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  1. 261 Dear Friends, Today's Dev Blog is one where visuals are more important than words. The Hurricane Mk.II Collector Plane has shown good progress lately and its development has entered the final stage. The work of recreating this bird for our virtual world started a year ago, it hasn't been easy because of the many modifications you'll get with it . Essentially, it's not one aircraft, but several - you can choose the modification you want before a mission. We're sure you'll enjoy the final product. It's creation is an interesting milestone for us. At the moment, the cockpit is being textured and its FM is being finished. You can see the Hurricane in the game engine on the following shots: You can discuss the news in this thread
  2. Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
  3. Sorry. Lools like fix of the trouble that M4 commander should not use pistol/binos in same time with machinegun went wrong. To be fixed soon. At the moment - just hit "T" key again - pistols and binoculars will be available again.
  4. Attention for all mission makers and game server hosters. Binary mission format .msnbin have been chaged and old binary missions now are obsolete. Please re-save your missions using .Mission files.
  5. Han

    Game Updates

    Update 4.501 Dear friends, We just released the new update - 4.501. Its shifted version number means it is a kind of a milestone and it really is. First, the research we did on the community opinion on the aircraft spotting allowed us to make many improvements to this important part of the sim. The distant LOD scaling system has been adjusted, their lighting has been made full, atmospheric haze option and an increased MSAA level have been added. We're sure that this update will make the online multiplayer experience totally different from how it was before. Now our next target, for the next update, is the improved pilot G tolerance model we do after asking the community taking the account the new reference data provided by the community members. Please take in attention: adding Haze option to the mission format makes previously saved .msnbin mission files obsolete. Delete them and save the new version using .Mission files. In addition to these very important changes, today's update brings you the new campaign 'Wind of Fury' by Alexander =BlackSix= Timoshkov that is included in the Bodenplatte module. This means that our promises on what Bodenplatte will include are finally fulfilled. Of course, it doesn't mean we'll stop improving it, for instance, now we plan to improve the Rhineland Career mode. Also, P-39L-1 "Aircrobra" (Battle of Kuban) and Bf 109 G-6 now have 4k quality external texturing created by Martin =ICDP= Catney. The work on bringing all the aircraft in the sim to 4K texturing continues. Tank Crew gets the last planned features for its release in this update, making 4.501 a milestone for it as well. The new turret and gun control mode and fixed visor cameras were requested by the community for a long time and they are available now. We think that this update will mark an important step for our sim and we hope you'll enjoy it! Main features 1. The new scenario campaign "Wind of Fury" is now available to all owners of the Bodenplatte project for free; 2. P-39L-1 "Airacobra" and Bf 109 G-6 fighters now have 4K quality external textures created by Martin = ICDP = Catney; 3. The long-range LODs scaling system for aircraft has been adjusted. Aircraft spotting at short to medium distances, especially when using wide camera angles, is greatly improved. The visibility at distance has been adjusted to be closer to reality. 4. Alternate Visibility has been renamed Enhanced Visibility: this mode gives a much greater increase in aircraft visibility at long ranges compared to the new standard visibility. At medium ranges, visibility is also significantly improved compared to the old Alternate Visibility option; 5. MSAA x8 option has been added, but please note that this level of AA is very demanding to the graphics card performance; 6. The atmospheric haze density option has been added to the Quick Mission Builder. Its minimum value corresponds to the haze density available earlier; 7. Dawn/Dusk Fog option has been added to the Quick Mission Builder. This option is available only when the haze density is set to half of the maximum value or more; 8. The haze density option (from 0.0 to 1.0) is now stored in a mission file. Radiation fog appears at dusk if the value of the haze is more than 0.5 and the weather preset name contains an odd number at the end. The denser haze makes it easier to spot other aircraft against the background of the landscape when the distance from the observer to the target is much less than the distance from the observer to the landscape behind the target. This can be used when designing multiplayer missions for game servers; 9. Distant levels of detail (LODs) of the aircraft now have the same surface material setting as closer and more detailed LODs, making the lighting of distant aircraft much more realistic and enabling reflections and glints when the relative position of a contact, an observer and the light source(s) is right; 10. In a multiplayer game, a tooltip has been added to the list of game servers when hovering the mouse cursor over the difficulty preset icon. This tooltip displays all the difficulty settings of this multiplayer server; 11. This information is also available in the multiplayer server lobby (“About the server” section); AI improvements 12. AI wingmen keep the optimal climb speed when the wing leader is far and higher; 13. AI aircraft now use combat and emergency engine modes for a fastest possible climb when following the terrain; 14. AI fighters now more actively attack maneuvering targets at lower speeds; Player controllable tanks improvements 15. New control mode allows aiming a tank gun using a joystick (or buttons); 16. Aiming the tank guns and machine guns with the mouse is more convenient; 17. Fixed cameras added to tank visors and other observation devices. Loader viewing devices are, most often, can be used from the gunner's station. You can cycle the views using LShift + V keys; 18. The target marking cursor when giving orders as a tank commander is visible