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  1. sgorozco37

    Thoughts on Odyssey Plus

    Hi Jon, Sorry to hear you are considering shelving your VR rig. I am inclined to think that it is some kind of background process in Windows that meses up with the frame rate. I have kept my graphic settings static, and the performance varies greatly. Sometimes I experience great FPS in very graphically-complex missions (high clouds, large number of planes involved), other times I experience crappy FPS in what I would consider simpler scenarios. Sometimes, the degradation occurs in the midle of the mission running smoothly, while other times a degraded mission begins to spontaneously run smoothly after a while. When I experience poor FPS I do tend to notice my HD led blinking very frequently. Unfortunately, the simulation seems to be running several independent processes that are intercommunicated, so enabling Game mode for il2.exe (a mode that is supposed to give your gaming session very high priority) seems to hurt more than help, as I guess Windows fails to notice the secondary processes are inter-related and are given very low priority to run. Cheers! The pieces are there, I read that NVidia is introducing support for foveated rendering in its drivers., Pimax has shown great screen resolutions and HTC I believe has state-of-the-art eye tracking working in their higher end sets. Now if they pulled everything togeter…
  2. sgorozco37

    Fokker D.VII bug (present in RoF, too)

    More than fair point
  3. sgorozco37

    Sporadic plane icons in map (career mode)

    Oh I see, I had not made the connection with the type of misión that was being flown! Cheers! =D
  4. Hi, I've been playing in carrer mode (War of Moscow) with Expert settings. Usually, my map (the one that pops-up by pressing 'O') only shows an Icon of my plane. Yet, for some missions and without changing any setting, I sometimes get to see blue or red plane icons in the map. What is the reason for this? First I thought that maybe I saw icons for planes that would be in my visibility range, but this is not consistent. Should I imagine that I'm being radio'ed their position? Cheers!
  5. sgorozco37

    Fokker D.VII bug (present in RoF, too)

    For people that have made a significant investment in RoF, your point is very valid I suppose. (I have not). The way I see it is that the low FC take-up that you are refering to (myself included) is mainly composed by people acting more as crowdfunders rather than regular buyers. Many of us recognize that the market niche is very narrow and the development team is small (this is not Fifa xx, where every year they resell the same game with relatively minor improvements to millions of players - at AAA prices!), and the best way we can see this amazing simulation evolve is by helping with our wallets. Alas, this is unfortunately a catch-22; if more people invested, we would probably see faster and deeper improvements; yet many people wont invest, because of the perception of slow or shallow improvements. Cheers! I see you are on the same boat then 😃
  6. A small development team, a steady stream of updates, good communication with your user base... As a software developer, I can tell you guys are a perfect example of Continuous Integration done right! Keep up the great work! 😎 I noticed this too with a Camel yesterday, so I disengaged, only to find him bouncing back on me! It was surprising and refreshing! 😃
  7. Glad to read this! You nailed it, my approach at this moment is 100% reactive and I'm constantly oscilating. It requires so much attention that I can barely do any other task, like spotting planes Great video! It supports @busdriver's suggestion of concentrating on fixating the aspect of the plane rather than the position in the canopy. Thanks!!! S
  8. Oh, I see, so I should focus more on trying to keep the same "visual-profile" of the leader... interesting. I'm glad I asked for experienced advice! - Remembering my dad's driving lesson I had a strong gut feeling I may be learning it wrong (my wife and a cousin of mine, for example, did not develop the skill and are constantly correcting their steering during a tight curve, and although they don't seem to notice it, it is quite uncomfortable as a passenger ).
  9. Hi Roblex, thanks for your tips too! I have developed more or less my throttle control (keeping steady distance a few feet away from the leader), although sometimes it happens that the AI can drop speed so fast, that I overshoot even if drop my throttle to idle (this typically happens on bombing missions, when nearing the target area), this is where probably your rudder-jiggling trick may come handy!. Where I struggle the most is in keeping my relative formation position, especially during turns. I am constantly using rudder and elevator control trying to keep the leader on the same spot in the windshield and never, ever have I been able to coordinate those turns. Cheers! S
  10. Hi JG77, thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm flying in VR and indeed, I find it much easier in general than when I played the original Sturmovik simulator, using a hat-switch to change my views. I think it has to do mostly with depth perception as I remember trying 3D with anaglyph glasses and it improved my gunnery skills quite noticeably. It is valuable to know that the path I must seek is that of constant adjustments. I suppose that with enough practice, the adjustments become minor and -hopefully- subconscious. Cheers! S Hi busdriver, thank you very much for the tips! That "stirring the stick" sounds promising and very sound advice, I'll give it a try. Cheers! S Hi Jim! Thank you very much for your relaxing tip and for those videos. I have learnt A LOT from Requiem's videos, yet I somehow missed the existence of formation tutorial videos entirely. Cheers! S
  11. Hello to all fellow seasoned virtual pilots out there, I've been practicing formation flying for several hours now (by following an AI leader), and I got to a point where I can, more-or-less, hold my relative position for an extended period of time, even during turns. However, I am constantly fiddling with throttle, rudder and joystick input, correcting, over-correcting, and correcting again, especially during a turn. I remember when my dad taught me how to drive, he would chastise me if I corrected my steering wheel position after entering a curve. He said something on the lines of "if the curve is well designed, you should turn your wheel, find the 'sweet spot', and maintain that position until you exit the curve - if my head boobs laterally during the curve (as a result of corrections), you are doing it wrong". I learnt the skill, noting that on many cars, the steering wheel gives a very discrete feedback in the form of a minor resistance when reaching the sweet spot. So, I have a pair of questions regarding this topic, 1. Should it be like in a car? In other words, should I aim in trying to develop that "sweet-spot" finding, -even in the absence of force feedback-, or should I aim for unconscious, constant control fiddling? 2. When I hold my position during a turn, my turn coordination indicator always shows I'm slipping (I mainly use rudder to correct if my relative horizontal position drifts). If I attempt to coordinate my turn and center the ball, I invariably lose my formation position. Is this normal or is it an indicator that I'm doing it wrong? I'm assuming that the leader is performing a coordinated turn, so I would guess my turn should be coordinated too. Cheers! Sergio
  12. sgorozco37

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Exactly, especially considering that for the feature to be complete, it would have to simulate the effects of a missing step, or following the sequence in wrong order. Given the amount of controls that have to be clicked, the underlying complexity could be astounding.
  13. sgorozco37

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Gunship! by Microprose on my trusty "Bread-bin" C64. I spent more hours on it than any other game back in the day. I don't know what I loved more, the simulator or the manual. Next one was F-19 Stealth Fighter, on PC. Third one was the original Red Baron by Dynamix, also on PC.
  14. sgorozco37


    I agree! The field of AI is advancing at gigantic speeds. Just a few weeks ago, an AI developed by DeepMind (part of Google) was just beating some of the world's best StarCraft players, a game considered very difficult to tackle with an AI. The thing that marveled me most, is that DeepMind used a ton of hardware, resources and time, to create a superb AI, first by learning from human matches, and then by playing against different versions of itself! Once the training was done, they compiled it to a stand-alone AI agent that completely runs on a bare-bones GPU! Maybe 777 Studios could partner with DeepMind or other AI enterprise the way Blizzard did for this amazing research.
  15. sgorozco37

    Is TrackIR best choice?

    Yes, I see your point and I do agree with your final analysis - the presence of a freeware competitor definitely is a dangerous commercial threat, especially in such a narrow market as these type of devices; and yes - I do agree that -at least in my experience- a commercial product typically outperforms a freeware-one. I just didn't agree with the assertion that being freeware implied an existing patent or copyright violation. Cheers!