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  1. That General Lee's FM is porked. Etc, etc...
  2. There are other forms of debris that are collidable. For example, a 100% damaged static aircraft, if I recall correctly. A mission builder could put one of them down and then cover it with a crater decal. Tee hee! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  3. Yeah, but the Ju88, when you've got her trimmed out and in level flight can really motor. I just feel fast when I'm in one - and kind of invulnerable. Flat out, you're not that much slower than Stalingrad and Kursk fighters, at least, so you gain time for others to clear your six for you. On line, as a squadron, we'd oftem have one or two of us in - well whatever we wanted, but I'd take an '88, with four or five escorts, and then we'd go and attack stuff (Well, duh...!), but it was thrilling - sneaking in and then straight out, with my squadron mates covering my retreat. And come on - taking off successfully in a fully laden Ju88 is its own little triumph!
  4. ... Faith leads to disappointment. ... Disappointment leads to - Suffering.
  5. Hats off! I wish my own life (up to now) had been half so interesting! Next item on the agenda: get a jeep!
  6. Fingers crossed. (I love the way they did Stalingrad. Not only did the two-dimensional ruined walls give a great impression of the devastation of the landscape - at low fps cost - but I finally understood the layout of the battle with Mamlev Kurgan, the gullies cutting into the river, the locations of the staition, the grain elevator, the tractor factory, etc. It's a masterpiece. But imagine it upgraded!....
  7. 'ck's sake. That looks like Koeln (Cologne) to me. But - yeah, and I hope you're sitting down.... Tthere's more than one gothic cathedral in Europe. Here's a cathedral (English Baroque) that escaped damage in WWII:
  8. Dadgummit! I'm going to have to buy Tank Crew! Curses!
  9. Nah. Seems a pretty standard thread for enthusiasts of Luftwaffe aircraft... ๐Ÿ˜‹
  10. The sheer fact that there are moe than 3 pages of replys should be an indication of the dedication of players to this sim. Personally, I'd - I think - love the startup sequence to be modelled with X cockpit. BUT....! I remember in FS2004 I bought an ATR-72-500 from "Flight One". Every single switch was modelled. The many-manu-page manual for the sim aircraft was set up to print in - I think - 50% grey: to save on simmers' printer ink! I printed the bugger out. I hole-punched the pages and put them in a binder. I started up the ATR 72 following the exhaustive (of course) checklist from cold and dark exactly once. Every other time I flew the ATR 72 in FS2004, it was from an already-running aircraft at a gate or on the runway threshold. In other words:....[Personally I liked the CloD approach to clickable cockpits - a slightly strange halfway house. But it became a routine tapping of key-strokes in a preset order to start up engines. In other words, Clod cockpits were not at all more "realistic" than your BoS Ctrl-E startups!]
  11. Interesting bug, though. "Back in the day" (- I dunno, a year or two ago?) I went through my online squadron's missions and replaced all my complex triggers with checkzones (and associated logic) to save resources. It'd be weird to have to go back and retrofit online missions with complex triggers! [Having said that, I've been away from the sim for a few months, so I don't know much about the last couple of updates.]
  12. Also... You don't need to think about this for your practice mission, DW, but complex triggers are - I'm led to believe - a bit of a resource hog. In terms of efficiency, mission builders are usually better served by having checkzone triggers for this kind of thing. They're cheap and cheerful and you can get them to do all sorts of things in different configurations, like having a second checkzone (in the same place but with a slightly smaller radius) to deactivate things when you leave the area! There should be plenty of examples of such set-ups floating around.
  13. The ability to assign NDB channels (up to ten of them, if I remember correctly) to individual NDBs is already built into the ME as a non-functioning placeholder - it's just not implemented yet. I seem to recall Han saying in a DD that there is no demand for this - or that players aren't using them - Erm, I can't remember exactly. Anyway, Devs! Make it so!
  14. If you just want to populate the shunting yard with wagons, there are static wagon objects you can place anywhere. I'm assuming they'll stay where you put them. They can be a bit painstaking to place, though.
  15. Testing, testing.... Happy New Year, Gambit! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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