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  1. Han

    Game Updates

    Update 4.004 Dear friends, We're glad to report that update 4.004 is released. The main additions of this one are a new tank for Tank Crew - Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D "Panther" - and improved look and additional airfields for Rheinland map (Battle of Bodenplatte). There are many other fixes and improvements as well: Additions 1. Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf.D "Panther" for Tank Crew; 2. Better looking river and canal banks on Rheinland map; 3. 13 new airfields on Rheinland map: Le Culot East (Y-10) Kluis (B-91) Mill (B-89) Helmond (B-86) Amsterdam-Schiphol (B-97) Arnhem-Deelen Soesterberg Strassfeld Strassfeld 2 - Odendorf Hilversum Diest (B-64) Nivelles (B-75) Bierset–Liege (A-93) 4. 4K quality exterior textures made by Martin =ICDP= Catney added for Yak-1 series 69; 5. The better-looking transition between the river and sea waters; 6. Improved Т-70 tank model and textures; 7. Updated texture cache system, it should reduce stutters in heavy load MP missions significantly; 8. Brightness and size of very distant aircraft LODs made more uniform (it differed too much on some aircraft); AI improvements 9. Ground attack aircraft won't hit the ground when engaging a target with rockets and guns in a tight formation; 10. AI-controlled B-25 starts the engines correctly; 11. AI fighters attempt Immelman maneuver only if they have enough speed; 12. AI fighters open fire more aggressively; 13. AI pilots keep formation on large maps much better; 14. AI vehicle column won't drive into a river if the last waypoint was on a destroyed bridge or immediately before it; 15. Assault guns (simple and detailed) correctly face a target when set to LOW command priority in the mission; Aircraft improvements 16. P-51, P-47 and P-39 have correct trimmer animations; 17. A-20 engines won't trigger wrong overheat messages; 18. Wrong engine overcooled messages on P-47D were corrected; 19. P-51 landing gear covers shouldn't open and close again and again anymore; 20. Cylinder heads overheat warning will be displayed correctly; 21. Flying Circus planes won't display a wrong message about engine failure when it is switched off; 22. The time it takes to switch to combat position and back has been corrected for all gunners; Detailed tanks improvements 23. When the loader is killed, the time it takes to load the main gun or coaxial MG is increased significantly; 24. The visual effect of propellant gases is reduced when the exhaust fan is off or is not present; 25. The time it takes to vent the turret after the shot depends on the operational exhaust fan; 26. Detailed tanks won't visibly 'crouch' at a high speed; Other improvements 27. All night bombing Career missions with more than 6 planes in the flight won't start in a map corner anymore; 28. Wrong ground attack German planes in the late Stalingrad Career chapters were corrected; 29. Duplicate ID error message in the dedicated server has been removed (it blocked the server, now it is visible in the console); 30. Correct season in the pre-mission hangar (Winter/Summer); 31. In Mission Editor it's no longer possible to select a wrong part of a multi-part vehicle skin; 32. Daimler M1914 FlaK 77/L27 and Thornycroft J-type 13pdr AA shells appear in the correct place (). Please discuss the update in this thread.
