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  1. I'm Currently using a Thrustmaster Hotas X and I got it a year ago. It's fine right now.
  2. I just got IL-2 and christ almighty how do you play this complex of a game. My little mind doesn't know where to begin in playing it. Alright so sorry if this is an idiot problem. But I can barely take off in the Bf109 F-2. It seems simple enough but here are some questions I need answered or will need to be answered Q: What is the good flaps percentage for takeoff? Q: Should I keep slowly increasing the throttle to 100% and keep it there? Q: Besides turning on the engine. Is there any other engine management I'll need to do while taking off? Q: How to keep this thing off the ground and not so sensitive when just getting up in the air. It gets super wonky and hard to control as I keep pulling up and down to try and keep it stable. Thanks and post any more tips or answers I'll need while learning this game.
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