at any settings; 19. The current sight or observation device is indicated; 20. In multiplayer, a connected player in someone else's tank will correctly see the messages from the loader and see the ammo information in the HUD; 21. The time required for repairing the tank systems outside the service areas is doubled; 22. The projectiles correctly penetrate the armor if they hit certain extremely thin areas of the object's surface (a rare issue); 23. Ferdinand: the inverted direction of inclination of the panoramic viewing devices has been fixed; 24. An SPG AI gunner correctly fires at an invisible target by the order of the SPG commander (using the direction and range); 25. Fixed the issue where the AI gunner did not follow the commander's instructions to choose the ammo type in certain situations; 26. Pz-III-M: the KFF 2 binocular periscope is functional (when using the camera selected by LShift + V); 27. SU-152 commander can't use the panoramic sight when unbuttoned; Other changes 28. Fixed an issue with parts of the canopy and cockpit instruments that could not be restored after repair; 29. Flare gun and sidearm ammo can be replenished in the reload zones just like other ammo; 30. SdKfZ 251 and similar vehicles and tanks can function as supply vehicles if set this way in the Mission Editor; 31. The dawn/dusk fog level has been corrected on Moscow, Stalingrad, Prokhorovka, Velikiye Luki, Lapino and Novosokolniki maps, it appears in the lowlands; 32. Due to the introduction of the atmospheric haze option, the issue of the dawn/dusk fog blinking near the horizon has been minimized; 33. The difference in the density of atmospheric haze is minimal when using the minimum (40 km) and maximum (150 km) visibility range options; 34. For a tank crewmember to recover from the loss of consciousness in the event of powder gases poisoning it is required for the air to become noticeably cleaner (now the loss of consciousness will last longer); 35. Fixed a graphical artifact at the base of the La-5FN headlamp switch; 36. Fixed the lack of sound when releasing or retracting the landing gear on I-16 and Ju-88; 37. Added the Spitfire IX invasion paint scheme. Please discuss the update in this thread .
  6. Yes guys, use full-screen and 4K quality. Youtube may make some invisible contacts due to resampling ))
  7. 260 Dear friends, The Autumn is here and our project is very close to another milestone. The next version 4.501 that will be released in a few weeks will contain very important improvements. For instance, after constructive discussions in our community, we have come to decisions on two aspects of the sim which are very important for the players: providing a required visibility level for the airplanes in a dogfight and modeling a pilot reaction to high-G loads. We're working on both things right now and the result of this work should be released in the aforementioned update. Another addition will be the MSAA x8 graphics setting, but please note that it will put quite a load on your graphics card. We have almost finished two neat features for Tank Crew as well: controlling a turret using your joystick or buttons and looking through the visors and view slits with the help of preset cameras. Good news for Bodenplatte owners: the long-awaited campaign for this module will be included in this update as well - its author Alexander =BlackSix= Timoshkov has much to tell you about it: In today's Dev Blog we'd like to tell you more about the new historical campaign 'Wind of Fury' that will be released for free for all Bodenplatte owners very soon. It is dedicated to the No. 486 (New Zealand) Squadron RAF that flew Tempest Mk.V fighters and will picture the unfolding of the air battle in the skies of North-Western Europe since October 1st, 1944, till January 1st, 1945. With the V-1 launch sites in Northern France captured or destroyed and this threat against the England territory eliminated, at the end of September 1944 it was decided to relieve the five existing squadrons of Tempest interceptors from the ADGB (Air Defence of Great Britain) duties and move them to the continent. Unlike Spitfires and Typhoons, Tempests could not carry rockets or bombs at the moment, making them inadequate for a fighter/bomber role, so the 2nd Tactical Air Force had tasked them with patrolling over own territory, intercept attempts against the German Me 262 jets and free hunting for enemy aircraft and road and railway traffic far behind the enemy lines. The story of the campaign is based on the Operations Record Books of the 486th for the second half of 1944 and the historical works on the late war RAF and Luftwaffe actions available in English. After doing the research of the ORB, the most interesting missions were selected that were not too long to require the external fuel tanks which are not yet available in our sim yet. In reality, Tempests were flying with additional fuel tanks almost all the time and we'll add them to the campaign later, but for now, you'll be able to finish any mission with a default fuel amount. There are no B-26 and Typhoon escort missions yet as well - these birds will be available a few months later in the Battle of Normandy Early Access program. We plan to add all the required, but not yet available, objects like B-26, C-47, Typhoon Mk.Ib, Spitfire Mk.XIV, Fw 190 A-6, Bf 109 G-6 Late as well as the British ground vehicles and artillery to the campaign at a later date. It may appear counterintuitive, but having detailed reports on the squadron actions for many days and even hours may affect the campaign and its gameplay negatively if you use such data as is. During the long life of the IL-2 Sturmovik series, there were many attempts in the community to do just that, dramatize the historical documents or famous pilot memoirs word by word, but they reached only limited success, if not a failure. This is caused mostly by the well-known fact that most of the missions were routine and repeating, 'Groundhog Day' type ones and enemy encounters did not happen in each one, but also by the peculiarities of the process of recreating real combat operations in a flight sim. Even when you select the most interesting missions with much action going around and that are not too long, you may have a rude awakening finding out that: several