  2. News on 4.004 update, full text You can ask new questions in this thread
  3. Le Culot East (Y-10) Kluis (B-91) Mill (B-89) Helmond (B-86) Amsterdam-Schiphol (B-97) Arnhem-Deelen Soesterberg Strassfeld Strassfeld 2 - Odendorf Hilversum Diest (B-64) Nivelles (B-75) Bierset–Liege (A-93)
  4. 236 Dear friends, The year 2020 is here in full force. Let's hope that the new decade will bring good changes to our world. We in the IL-2 Sturmovik team are beginning the work on the new project, Battle of Normandy. For instance, the production of 3D models for several new planes has started already. We're researching the possibility of moving the rendering engine to Deferred Shading tech. The map team has begun the research of the new map. We're making design documents on new buildings, ground vehicles, ships and motorboats. We're continuing our approach of improving our sim constantly - the incoming update 4.004 will bring many improvements for our already released projects. It will also add the new tank for Tank Crew - Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D "Panther" - and additional airfields and visually improved banks of the countless rivers and canals on the Rheinland map. You can discuss the news in this thread
  5. Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
  6. Han

    Game Updates

    Update 4.003 Dear friends, We have decided to release a bugfix update to prepare for the coming winter holidays - it doesn't bring new content, but its fixes are important enough. The most of them are AI improvements - we have spent a lot of time this month to improve dogfighting algorithms and we'll continue to improve AI further. There are also important fixes for the player controlled ground vehicles and our friend =Luke FF= worked on improving the Career mode. The full list of changes is following: AI improvements 1. AIs finish a ground attack run by pulling up harder, which should improve their survivability rate in hilly terrain; 2. AI bombers drop the bombs better; 3. Advanced AIs won't 'stuck' in an endless circle during dogfight anymore; 4. AIs perform "Low Yo-Yo" and "High Yo-Yo" maneuvers better; 5. Detailed AI tanks engage the nearest targets by default like simple AI tanks do; 6. AI drivers of self-propelled artillery and other ground equipment with a fixed main weapon now face the target to aim if the priority of the mission command being executed is LOW; 7. Ground vehicles won't 'jump' on steep slopes; 8. Ground vehicle AIs won't turn their engines off immediately after stopping; 9. AI ground vehicles have a variable exhaust effect when moving; 10. The steam locomotives won't turn on the lights during the day; 11. AA guns and machine guns mounted on trains follow mission command priority; Aircraft improvements 12. The game won't crash when repairing a dirty airplane canopy; 13. Fixed excess clicks of triggers in the cockpit for missing weapon groups; Player controlled tanks improvements 14. There is a turret ventilation sound in Pz.III Ausf.M, Pz.IV Ausf.G, Pz.VI Ausf.H1 and T-34-76UVZ-43; 15. The master switch is turned on not only when the engine is turned on, but also when the headlights, lighting, signal, tower control with electric trigger or fan are turned on; 16. Fixed the "loss" of the camera when switching from a gunsight to the normal view; 17. Detailed tanks gunsight adjustments are displayed in technochat; 18. Opening and closing of various hatches is displayed in technochat; 19. Startup procedures, the operation of turret and gun systems of the Tank Crew tanks are displayed in technochat; 20. Sub-caliber armor-piercing rounds now lose their stability and ability to penetrate further armor barriers after breaking through the first one; 21. On SU-122, the problem with displaying the commander’s sight in VR was fixed (the second eye was not deactivated); 22. On SU-122, when choosing the DG-460A HEAT shells, the slider of the scope scale is now correctly set to the third scale; 23. Added gunsight settings for firing using a gunner’s sight to the description of SU-122; Career mode improvements 24. Awards in career mode adjusted to better reflect the historical reality for all nations; 25. Awards text descriptions updated; 26. US careers: medals are awarded according to the criteria set forth by the US 9th Air Force in 1944; 27. German careers: new AI pilots in the squadron with previous flight time now have the possibility to have campaign awards from earlier battles (Eastern Front Medal and Kuban Shield); 28. Soviet careers: new AI pilots in the squadron with previous flight time now have the possibility to have the Medal 'For the Defense of Stalingrad' from December 22, 1942; 29. Soviet careers: Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class, Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class, Red Wound Stripe, and Yellow Wound Stripe no longer erroneously awarded during the Battle of Moscow; 30. British careers: Mentioned in Despatches can now be awarded multiple times; 31. More stock aircraft skins added to all phases of career mode; 32. German fighter and attack pilots will now fly an airfield attack strafing mission on January 1, 1945, in career mode; 33. Aircraft weapon loadouts and modification restrictions updated for all phases of career mode; Other improvements 34. Loaders in player controllable tanks, Ju-52 Co-Pilot and A-20 Navigator are invulnerable if Invulnerability difficulty option is turned on; 35. All aircraft GUI previews updated to have a similar style; 36. Simple AI vehicle sounds completely overhauled (all large artillery guns, tanks and assault guns, GMC-CCKW, WillysMB, M16-AA, 72K). Please discuss the update in this thread.
  7. News on 4.003 update, full text You can ask new questions in this thread
  8. Data was updated - all airplanes of "Battle of Bodenplatte" and "Flying Circus" were added, new collector planes were added too.
