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  1. I think I know whats wrong with it.. It's not that your controls or IL-2 is wrong it's just that my joystick buttons are different. As an example, the fire all guns button which is usually button 0 is for me at least, is button 5. I'm probably going to have to put it in manually.
  2. Hey, quick question for importing the controls. I've done that and I've also got joy2key set up with all the controls being put to how they are on the joystick. Yet for some reason whenever I try to use them like how they're setup its a completely different control setup with none of them working. We have the same joystick so I don't know why it isn't working but it's very troubling. Thanks for the joystick setup either way though!
  3. Hello everyone, My question is how do I begin working with more complex MEC and is there any way to practice without just going into single missions? I'm worried Im not this right and Im still having trouble with it even after watching videos with it.
  4. Hey guys! I just got back into this game after buying it a long time ago and I'm wondering after mastering the F-4 in Battle of Moscow what should I move on to next? I've been playing the bf 109 a lot due to not needing to manage the engine at all and I'm interested in flying the Russian Aircraft. The problem is I'm scared of managing the engine as I have no idea how to do that. So which plane would be good to start off with engine management and if so are there any tutorials on that plane. Thanks Again!
  5. I'm Currently using a Thrustmaster Hotas X and I got it a year ago. It's fine right now.
  6. I just got IL-2 and christ almighty how do you play this complex of a game. My little mind doesn't know where to begin in playing it. Alright so sorry if this is an idiot problem. But I can barely take off in the Bf109 F-2. It seems simple enough but here are some questions I need answered or will need to be answered Q: What is the good flaps percentage for takeoff? Q: Should I keep slowly increasing the throttle to 100% and keep it there? Q: Besides turning on the engine. Is there any other engine management I'll need to do while taking off? Q: How to keep this thing off the ground and not so sensitive when just getting up in the air. It gets super wonky and hard to control as I keep pulling up and down to try and keep it stable. Thanks and post any more tips or answers I'll need while learning this game.
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