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  1. Guys, everyone who have problems with update. Please try again and after that post here you log-files of update: <game_folder>\data\update.log <game_folder>\updates\last_update.log
  2. Who have lost his progress in Scripted Campaigns - do not try to re-fly them. There is a chance that we will fix it soon.
  3. Game Updates

    Update 3.002 Hello everybody, One month has passed since the Battle of Kuban release, but the first Bodenplatte aircraft will be ready next month, therefore we have decided not to delay further and release this 'tiny' in-between update, that contains 86 changes and additions, before May. Because of the many changes and fixes, it can't be called a hotfix anymore, it's a full-blown update 3.002. Almost a half of the list is occupied by Career mode improvements - as we have promised before, its development continues after the release of Kuban. Now we're tuning it and fixing the bugs, but in June we plan to add many new mission types. The other changes are for multiplayer, user interface, aircraft models and so on. Long story short, here's the full change list: Career: 1. Landing secondary task is counted correctly; 2. Airfield name is correctly listed in the new day message text; 3. A player will be executed for firing at allies; 4. A rare issue that could happen during starting a mission without a player has been fixed; 5. Several similar awards awarded simultaneously (for example, monetary bonuses) show up correctly; 6. Iron сross 1st class, Honor Goblet and German cross in gold are awarded correctly; 7. Wound badges are awarded correctly; 8. Second and subsequent awarding of The Order of the Red Banner has been corrected; 9. Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree is awarded correctly; 10. Honorary medals given for the completion of battles are awarded correctly; 11. Pilot names in the mission briefing are shown in the chosen language; 12. Miscellaneous data in the mission briefing is shown in the metric or imperial system depending on what is selected in the game options; 13. Monetary bonuses for the number of combat sorties are awarded correctly; 14. The layout of some newspaper issues has been corrected; 15. Career re-entering problem in a day of regiment relocation was fixed; 16. Missed new airfield name in a day of relocation was fixed; 17. A missing image was added to regiment change event; 18. An additional message added after the successful landing at home airfield in the river crossing attack mission type, landing secondary task is counted in the statistics; 19. AI planes use correct paint scheme depending on the season (Summer or Winter); 20. Aircraft modifications become available in historically accurate timeframes: - MiG-3: 20mm SHVAK cannons since June 1942; - La-5 series 8: M-82F engine and faceted canopy since March 1943; - Bf 109 G2: transparent armored headrest since November 1942; - Ju-87D: Bk-3,7 cannons since March 1943; - Hs 129: MK-103 gun since July 1943. 21. Problematic take-off from some airfields (Tushino, Dvoyevka, etc.) has been addressed; 22. Other squadron fighters won't appear on the same runway with players flight and collide with it; 23. AI controlled MC.202 on the Moscow map and Fw-190A-3 on the Stalingrad map won't appear anymore since they weren't there historically (these planes are only accessible to the player); 24. The types of aircraft in the AI groups have been adjusted according to historical data; 25. IL-2 mod.1943rd year now uses a two-color version of camouflage (green-black) until August 1943 and the new three-color camouflage at the beginning of August and later; 26. The bridge in the river crossing attack mission in the vicinity of Sukhanovsky (map coordinates 0817-7) correctly show as destroyed; 27. AI won't try to land at the enemy (players) territory; 28. 'Enemy ferry attack mission' has been renamed to 'Enemy river crossing attack'; 29. AI dive bombers (Ju-87) will always correctly attack their target instead of circling above it; 30. AI planes won't collide with the trees at the Kalinin airfield; 31. 'Rare' and 'medium' Career object intensity settings will result in better performance; 32. Enemy bomber groups won't fly during overcast weather; 33. During the ground troops cover missions the player's flight will continue to attack nearby enemy aircraft after completion of the mission task; 34. In ground attack missions you won't sometimes get the mission successful message while flying to the target; 35. Pe-2 in the battle of Kuban are equipped with VUB-1 turret mod by default, representing 110+ series of the aircraft; 36. Player now is assigned to missions more frequently while playing in transport regiments; 37. Custom skins can be assigned to the player aircraft and his unit if the player is the unit commander. Multiplayer: 38. Clients no longer disconnect from a server when a new mission is being loaded; 39. Server host now sees shooting turrets of other players correctly; 40. Player's ban time setting works correctly; 41. Coop: mission timer setting added; 42. Coop: quorum setting added (the minimal amount of players required to start the mission); 43. Game servers list is sorted correctly; 44. Game servers list includes mission file name; 45. Game servers list blocks attempts to connect to a restarting server; 46. Zero ping color corrected in the game servers list; 47. You can vote to ban a player who does not occupy an airplane (spectator); 48. Multiplayer mission loading screen has been corrected; 49. Mission log now contains additional parameters used by custom statistics systems; 50. Difficulty settings edit in SDS config managing dialog has been fixed in DServer tool; User Interface: 51. Added a system of external GUI dialogs that can be connected to a mission and interacted in it; 52. Description and position of a task on the map updates correctly; 53. Opening the map or changing its scale made smoother; 54. The password for the game is stored more securely if you choose the 'remember password' option; 55. Spotter areas on the mission map are shown correctly; 56. MCU_Icon text displays on the mission map correctly even if there is no icon image selected; 57. Some GUI screens open faster; 58. Fixed the focus of the zoom in the cursor on the game map; 59. Fixed speed zoom on the map "Flight log"; 60. The game won't hang at the end of a single mission when autoplay.cfg config file is in use; 61. Music won't play when the mission ends if it is disabled; 62. Fixed a rare problem when the Accept button in joystick re-mapping dialog didn't work; 63. "0m" tooltips were removed in Quick Mission; Airplanes: 64. A-20B exhaust flames corrected; 65. P-39L-1 machine gun reload handles correctly disappear if you choose to remove the machine guns; 66. A-20B bomber in the distance is visible correctly; 67. Smoke generator positions on P-39L-1 and Yak-7B aircraft were corrected; 68. 'Ghost canopy' has been removed from A-20B fragments; 69. Spent cartridges are ejected from a correct location of P-39L-1; 70. Radio compass on P-39L-1 and A-20B functions correctly; 71. La-5 maximum G load has been corrected; 72. La-5 motor properties at altitude have been slightly corrected; 73. A fire on Ju-88 won't remain in the air if its wing is detached; 74. Bendix radio compass switches positions were fixed on A-20B; 75. A-20B airplane engine start problem in Expert difficulty was fixed; General: 76. Forest LOD boundary has been made less apparent on some maps; 77. Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons roads have been improved visually; 78. Asynchronous terrain caching system has been improved, resulting in less noticeable terrain loading; 79. Login procedure has been optimized, halving the time required; 80. Selecting the aircraft modifications in the mission editor works correctly; 81. A dark bar in the center of the image in HTC Vive that some users could see has been removed (that was a performance optimization); 82. 'Warped edges' issue in PiMax 4K has been eliminated (minimized); 83. TrackIr roll axis problem was fixed; 84. Formation movement of ships and ground vehicles in the User Formation mode has been improved (especially when turning); 85. "10 Days of Autumn" Campaign - map frontlines were fixed; 86. "10 Days of Autumn" Campaign - map route color was changed and the secondary objectives were hidden. Please discuss the update in this thread.
  4. News on 3.002 update, full text You can ask new questions in this thread
  5. Developer Diary