  9. Han

    SU tank

    1. Start a mission with SU-122 2. Unpause the game by "P" key 3. Switch to gunner by "LeftCtrl+C" keys (once). Gunner seats left to the gun. 4. Turn on the gun control by "T" key 5. Switch to gunsight view by "LeftShift+T" keys 6. Aim your gun somewhere by mouse move. Shoot by left mouse button. 7. You can adjust the distance setting by RightAlt+Period and RightAlt+Semicolon keys.
  10. Han

    Game Updates

    Update 4.002 Dear Friends, Our team is glad to announce that we finished another update 4.002. In this version, all Tank Crew owners get the SU-122 assault gun. In addition, everyone gets many improvements - some of them our community asked for a long time. After additional work on the aircraft visibility modeling against the clouds is improved. We also added automatic dive-recovery controls to four bombers from Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow. The login time has been drastically decreased, it will now happen up to ten times faster than before. Tank and aircraft turrets aiming will be more convenient and there are many other minor improvements. Let's go into detail about the automatic dive-recovery controls: Ju-87 When the dive system is engaged, the plane enters a dive when the air brakes are extended and will recover from the dive either by pressing the bomb drop button or when the air brakes are retracted. The dive system controls are separate: the trimmer tab on the right elevator is controlled by the dive system while the pilot controls the trimmer tab on the left elevator. Therefore the pilot input and dive system input of the trimmers are independent, and when the dive system is in operation, there is no indication of a trimmer position change in the technochat. Ju-88 When the dive system is engaged, the plane enters a dive when the air brakes are extended or when the dive button (LCtrl + D by default) is pressed. The plane will recover from the dive either by pressing the bomb drop button or by pressing the dive button (LCtrl + D by default). The dive system will return to the neutral position of the elevator trim, while the full range of trimmer travel from the pilot’s input is preserved. Therefore the pilot input and dive system input of the trimmers are independent, and when the dive system is in operation, there is no indication of a trimmer position change in the technochat. Also, the elevator trim is automatically shifted when the stabilizer is moved to the landing position (when flaps are released to the landing position). This also shifts the trim back to the neutral position. Pe-2 (both series) When the dive system is engaged, the plane enters a dive when the air brakes are extended (pass through the 45° position) and will recover from the dive when you press the bomb drop button or the dive recovery button to exit the dive (LCtrl + D by default). The dive system controls the elevator trim -for correct operation, the trimmer must be in the range between -4.5 ° to + 4.5 ° before turning on the dive system. If the trimmer is outside this range or if the airplane is trimmed manually while the dive system is in operation or if the air brakes are retracted the dive system will disengage. Ju-87 and Ju-88 Contact altimeters are installed on these aircraft. The RShift + K and RCtrl + K commands (by default) set the bomb release (contact) altitude. When the dive system is engaged, the buzzer will sound 250 m above the contact altitude. Buzzer turns off when the contact altitude is reached or when the dive system is disengaged. The pressure setting is adjusted by the same command as on the main altimeter (with a short pause after setting the pressure on the main altimeter). The contact altimeter is not connected with the dive system, it is a separate device that just gives an audio signal at a contact height. Main features 1. SU-122 assault gun made by Ural heavy machinery factory in 1943 is now available for all Tank Crew owners; 2. Guns and MGs aiming using the mouse has been improved; 3. Turret aiming in VR is improved (you don't need to physically turn while aiming); 4. The issue with planes visually disappearing against the clouds at short distances has been minimized; 5. Planes visual pixelization against the clouds at medium distances has been greatly reduced; 6. Winter textures for all Bodenplatte buildings added; 7. Winter textures for all Bodenplatte vehicles added; 8. Speed and reliability of the online login have been greatly improved; 9. GMC CCKW fuel truck added; 10. Thanks to the new tech developed for Tank Crew, B-25D, P-47D and P-51D have correct British or US pilots depending on the country specified in the mission file; 11. Dive and recovery control automatics added to Ju-87 D-3, Ju 88 A-4, Pe-2 s. 87 and Pe-2 s. 35; 12. Ju-87 D-3 and Ju 88 