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  1. I'm curious if in addition to this, you try @SAS_Storebror's FUMS utility? It certainly gives me a smoother experience, and I think it has to do mainly with the adjustment it makes in the main thread's affinity mask.
  2. Izel

    Smoke ON

    Wow, breathtaking... I used to think that the smoke rendering in IL-2 didn't look very realistic, but this video has shown me otherwise!
  3. Hi everyone, Unfortunately Covid-19 hit my household. Both my wife and I are positive. I've had symptoms for six days, my wife for nine. Fortunately, the cases seem to be mild - in the sense that we have experienced little cough and no diminished O2 saturation at the moment - yet the muscular weakness/pain is terrible, never felt something similar - I can barely hold a cup of coffee with one arm =( I also COMPLETELY lost my sense of smell and taste. Pungent smells such as chlorine or Vaporub are non-existent. And I can only perceive food texture. We had been following quarantine, working from home, etc. However we got overconfident and celebrated a family birthday. Now there are 12 confirmed cases in our family. Don't make the same mistake, stay safe! Izel
  4. I think the problem could be described as unbalanced gameplay. Some airplanes (mainly on the Central side) are able to withstand plenty of damage, while others appear very delicate; either your controls become easily disabled, or your wings become very fragile. This last point is very noticeable with the Camel; to bring a Camel down, you can spray bullets at the wings (little marksmanship required) and that will severely handicap the plane - a future violent manouver from the pilot will probably result in the wings coming off. This *might* be more realistic - I'm in no position to question this- but for many people it lowers the enjoyment factor. The previous DM encouraged developing good aiming skills and gave rise to more interesting and intense dogfights. I still love it in the current state 😃
  5. True, the numbers may not be there as most, including myself, would like - however I don't know how to explain it - but I find flying FC1 Multiplayer far way MORE fun and satisfying than WW2 Multiplayer. Even with the current, quirky DM and me being basically cannon-fodder (I enjoy flying the Camel the most, regardless of the butterfly wings or risking being disabled by a single, quick burst). I have had some luck with the CombatBox Training site; There is an area dedicated to WW1 practicing with several -balanced- AI planes from both sides , but it is not rare finding human opponents in there and it's loads of fun when it happens. Kind of a mini-Berloga environment. I sincerely hope it doesn't die...
  6. Thanks for the memories! My cousin had a "polar" version where you had to rescue a stranded man being blocked by ice cubes. You needed to remove all the cubes before you could rescue the man. To add a challenge, there was a timer in the form of a polar bear that was slowly but steadily approaching. Loved it!
  7. Definitely not normal. Is this behavior present in other titles or just in IL2?
  8. With my 1080Ti/Reverb combo, I experienced the same: heavy stuttering with the [HW accelerated GPU scheduling] setting enabled, in both multiplayer and single player scenarios. The strange thing is that I had the WMR reprojection status overlay displayed and it kept showing constant green (as if there were no bottlenecks in CPU or GPU rendering). Disabling it restored smooth gameplay. I guess it is as they say "your mileage may vary"...
  9. Hi dburne, If v. 2004 is not yet available via Windows Update in your region, you can download it from this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Cheers!
  10. Hi Paul! It's been a long time since I've seen you online, where are you flying these days? (Sergio from Mexico)
  11. LOL, picture those flurry jabs, but @ 40MPH Yes! it's been a while now since I started this thread, and I now experience what you describe. I find myself constantly correcting, tiny inputs, but my mind is now focused on scanning looking for contacts.
  12. I think the greatest difficulty in what you are asking (from a development standpoint) would mean that -to be realistic- each of these individual elements (handles, switches) would have to be modelled inside the simulation as separate interlinked subsystems. In other words, the simulation would have to consider the outcome of an improperly executed startup sequence, and/or the effect of operating some switch or lever mid-flight. Regarding the startup sequence, some combinations will simply refuse to start the engine, while others would start the engine in a sub-optimal or even a possibly dangerous state. An oversimplification (that would be very easy to code) would be refusing to accept carrying out a step deviating from the correct startup sequence, but that would not be very different from what we have today, the difference being that we would have to press more keys in sequence to achieve what we now have pressing 'E'). I agree that having such a degree of control would probably be greeted happily by many users like you , and who knows, maybe the developers are considering such a thing in the future (asking never hurts, especially if it is asked in such a polite way as you do) - I for one would like to see the limited development resources allocated to other areas of the simulation, such as AI or better multi-core parallelization. Cheers!
  13. I finally could grab the latest Windows update, and yes, the 60Hz distortion is gone! Quick question, is anyone experiencing blurry text? The graphics look quite good, it's just the text that I see a bit blurry (even large fonts). Unfortunately I kind of simultaneously applied the windows update + the latest IL2 patch, so I can't tell if it's because of the new WMR layer or the new IL2 patch.
  14. I tried Nvidia's fps limiter and it doesn't have any effect, at least on an HP Reverb (using WMR)
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