    191 Hello everybody, After releasing 3.001 update and going wild with the celebration - having 5 work days in a week instead of 7 - we continue the further development. Thankfully, 3.001 release went ok and didn't require any urgent critical hotfixes, which is strange for such fundamental changes, to be honest. Anyway, at this moment we already have around 40 changes and enhancements we plan to release in the next 3-4 weeks. Graphics, Career, AI, multiplayer and some other stuff will be addressed. In parallel, we're developing the next big thing, Bodenplatte. The work on the map, buildings and its first planes has already started. We have a huge task in front of us, but we already got used to big plans and we know how to follow them. Soon we'll tell you about the other projects of IL-2 Great Battles series - the work is going on them as well. Meanwhile, today we can show you the first WIP screenshots of Spitfire F/LF Mk.IXe and Bf 109 G-14 fighters from Bodenplatte aircraft list - we're working on their 3D models and FMs. We plan to start the Bodenplatte Early Access program when they are ready. And here's some "insider's bonus" for you: You can discuss the news in this thread
  6. Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
  7. For everyone who have problems with LogIn when you starting game from STEAM. Problem fixed, you may to start the game from Steam.
  8. For everyone who have problems with LogIn when you starting game from STEAM: Please try to exit Steam and launch the game using: \<IL-2 game folder>\bin\game\Il-2.exe Please post your result here after this attempt.
  9. DD today?

    Yep, it's hollydays here. But we have worked yestarday to build release-candidate for testing. We have finished only in 3:20 AM. So sorry guys, but no DD today.
  10. Developer Diary

    190 Hello everybody, Today we don't have a lot of news, we just want to tell you that the work on 3.001 update is near its end. We have 20 Career mission types working of 25 planned for the release. The most of the initially found issues are fixed and some tweaks are already in the place. To give you a general idea of the scale of this update, its change list will contain 90 items, nearly a third of which are significant changes and improvements. The sheer number of these changes means that after 3.001 release hotfixes will likely follow because there could be problems that couldn't be found by the testers. We're sure this teething period will be short. P-39L-1 cockpit is almost ready, perhaps we'll spend 1-2 days for final 'polishing' of its textures, but we can already show you its overall look. All other changes and additions planned for 3.001 release are finished. Therefore, we plan to release this humongous update in 2-3 weeks. We want to release it as soon as possible ourselves: all we're doing we're doing for you and your feedback is very important for us. But we need to make a bit more effort to give you the result that will not only be massive, but also good functioning, so these days will be spent on debugging and refinement of the new functionality. You can discuss the news in this thread
  11. Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
  12. Star Wars Flight Sims

    TIE Fighter an Xwing vs TIE fighter - dosens of hours were spent with them)) Tau assault boat was my favorite craft))
  13. Guys, some more issues for discussion today. I've posted flight performance for 5 new airplanes of 3.001: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25993-aircraft-flight-and-technical-specifications-and-operational/?do=findComment&comment=578199