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  1. sry silly question but what do you mean by these "-32"" values? Thank you for your replies, will watch the video!
  2. Hi, I'm new to P-47 and not very experienced with CEM in general. I've come across few issues when flying P-47 online. First of all, how does the fuel mixture work on this plane? I know the basics: the higher you fly, the lower the mixture. But on P-47 it seems to be quite weird compared to other manual mixture planes i've flown. When flying the jug the game asks me to drop the mixture like under 500m below 90%, but from there, it doens't seem to care about it at all. I can fly with 85% setting in 6k without the warning signal popping up. Or at least i haven't noticed it once. Does anyone have any specific numbers on what mixture setting should i use at certain altitudes? Another one is the propeller RPM, this one's quite weird for me as well. How close to the redline should I set the RPM when wanting to have maximum acceleration and speed? When flying level with 100% RPM, 100% turbo and 100% power the engine already hits the redline, but the green area is way behind and requires some 70% or so to stay in to. Is this green area the cruise area, and if so, what's the optimal RPM for speed and acceleration? How does the boost affect this? The boost obviously boosts the RPM, so which RPM should I aim with the boost? And for the last, the engine cooling. I read somewhere that I should keep the engine cowl flaps near closed when in combat, and that i should keep the oil cooler open mostly only when climbing, and stick to the lower % when in combat. I usually climb with 100% and reduce it to 40% when in level flight/combat. but for the second time today when i found and enemy in 20,000ft and went after him, i chased him for like 5 minutes with boost on and suddenly my engine just cuts off and i notice the oil warning light. This happened on KOTA server both times - on berloga where we fly lower it hasn't happened once even though i think my engine management should be the same. Any tips on when and how much % oil cooler and cowl flaps should i use? Thanks, S!
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