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  1. I will give the account to the champion, from a 1v1 tournament that will take place very soon, I have learned that there will be no similar prizes to medals until the end of the year, if there are no medals it is not worth playing much
  2. Hello everyone, first of all congratulate the creators of the taw, again I have done my best and my war thunder team has managed to arrive with deaths / captures 0 at the end of the campaign of the Russian side, I can only say that the people complain too much, in statistics I have shown that you can play Russian perfectly, have good results and not die, I think the problem is that many people in this community speak too much and play too little, this is not an opinion that I write , in the statistics my words are supported, I am tired of mediocre players who think they are real pilots, if you want to actually buy an airplane, I encourage these players who talk so much to play war of warplanes or Air Combat 7 I think they are games that those will like it and I think that is where you have to be, that is your place, let professional players play now, let us do our game at once and stop bothering the administrators of the taw, please buy Air Combat 7 you have it for PS4 too and let us play easy and evolve, anyway I will show you on my YouTube channel how to do it so you don't die
  3. TY members do not usually write in this forum, we just want to thank all the players, donors and administrators for the great work done, also to congratulate SCG_Fenris_Wolf, my most eternal thanks and my sincere gratitude to all attentively and respectfully yours = TY = anaconda_tiesa y = TY = samkis
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