A-4 dive bombers are equipped with contact altimeters; 13. LaGG-3 now sports 4K exterior textures made by Martin =ICDP= Catney; AI improvements 14. AI pilots can resume engaging a target after losing it; 15. AI pilots won't try to engage a distant target flying at negative G for a prolonged time; 16. AI pilots won't crash into the ground while doing a defense spiral maneuver; 17. AI pilots won't get stuck in a shallow dive during a defense maneuver; 18. AI pilots won't attempt dangerous evasion maneuvers at low altitudes which caused them to crash; 19. AI pilots won't get too excited following a falling target and crash into the ground after it; 20. AI pilots attacking air targets will attack the planes that take off or land; 21. AI pilots won't get stuck in an upside position during a dogfight; 22. AI pilots won't get stuck in a roll during an evasion maneuver which could end in a crash; 23. AI pilots will try to bail out of a burning plane (now it depends on how fast it will decide to bail out and if he has strength left to do so); 24. Self-propelled AAA switch to combat position if they don't have movement orders and have an attack targets in area command (even if there are no targets present); 25. Ship guns aiming corrected; Aircraft improvements 26. Ju-87 D-3 has animated servo tabs; 27. Ju-87 D-3 has visual indicators for the extended dive brakes; 28. Ju-88 A-4 elevator trim adjusts automatically when the stabilizer is switched to the landing position; 29. Ju-88 A-4 has animated servo tabs; 30. heavier aircraft like He-111, Ju-52/87/88, A-20, IL-2, Pe-2 won't shake as much when their tails are damaged; 31. Pe-2 and He-111: the camera automatically turns in a correct direction when switching to a new MG in turrets with several MGs; 32. Ju-52/3mg4e 2nd pilot animations have been restored; 33. P-38J-25: canopy close sound won't play too early; 34. P-38J-25: the instruments panel can be damaged; 35. P-38J-25: signal lights won't float in the air on a severely damaged aircraft; 36. IL-2 elevator control rods damage has been corrected; 37. All additional armor elements on Bf-110 correctly shield the aircraft; 38. P-51D-15 rear landing gear can be damaged now; 39. MC 202 s8: MG151 ammo reserves can be damaged now; 40. Fw 190 A-8 ammo reserves can be damaged now; 41. Fw 190 A-8 wing pylons look correctly from various distances; 42. Bf 109 G4/G6/G14/K4: the right underwing cannon won't stop working after the loss of ammo in the left wing anymore; 43. Bf 109s except for G14 and K4: jettisoned canopies are correctly repaired; 44. Bristol Fighter will correctly register radiator hits; 45. Pedals animated correctly on Bristol Fighter; 46. Static U-2VS has winter skin; 47. IL-2 mod. 1942 has its exterior color saturation corrected; Tank Crew improvements 48. Visual detail of plates above the tracks on KV-1s has been improved; 49. Speedometer added to KV-1s (it is on the engine compartment bulkhead); 50. Batteries are visible in the KV-1s interior; 51. Many visual improvements to KV-1s interior (level of detail, textures, etc.); 52. Recoil indicators added to KV-1s and T-34 mod. 1943; 53. Panoramic sight cupola stopper added to KV-1s and T-34 mod. 1943; 54. T-34 mod. 1943 tracks have been visually improved; 55. T-34 mod. 1943 internal collision model (that is used in damage calculations) has been improved; 56. Engine exhaust is visible at the idle engine RPM; Other changes 57. Caquot balloons won't disappear at medium distances; 58. The inner walls of the damaged detailed buildings on the Prokhorovka map won't disappear at medium distances; 59. It's now possible to turn off the VR rendering mode for the propellers - any negative values specified for the prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr parameter in startup.cfg file (like prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr = -1) will result in the normal propellers rendering; 60. Object Fake_Block can be used on the airfields (its collision object has been lowered below the ground); 61. Levitating buildings on Stalingrad map have been fixed; 62. It's now possible to win the 5th mission of the Turning point campaign after a successful retreat; 63. The excessive effect of concussion and possible loss of consciousness after HE hits at a tank or aircraft has been removed if the player or AI weren't wounded by these hits. 64. Ten Days of Autumn campaign: all static objects have been updated to correct durability values, other minor improvements; 65. Fortress on the Volga campaign: minor improvements; 66. A black line won't appear in the middle of some Bodenplatte timeframe newspapers; 67. Added another (fifth) voice of a Soviet tanker; 68. Trees preventing a takeoff from some airfields were cut down on all Rheinland maps. Please discuss the update in this thread.
