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  1. No601_Swallow

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    The sheer fact that there are moe than 3 pages of replys should be an indication of the dedication of players to this sim. Personally, I'd - I think - love the startup sequence to be modelled with X cockpit. BUT....! I remember in FS2004 I bought an ATR-72-500 from "Flight One". Every single switch was modelled. The many-manu-page manual for the sim aircraft was set up to print in - I think - 50% grey: to save on simmers' printer ink! I printed the bugger out. I hole-punched the pages and put them in a binder. I started up the ATR 72 following the exhaustive (of course) checklist from cold and dark exactly once. Every other time I flew the ATR 72 in FS2004, it was from an already-running aircraft at a gate or on the runway threshold. In other words:....[Personally I liked the CloD approach to clickable cockpits - a slightly strange halfway house. But it became a routine tapping of key-strokes in a preset order to start up engines. In other words, Clod cockpits were not at all more "realistic" than your BoS Ctrl-E startups!]
  2. No601_Swallow

    Issue with Check Zone command

    Interesting bug, though. "Back in the day" (- I dunno, a year or two ago?) I went through my online squadron's missions and replaced all my complex triggers with checkzones (and associated logic) to save resources. It'd be weird to have to go back and retrofit online missions with complex triggers! [Having said that, I've been away from the sim for a few months, so I don't know much about the last couple of updates.]
  3. No601_Swallow

    Need help getting a train rolling

    Also... You don't need to think about this for your practice mission, DW, but complex triggers are - I'm led to believe - a bit of a resource hog. In terms of efficiency, mission builders are usually better served by having checkzone triggers for this kind of thing. They're cheap and cheerful and you can get them to do all sorts of things in different configurations, like having a second checkzone (in the same place but with a slightly smaller radius) to deactivate things when you leave the area! There should be plenty of examples of such set-ups floating around.
  4. The ability to assign NDB channels (up to ten of them, if I remember correctly) to individual NDBs is already built into the ME as a non-functioning placeholder - it's just not implemented yet. I seem to recall Han saying in a DD that there is no demand for this - or that players aren't using them - Erm, I can't remember exactly. Anyway, Devs! Make it so!
  5. No601_Swallow

    object not showing in mission

    If you just want to populate the shunting yard with wagons, there are static wagon objects you can place anywhere. I'm assuming they'll stay where you put them. They can be a bit painstaking to place, though.
  6. Testing, testing.... Happy New Year, Gambit! 😉
  7. Cheers Thad and Gambit. It’s funny how enthusiasm can start grabbing you after months of lying dormant. Cant wait to get back and do some work in the ME.
  8. Hi all. I'm away from my computer over the holidays, but I'm just wondering about using triggers to play in-game sound files (mp3s, etc.). As far as I can recall, using triggers to display graphics (jpgs, etc) in-game, or play mp3s, didn't work, even though there is an mcu for this. I was wondering if this has changed over the past couple of versions of the game? [I know using graphics and recordings in the briefings does work? I think?] On the other hand, didn't Veteranen's Chir Front campaign have custom sounds trigger? Obviously it's no biggie, since I'll be back home in five days' time, and can investigate it myself. (The reason I'm thinking about this is I'm going to try and drive on and finish the second half of a scripted campaign I was working on, which relies quite a lot on HUD messages to "tell the story", and I'm thinking about doing a version for my VR-equipped squadronmates, who normally turn the HUD off altogether. If I could record the texts and then trigger the recordings instead of the messages, then they'd 1) get to fly the missions and 2) listen to my dulcet tones while doing so. What's not to like?)
  9. Hi Gambit. I assume you've checked all the "list", "mission", localization, etc, files are named correctly? Also, I'm just returning to the sim after a few RL-related months away, and I found a few old missions impossible to find in-game. Using the "Resave all missions in a folder" tool seemed to solve it for me.
  10. No601_Swallow

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Oo, oo, oo! Fun fun fun! I've been away from this sim for a few months due to RL issuses, but coming back - things just keep getting better and the creative possibilities just keep expanding! Sooo cool! I'll have to build a barnstorming obstacle course for my squadron(with invulnerability on - or off!)!
  11. No601_Swallow

    Test mission from BOS Editor ?

    Yes indeed it would. Of course, the workaround is to save a copy of the same mission as an SP mission (for the purposes of testing).
  12. No601_Swallow

    Test mission from BOS Editor ?

    Indeed. And it's probably worth adding that saving your mission is like voting in a Brexit referendum. Save early and save often. Even if it's just to save you from that dreaded "I've moved my entire 'scenery' group about 3 km from where it's supposed to be" moment.
  13. Go Coconut, go! (My brain hurts and I'm a bit drunk tonight, so I won't be doing any testing! Hic!)
  14. No601_Swallow

    Before IL-2 Pacific, IL-2 Battle of the Meditteranean?

    Algy - I'm with you! I suspect it would be easier to sell as a "Mini-Battle" - a small map with Malta and the coast of Sicily (like one of the old IL2 maps), with a limited number of ship types and just a couple of new aircraft (Hurricane, possibly Gladiator, I suppose). But it would be - and here's the selling point! - a perfect test bed for... Carrier Operations! You just need one British Carrier (HMS Argos, I think). Thus the team get to try out the mechanics necessary for the PTO, with minimum time and effort! Sold! 😎
  15. No601_Swallow

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    I've written this before in another thread, but - Jeeze - I love this community. The Devs give us the juiciest bone in their DD thread (and the models look amazing but the news about map design is absolutely ASTONISHING AND COOL!!!!!.... ) But... yet we're down to debating Merlin manifold pressures (I think) and how they might have differed over four months in 1944. (Probably I got that wrong but... my main point is probably valid...:::). Cool!