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  1. Yes Wooo hoooo here to... Dam my wife will kill me.
  2. Looks great! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this sim.
  3. The Spitfire beer is realy good, think i downed a few last summer Thanks for all the nice reply guys. The labels is just somthing i played around with When i was botteling the other 10 gallons of beer. Think i will have them on a Friday night bomber mission cheers!
  4. Made beer labels to my home brew beer today, its an Ruby red ale.
  5. I do not have idea on how many hours i have spendt in the Kuban map in the old il2 1946. Fly over Novorossiysk bay and once again land at Myskhako airport gave me tears in the eyes of nostalgia and happiness. The game and fps is smoot as silk Good Job Team!
  6. I bought everything you can get to this game. The path Stalingrad changes to Moscov after a reinstall of the game. I think it will be Kuban next time i reinstall How embarrassing .. It was the folder name that was the fault guys. I was sure I had tried a different folder, but apparently not. Very happy for the help i received from you guys. This became a happy day afterall I will buy you a beer if you should come to Norway one day guys. Cheers!
  7. Yes no problem, i mada a simple mission called "Taxi" and save it to my mission folder i named "Wandalen`s" I got the game from the online store, not from steam. _I posting the screenshots of the mission properties and folders where you can see they are in the right place. Last image is the mission folders listed in the game. As you can see its empty. And the mission is in the link. http://www.filedropper.com/wandalensmission Thank you so mutch guys for helping me out, its a real headbanger.
  8. Hi Prangster. Yes i already did, it did not help. I love your missions by the way! And they work, But if i open one of them in mb and klick save. They disapear as well.
  9. Tanks for the reply Jim TM. Usualy you can do mutch wrong in the mb, but you can still see it in the missions, It only does not work, So my guess it is a bug. But some times i cant find my glases on my own nose, so who knows I cant upload the file.... Arghh, "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" ~S~
  10. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. I look at my own skill in mb as above average. But i will take another look, am not perfect. It all happend after 2.06 i think. 3. Been there already.
  11. Making a simple take off and land mission to be sure. Save it in my mission folder. Then i go to missions, and the only thing i see is the folder name, no missions. Do the exact same thing with my ROF mb and voila, works like a sharm. If i take a mission i have downloaded and just open and save it with the mission builder, it also disapear. Anyone else got the same problem, or got it sorted out? ~S~
  12. I got the same problem. its got nothing to do with JU52 i tryed with different aircrafts, no luck!
  13. Welcome back old fart! Just buy the whole shubang and be happy, its a must for all online pilots
  14. Looking forward to the JU52. I got a shoulder problem, so this plane will be perfect for me
  15. I overcame my Russofobia and bought BOK .... Great to see the A-20 and Spitfire on the list. I am sure this wil drag a lot of new players from other simulators in here. Thums up!
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