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  1. Fly the other side occasionally! It helps your main side flying as well, you discover the capabilities strengths and weakness of you enemy. WW2 pilots would have given half their arm to fly the enemies planes a few times just to know them better. Only a few test pilot had that opportunity and mainly only after the war.
  2. The objective on the map you have to destroy compensates this as much as possible, Russian targets have more hp and more objects have to be killed before the objective is complete. German objectives are more tightly packed, have less objects and less hp, so approximately similar number of missions have to be flown for both sides to kill objectives.
  3. No no, I'm not talking about streaming. I'm talking about a mission map for the server , what TAW or the Finnish or Cockout's servers have.
  4. I have 3 monitors and if I put the game on full screen it just looks amazing. Peripheral vision really helps in combat situations, and seeing a horizon on the side monitors during intensive maneuvering makes a huge difference in situational awareness. The problem is that in case of a 3 monitor system a UI is placed on the edges of the 2 side monitor making it hard to check, but the bigger problem is the map, it is extremely stretched and zoomed in beyond the point of usability. This prevent me to play on 3 monitors. I would suggest in case of really wide aspect ratios t
  5. Please implement a simple waiting queue when joining multiplayer servers. It can get frustrating trying to join a popular server when it just restarted a new mission and 80 pll want to get in at the same time. A players might need 10 or more minutes constantly trying to join to find themselves back in the menu. Also I can imagine this generates a wasteful amount of internet traffic and might bog down master and dserver performance from the constant join spam. Current join limit does not need to change, I happily wait that 10 min in queue, just put player in a queue a
  6. Hi, probably stupid question and was answered but I just could not find the info. How do you make a map and get a link that others can use that displays the current mission on a server ? I guess you put down all the icons as in the mission then share it somehow? I would like to make a map similar to TAW or the Finnish or Cockout's servers have. How do you do that ? thx and excuse my stupidity if this is something trivial 😄
  7. On discord there is a channel with links to all the skins, you can download them from there.
  8. I'm new to IL-2 and first thing I noticed is that the time a object is rendered I'm already in combat situation. The rendering range is so too small. If I'm at 6km Alt I can't even spot huge ships in the water in time, and lets not even mention aircraft. The current range should be at least doubled Imho. my 2c
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