subsequent missions happen in the same time of day; direct time of day recreation makes a ground attack mission nearly unplayable during dawn or dusk hours; too few aircraft or vehicles participated in the action so the players will find the mission too dull and empty, even if real pilots back then thought that it was more than enough action for them (or vice versa, too many and the performance reasons come into play). Such factors mean that simulated events will differ from reality even if it is possible to recreate them exactly because of the performance, convenience and gameplay reasons. In the practice this means that a takeoff can happen in a different time, there will be less allies, but more enemy encounters or more enemy aircraft in a certain dogfight, etc. In general, Wind of Fury campaign will make you familiar with nearly the entire range of the real combat missions flown by Tempest pilots during the second half of 1944, briefly including the Battle of the Bulge, and will end with the Bodenplatte strike on the allied airfields on January 1st, 1945. P.S. We would like to thank the community member @Obelix for his 4K skins for the Tempests of 486th squadron which were used to create the images for the campaign and his advice on the additional official Tempest skin with the invasion stripes that was added to the sim. We will continue our Dev Blog with another important change that affects the aircraft visibility - update 4.501 will include the atmospheric haze setting. It will be adjustable in Quick Mission Builder for your liking and can be set by an author in other missions. The minimal setting corresponds to the haze level in the current public version while higher values will look like these screenshots. By the way, you can see the progress made on another important thing on them as well 😉 We'll finish with a short report on the Normandy development. Here's our hero of the day - USAAF pilot in early war uniform and without the G-suit that was introduced in the theater later. You can discuss the news in this thread
  8. Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
  9. 3rd variant of the vote was added. Such opinions are possible too.
  10. So the question is not about "how much it should be increased". Question is: should it be increased or not.
  11. Some of you have suggested to have a pool over this issue. So please, take a part:
  12. Hello everyone. So here was a great discussion about airplanes visibility issue: We allready have read, investigated, understood, used and counted all opinions were posted there. But it looks like that some kind of "summarize" is needed to "finish this talk". A pool - is a good way for such kind of summarization. So please, no replies, just votes here.
  13. Hello everyone, So while we have performed a new look on how our community sees the visibility questions before - now we have decided to take a detailed look on another important issue. I talk about the pilot blackout model - we know that the current model is causing many controversy inside the community and we want to have a clear vision of our customers' opinions. So at the moment the blackout model is designed based on the investigations of fighter pilots' abilities in struggling to G-loads. This scientific data includes many parameters like G-force strength, it's increasing speed, it's duration, it's direction, it's repeatability and frequency, rest period and other factors. So we have all these factors inside our new blackout model included. And values of all these factors are adjusted for intermediate fighter pilots. But the discussion about visibility showed us that the majority of our community sure that their virtual alter-ego should have more than "intermediate abilities" because they fly in virtual fights in times more than real pilots have during the war. So for us it looks like that may be the majority of our community wants to have g-resistance abilities for their virtual alter-ego more than just as for intermediate fighter pilots. In general it looks like the majority of our community wants to have abilities and stamina not as regular, but as top-ace pilots. This desire is understandable. But we want to be sure about that. So, please let's start the discussion. And I hope that this discussion will be the same opened for any opinions and full of respect to opinions of other users as visibility discussion was (at least in its first half). Let's start.
  14. 259 Hello! Although this crazy sequestered summer of 2020 is coming to an end, life goes on, and our work goes on. Many things are happening in our “virtual office” including finishing a new Free Scripted Campaign for Battle of Bodenplatte featuring the Tempest Mk.V called “A Violent Wind” built by Alex Timoshkov. Also, as a result of recent discussions in the community, work is underway to improve general aircraft visibility, which we hope will appear to be both realistic and more comfortable for players. This may require more than one future update to fully conquer, but we’ll see. Additionally, there is some progress towards the completion of the Air Marshal feature which has taken much longer than planned. We’ve also had to build up technical capacity in the field of map production, which is necessary to implement everything planned for the Normandy landscape. And as always improvements to the AI for both aircraft and ground vehicles continue. Our engineering department is fully engaged in the development of flight models of three aircraft - the C-47, Bf-109G-6 Late and the Spitfire Mk.XIV, while at the same time work on deepening the model of aircraft fuel systems is in the research and prototyping stage. Creating the technical specifications for all aircraft and other objects of for Battle of Normandy is coming to and end which is was a huge and complex research task. Completion of this allows Viks to now focus some attention to the Career mode. At the moment, 3D models of several aircraft are at various stages of development - the Hurricane, P-51B, Spitfire Mk.XIV, Bf 109 G-6 Late, Mosquito, Typhoon and C-47. It is the last aircraft from this list, the twin-engine C-47 military transport, that today we are ready to show you in the game world: You can discuss the news in this thread
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