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  1. Agree with SYN_Skydance! I've been following this game for a while (since before it was called Vanguard) and would love to see it get funded. If you are interested and like WWII games give it a pledge!
  2. E-4/N pilots load mine shells, zoom climb to space, and WEP out of dodge to win. E-1 pilots create strong gravity fields around their aircraft that cause other aircraft to crash. This is because of the immense size and mass of E-1 pilots' balls.
  3. Haha, when I said "UBs" the "s" was meant to mean "multiple UB machine guns" not the S type of the gun. I didn't even know they had multiple types of UB guns!
  4. Yes it would be nice if 1C would email out the TF dev diaries like they do for BoX. Also they should upload some of the TF updates to their channel. I'll surely be making more CloD cinematics for 5.0 when that comes out.
  5. Haven't TF stated repeatedly that it is their policy to not announce release dates?
  6. Wow, that 109 looks beautiful! Hopefully we can see the Spit V soon as well. Is that the first completely new aircraft implemented into CloD by TF? (Not a variant made flyable like E4/late or the Beaufighter or Gladiator or Welly.) Congratulations TF, I really hope you guys can pick up the schedule of development and PR updates to breathe some more live into the sim.
  7. Ok, "Target Version" being when it was discovered is good, I also assumed that it was the goal to have it fixed by said patch. Maybe rename "Target Version" to "Discovered Version"?
  8. Wew that Dora looks like a beast. I wonder if it will be as hard to fly/fight with as the one in DCS.
  9. Here's a short tutorial on how to set up and utilise the gyro sights in the Spitfire.
  10. It's the design of the tracers. The American .50s don't leave smoke because of the compound. Early British .303 rounds left smoke (because of the phosphorous in the tracer that exited out a hole in the side of the bullet AFAIK) but they switched later in the war to not leave smoke. MG-FF tracers left smoke for sure, not sure if the MG17 tracers did or not IRL. I was doing some research on this for CloD but I could only really find a definitive answer for the .303 British rounds.
  11. What's the high gear horsepower for the Merlin 61 and 63 though? I know the 70 will be better at high alts, but is the 61 better at high alts than the 66?
  12. I was under the impression that even though the 66 was better at low alt, it was still as good as the regular Merlin at all altitudes (although I think that was compared to the 61 not the 63) so the LF version was basically a straight upgrade compared to the F.
  13. Well I've been able to win a few times now. I think the boost really helps and I have just been getting the hang of the 109. You have to be gentler than you do with the Spitty but I've found that if you need it to it will turn tight as well. Still think the Spit is a lot easier to win as though.
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