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  1. It didn't serve in NA as far as I know but it was succeeded by the Humber Armoured Car which did. I guess mission builders could use the Guy as a sort of replacement for the Humber. It's not like you can tell the difference from in the air anyway.
  2. It is. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23439&p=243683&viewfull=1#post243683
  3. My favourite 109 is the E-1. It's the lightest one and for some reason it's fun to be the underdog flying with only MGs. Second favourite is definitely the F-2. Again, it basically flies like an F-4 but it's fun to use the 15mm as a "sniper" weapon going for pilot kills. For the 190 the A-3 is an obvious choice but the A-8 is a beast for other reasons. It's an absolute unit.
  4. Can you just use the default skin and use the built-in markings to get the correct letters for the squadron?
  5. Germany did also have explosive rounds for the 13mm MG131.
  6. Not a TF dev nor am I Sokol1 but the airfield spawn point can choose to limit the country of the spawn point if they want to. Good design is to have seperate spawn in points for Italian and German planes, and lock each of those spawns to that country. If you have Italian and German planes at the same base, then it's best to leave the country of the spawn point open. So it is most likely just a mission design error. Not a bug, it's an intended feature. But in general mission builders should follow the above principle.
  7. I'm prettu sure that the original game prior to the TF patches will not run on Windows 8 or Windows 10.
  8. Not getting sounds when you're hit has been a long standing bug in CloD that only happens sometimes. It only happens with large caliber ammo like 20mm and above. If you get shot at by a Spitfire's 8 MGs you'll hear it going absolutely nuts. The hit flashes are there but only on certain ammunition types. Observer/Beobachtung rounds make small grey puffs but are not very effective at damaging planes. The "De Wilde" incendiaries make very small white/yellow flashes, I'm pretty sure incediary rounds from other machine guns have similar properties. 20mm exposive shells make black puffs similar to a flak burst - but these effects are much smaller than you might see in IL2 GB. You can customise your ammo belts if you make your own mission files or if you fly online, I like to use a mix of AP and Incendiaries (de Wildes for the .303s) on MGs and as many explosive shells as possible in the 20mm cannons - the M-Geschoss shells are no joke.
  9. Only need one bullet to wound you or disable your engine. The cockpit visual damage is a bit of a different one - this type of damage does not accurately represent the individual location of each bullet - it's just a simple "cockpit damage -> show the cockpit instrument panel all messed up" so if your gunsight is gone and there are a bunch of holes in your canopy and instruments that may have been just one bullet and it might have wounded you too. It is possible that sometimes bullet holes fail to appear on the external view. But in general it is pretty darn close.
  10. It's to do with the caliber of your shots. Cannon shots do way more damage of course. I think that many other flight sims have made us believe that there should be way more bullet holes than there actually would be, since usually there are just decals applied to "left wing light damage", "left wing heavy damage" etc - whereas CloD puts a single hole at each impact - odds are you're just not hitting your enemy with that many shots. You can see at the end of a singleplayer mission (not all the time for some reason) your shots fired/shots hit ratio. I've had occasions where I've killed a plane with less than 10 bullets hit for example. If you do get a good burst in with small caliber MG, you WILL see more bullet holes - but it will still probably look like a small scattering of small holes - because that's what actually happened. No huge bursts like you see on the Spitfire - that's because the Spit is getting shot at by a 109 with 20mm mine shells - when you're hitting the 109 it's with 303s. Now with the Spit cannons you will see larger holes on the 109 as well similar to what you can see on the Spit. Nothing wrong with the visual DM I don't think. People just expect to see more carnage than is actually there because of what every other sim does.
  11. I believe it works like this from a game point of view: The control rods (on both wings) are flagged in the damage model as "aileron control" - so if it's damaged, you'll get the message "aileron control destroyed". In CloD there are no separate damage types like "left aileron control destroyed" or "right aileron control destroyed". It then simulates the loss of the control axis by freezing that axis in place - so if you're in a hard right roll, your ailerons are now stuck in the full right posision. If you have the control input in an info window that shows the axes you can see this is the case. Earlier today my elevator got disabled while I was pulling up, I tried to settle the plane down using trim but it wasn't enough and I had to bail. I don't think this is realisitc, I think the control should be frozen in place at the neutral position, you would imagine that the aerodynamic forces on a control surface with a broken cable or rod would push it back to centre. So to answer your question, it is a damage model limitation that means that both ailerons are lost at the same time since there is no separate damage type for left and right ailerons disabled.
  12. TF already added the D520 for some rudimentary Battle of France scenarios, the map is already there, RAF fighter types are there, and German types are already there. They have said they would like to add it at some point but it seems unlikely. They'd need to add some British light bombers like the Battle, and more French types. CloD in general has more in depth systems, clicky pits, damage model is better when it comes to components (control wires, fabric fires, different parts of the engine, etc) but not structural damage, way more in depth engine modelling and no silly engine timers. I get that lots of GB players don't like CloD - personally I have and enjoy both - but I just think that 1C wouldn't make any content that would overlap with their own competing sim. I wouldn't expect sicily soon, maybe Malta though? Or operation Torch, along with a 42 expansion for the channel with the 190 Mk. Vc, Dieppe raid kinda stuff.
  13. I voted for Finland because it's early war, fits in with some already existing aircraft in the series and is relatively uncommon. But Pacific is probably the best bet for the GB series. Leave France, Britain, and the Med to CloD.
  14. I believe the TrueSky system includes new environmental lighting so I would bet on the graphics of the sky and sunset and night sky being updated as well. Should be an exciting fall once it is implemented.
  15. It's definitely a known issue, I'm not part of TFS but it's been like that since the initial release. If anything it is the 109 (and 110) controls that are reversed, not the Spit/Hurri. In fact all planes other than the 109/110 and maybe some other german types have the same type of control, a %based control that is max rpm (on constant speed props like the Spitfire Ia or the G50 or the Stuka) or fine pitch (on variable pitch props, for example the DH Hurricane or the Blenheim) at 100% and low rpm or coarse pitch at 0%. The 109 prop is different because rather than being an axis that can be moved quickly from 0% to 100%, or a two position switch between fine and coarse such as the DH Hurris, it is a 2 position switch that has an increase or decrease option - this is why you can't see a % for your prop in the 109, it only lets you know whether it's going up or down or static and you have to look at the clock dial. Now why this control is reversed compared to all of the others, I have no idea.
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