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  1. When would that be, time-wise? One month? Six months? One year? Sorry, I'm not very in-touch with the timeline of updates here. In fact, I'm not playing CoD until VR support is added. I'm not holding the development team to any time frame they state for implementing VR support, but would just like to know how long I will have to wait. Lots of other VR sims to play in the meantime
  2. Its always great to hear of new updates. I just bought an Oculus Rift S and would like to know when VR will be implemented and the VR headsets supported in Cliffs of Dover?
  3. I just got back into gaming, and bought the Oculus Rift S to use with IL2 BOS. All are new to me after a long hiatus from PC flight sims. New to VR too, so here's my newbie question: Oculus keeps asking me to use Guardian to draw boundaries for the play area. When seated at my desk in front of my PC, keyboard and HOTAS, do I really need to draw boundaries? If this is not needed, then how do I turn this Guardian thing off as it keeps popping up to prompt me to draw boundaries?
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