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  1. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/Downloads.php?do=download&downloadid=7 These are some old (2015, TF 4.3) multiplayer missions that will most likley have the airfield destruction code in them. I'm sure if you asked on the ATAG forums where most of the current mission builders hang out they might be able to help you even more. Perhaps the ACG forums would be a good spot too.
  2. The reason so many Br 20s and G.50s in CloD are shown with German markings is because the "army" of the spawn point or the aircraft group is set to germany. If you want to spawn G.50s and 109s at the same airfield, you have to have either Italian 109s or German G.50s. If you make a separate spawn point set to Italy, then the BR20 and G50 have the italian markings as they should. It's also why in the QMB they are usually with the german markings - the QMB planes are usually set to the Germany army.
  3. 32. Very interesting planeset that's historically accurate yet still really balanced for online and singleplayer 33. Servers can handle 100+ players even if most are congregated near the same spots 34. Insane level of loadout/convergence/ammo customization 35. GUI (while simple and not that modern) has no loading between screens or any extra fluff, easy to move between menus and bind controls. 36. Realistic bomb fuses 37. Good spotting 38. Excellent platform for multiplayer campaigns (SoW, TWC, ACG etc) 39. Long visibility range 40. Can have huge AI formations with tons of bombers, fighters, and flak without a big FPS hit 41. THE COMMUNITY! 42. Early morning fog effect 43. Realistic rendering of lighting and colours 44. ability to enter in chat commands (<tl, <obj, etc) 45. Clickable cockpits 46. Developers that are releasing a very interesting never seen before theatre of war with North Africa and it's planes
  4. It certainly is a cool effect. But I'm more impressed by a post in this thread that's not part of the VR argument. I don't think anyone is obligated to buy the game. I don't think anyone is "owed" VR support either. It would be nice to have. But if you don't want to buy the game, don't. If you do want to buy the game (I sure do, the planeset and map are really interesting), then buy it. Simple.
  5. "You mean I have to pay for this fifth beer? But I'm a loyal customer and just bought 4 beers already!"
  6. Good or bad UI, I don't really care as long as the flying is good. And this is the first ever high fidelity sim of the African theatre, and of the Wellington, D520, Gladiator, CR42, and Martlet. It's going to be fun. That's what matters.
  7. I don't think anything TFS did lowered the playerbase. After 4.3 it was going strong for a couple years until squads like SOW and ACG started getting bored and left. 4.5 boosted the numbers again for a while. I expect Tobruk to boost the playerbase for a while again. Unless something like SOW can come back I doubt CloD will be as big as it was but I think the reduction in playerbase is not due to any of TFS design decisions, rather the passing of time and pilots wanting a change of scenery.
  8. CloD was my gateway into simming - pre team fusion - and I'm glad to see the desert finally arriving. Sure, it's not the perfect sim. But none are. BoX has the graphics and a lot of cool features like the dynamic campaign and stuff, but not the most realistic engine models with the timers to failure. DCS has the flight models but not the DM or the AIs. CloD's got the detailed DMs and systems and huge multiplayer servers with the options for amazing online dynamic campaigns but not the graphics like the other two. They all have their place in the WWII flight sim genre. I will be buying Tobruk and I'm happy to support TFS and I'm going to love the Martlet and Wellington and CR42s. But I'm also going to buy BoN and have fun with the Mossie and Tiffy . See you in the skies.
  9. Well, it's been ages since I made a movie. I had footage from MARCH 2018 (!) sitting on my home PC of a 109 E4/B. We bombed arty at Dover and then shot down a Spitfire and a Blennie before returning to base. Here is that mission in cinematic form. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFVm-7OW6zg Note that there is a bug in tracks that means bombs don't disappear from the aircraft after they are dropped, nothing I can do about this. I hope you guys enjoy!
  10. Hi Buzzsaw, does this mean that there will be two completely separate versions of CloD being supported at once in the future? This worries me since to me it would make more sense to just simply have one version (5.0x) with all the relevant upgrades and then people who do not buy the Tobruk update do not get access to the new desert map and the new aircraft, similar to IL2 Great Battles where it is all simply one installation and you can pick and choose which parts you want to buy but can still for instance fly multiplayer with those who have bought different expansions. The issue I can see arising is that if player A does not buy the Tobruk expansion, and a server is running on the 5.0 version a 1940 battle of britain map with no new 5.0 planes, player A could not fly on that server despite owning all the necessary content. I would imagine most servers will update to 5.0 so any players not purchasing Tobruk will get left behind without much multiplayer especially considering the small playerbase and they won't be able to enjoy even just the Battle of Britain content in MP. Is there a technical reason that the game has to be split into two versions? Of course if there is then it makes sense from the TFS developers point of view. However, it seems like the best option from the player point of view is to allow people who don't buy Tobruk to fly in version 5.0 with the Torbuk and 1941 content locked out until they purchase the expansion.
  11. Agree with SYN_Skydance! I've been following this game for a while (since before it was called Vanguard) and would love to see it get funded. If you are interested and like WWII games give it a pledge!
  12. E-4/N pilots load mine shells, zoom climb to space, and WEP out of dodge to win. E-1 pilots create strong gravity fields around their aircraft that cause other aircraft to crash. This is because of the immense size and mass of E-1 pilots' balls.
  13. Haha, when I said "UBs" the "s" was meant to mean "multiple UB machine guns" not the S type of the gun. I didn't even know they had multiple types of UB guns!
  14. Yes it would be nice if 1C would email out the TF dev diaries like they do for BoX. Also they should upload some of the TF updates to their channel. I'll surely be making more CloD cinematics for 5.0 when that comes out.
  15. Haven't TF stated repeatedly that it is their policy to not announce release dates?
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