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  1. That's great news! One of the long-standing CloD AI issues, a fix would really help a lot. Hats off to the programmer(s) who managed to unearth that one!
  2. The 4K skins look awesome! Will all of the skins that come with the game be updated to 4k?
  3. The one thing is, disabling head shake also disables the shaking you get when you have engine damage. Maybe it could be locked on for engine damage or a different sort of cockpit vibration can be added in for the engine damage?
  4. Hey Kintaro, I have made MANY CloD videos over the years. This one for example was made in 2016 and I think it's some of my best work. There are many more on my channel. My workflow is essentially as follows: 1. Fly the mission and record an ingame track file. Mysticpuma mentions that this is bugged but for me 95% of the time it works great - some issues are ship locations sometimes not working properly, jittery aircraft, and once I had bombs staying visible after they had dropped. But usually it works very well. 2. I use OBS to record my screen while watching the track. I turn on the recording, then as I watch the track, I pause frequently to change views and set up my next camera shot. I will often go through the track file and record multiple times to get the shots I want, since there is no rewind function. 3. Now I have a video file (or multiple) that has short bits of the track playing from the view I chose, and lots of paused moments where I am changing view. I load this file into my video editor of choice (in my case Adobe Premiere - this is a rather premium option but there are other options for cheap or free, I suggest DaVinci Resolve for an amazing free option). I cut out all the silent paused sections of video and then connect all the remaining footage. At this point I'll have a rough cut of all the shots I took, in order. Here though is where you let your creative side shine, I will delete and trim a lot of my clips and match the edit to follow the intensity of whatever music I've chosen. I will also crop or adjust some clips, play around with the audio, add in any extra effects or voice lines, etc. This is very time consuming but it is where your video will go from being a collection of shots into something you can really be proud of. If you watch the video I posted above, I needed 4 different track files - one of the initial german bomber attack, 2 of the Blenheim raid (one had an additional Blenheim flown by a 2nd pilot that was used as a flying camera, then one with only one Blenheim for other external shots where you wouldn't want another plane to be seen), and a final track of the Blenheim returning home. I had set up a multiplayer server and had 2 other pilots helping me by flying the other planes. Then I recorded shots from all those tracks and did the edit, and tracked in the voice lines. I made another movie (Boomer Blitz, on my channel) that had live TeamSpeak audio in the background - however, the teamspeak recording was about an hour long and the video ended up being just ~5 minutes or so, I had to pick and choose bits from the live audio that best matched with the movie I'd made from the edited tracks. One thing to remember is that it takes a long time - I easily spend 2-3 or more hours per each minute of the final product on a video like these. But just keep at it and you'll be surprised at how fun it is. I make these videos for fun, not for views or comments, those are just a bonus. Sorry this got a bit lengthy but there are so many possibilities when it comes to making movies in this sim. I hope I did a decent job of explaining my workflow. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you end up producing!
  5. Yup! was my mistake! I hope I didn't damage him too badly. My apologies, it was totally an avoidable error.
  6. Going live very soon for the Italian Wings event!
  7. This is a confirmed bug as far as I am aware. The reticle itself won't change shape or size when moving your head due to it being focused on infinity, that's why it works as a gunsight in the first place and always shows where your guns will point no matter where your head is.
  8. All I would add is the BR20 since we don't have the SM79 in CloD.
  9. Absolutely peppered a 109! I love the accuracy of the bullet holes in the CloD DM. Trying some level bombing on the Battleships - not shown are the many many attempts that did not result in a hit at all! Its hard to find a better looking German plane than a grey-nosed 109. Nice screens.
  10. I would have to agree . . . with the previous post above yours - the Zero is a bit funny looking. Not sleek, odd canopy, stubby nose, far less elegant than a Spitfire - but it doesn't look brutish enough to look as cool as something like a Hurricane or Focke-Wulf. Good plane though. Just not a looker.
  11. Somewhat agree about the 2nd wave. Ideally the 2 waves should be almost at the same time so you fight one and then the other quickly, or they should be farther apart so you have time to land, rearm, and fly again. 41 Sqn was able to get organized again and intercept the He-111s together, but it was only because most of us had been shot down or damaged in the first raid - if we had taken our time to land again we would have probably missed the bombers. We only found them by chance.
  12. One would say, the E4/N. But I had luck on my side the other day on Operation Relinquish. Check out the cinematic:
  13. Hi there skinners,I'm currently making historical skins for the RAF planes in the Italian Wings Battle of Britain event. My main goal with these skins is to get more correct marking letters than the default CloD markings. I am using Major Setback's template photoshop files and fonts.Now, my question is, where do you guys find reference images and photos? I've just been trying my best in Google images but it's hard to find what I need and the few books I have here at uni don't have many photos, sadly I forgot to bring my copies of a few volumes of the excellent Battle of Britain combat archive.Currently I am looking for references for 64 Sqn, 41 Sqn, 56 Sqn, and 501 Sqn in July 1940 (so without the roundels on the bottom of the wings).
  14. Just a simple mission, singleplayer 109 escorting Stukas to Dover. Smashed up some Hurricanes though!
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