really don't think I understood what I was doing and why I was doing it. Without wanting to sound like a shill for (the free) paint.net is that magically (it seemed to me this morning), I saw that it (the program) was now (after updates) willing to save an image (with layers, etc) as a .dds file, didn't ask about alpha layers and so on. It just asked me
  11. Like I said in the oh-too-long post above, I think the size of the image has to be 1024x1024 but (because, you know, algothms) only the left-hand three-fifths-ish will appear. If you click on the silly examples I've put above, you'll see that the right hand two-thirds is blank. In fact in the .dds versions I leave them transparent (just in case!...) Using the stock examples as a template for sizing would be a good way to go. In the meantime, say hello to Jenny:
  12. Can't... Let... This... Go... Yes, the landmarks themselves were wonderful (and included the "empty plinth" in Trafalgar Square!), but they were placed on a bland blancmange of nothingness. The railway lines looked like - I don't know - dry river beds? There were no docks, rubbish elevation, just generic "suburb" tiles everywhere. Such a shame. I've written elsewhere I'd have much preferred if CloD had done what BoM does - where Moscow is unapproachable but from the distance looks like a real city. Even if that had meant losing all those airstrips north of the Thames. I still
  13. Yes. But the object "tree" on the left hand side of the ME is your friend. It's a powerful way to find and select the things you want to tweak. (Being disciplined with naming things in your missions helps a lot with this too.)
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