  11. News on 4.002 update, full text You can ask new questions in this thread
  12. 235 Hello everybody, Only one week has passed since the huge release, but we're already preparing for the next update. Of course, it won't be as massive - we can't do so much each month - but it will bring a number of important things nevertheless. As we promised, we're working on improving the overall quality of the product. First of all, we have found a way to improve the situation with the planes disappearing too early against a cloud. This won't fix the pixelization issue (it is a different matter), but we hope the coming update will address the problem when a plane can visually disappear at 2 km or so. We plan to start the work on minimizing the pixelization issue before the end of this year. Another good news is that we have managed to fix a very old problem with excessively long login into the game - if the testing goes well, in the next update you'll see your login times decrease nearly tenfold, from dozens of seconds to single digits, and the dreaded login fail error #2 should be gone as well. We also have managed to find the cause of the random bug some of you have reported, when some planes suddenly lose their rudders in the flight. It turns out this issue is caused by the signal noise in some joystick controllers. Such noise spikes in the input cause the control surfaces in the sim to turn so sharply that their durability limit is exceeded and they are torn off by the ram air. This means that fixing this particular bug is no trivial matter - on one hand, we need to keep the durability limit of the control surfaces realistic while on another we don't want to add a new layer of filtering for the joystick axes input we have minimized so recently before. This is a very fine work involving re-checking every plane control behavior, but our engineers have done it and we plan to include its result in the next update as well. Another important improvement is for Tank Crew users that play in VR - now you won't have to rotate your head when looking through the gunsight and rotating it using the mouse. Like most improvements for the tanks, it will be also useful for aircraft - operating turrets in VR will be easier. We're also starting the work on two other important things for the tanks (they won't be ready for the next update though) - improving the gun aiming (fixing the problem when the rotation marker 'jumps' too far) and adding the binoculars for tank commanders. We also hope to include important AI improvements in the next update - aircraft AI should better attack the ground targets in hilly areas while ground vehicle AI should better navigate through numerous obstacles like driving through a village. SU-122 assault gun will be the main addition of the next update. It demanded several new technologies and some of them, like aiming for indirect fire at large distances, will be added later. 122mm HE shell is very powerful since when it hits the turret its fragments can penetrate the thin hull roof armor while 122mm HEAT rounds can penetrate up to 120mm of armor, enough to engage any tank in the game from any angle. Of course, there's a catch - low muzzle speed and narrow range of vertical adjustment of the howitzer (+-10°) make aiming at large distances a nontrivial matter. The 45mm front armor inherited from T-34 tank the assault gun is based on (and the fact that its slope is less than on T-34) make the face-off with enemy heavy tanks very difficult. At least this task is much more realistic than engaging them having only a 76mm gun at your disposal. The work on another cat in German arsenal, Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D "Panther" is underway as well and we hope to have it ready for the release before the New Year. Here are several WIP screenshots from our partners at Digital Forms: And to finish today's diary we'd like to show you two promo videos. One of them showcasing Flying Circus Vol. 1 was created by ShamrockOneFive while another promoting Battle of Kuban is the work of =HH=Pauk. Here they are: You can discuss the news in this thread
  13. Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
  14. 4.001b Dear customers, As always, we pay much attention to improve the quality of your game. Therefore, as soon as possible we have prepared a small hot fix update to fix problems that were quickly identified after the release of version 4.001b. In particular: 1. In the Pilot's Career: fixed removal of awards when receiving the award of the next level; 2. In the Pilot's Career: fixed the lack of texts of titles and descriptions of awards when using languages other than English and Russian; 3. In the Tank Crew: fixed invisible Soviet tanks crewmans; 4. In the sound engine: increased audibility of explosions and shots of other aircraft and tanks when in a closed cockpit; 5. In the Flying Circus: Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 aircraft pitch control is returned to its previous state; 6. In the Flying Circus: in the quick mission, the time from approaching to the balloon to the start of its emergency descent is increased; 7. In the AI of aircraft: improved guidance on ground targets when using machine guns and autocannons; 8. In the AI of aircraft: improved guidance on ground targets when using rockets.
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