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  1. Advice is appreciated. I am just trying to be clear what I am looking for. I have, in other games, joined squads that just were not active, run poorly, or otherwise just not what I was looking for. So in this post, it is all about me and what I am looking for. When I find a squad to join, it will be all about the squad. Normally there is a squad chain of command of sorts and I will follow the structure they have in place. I don't expect to join a group and have the whole group change to meet my needs, that would really be stupid. I expect to grow into their mold.
  2. Me, formation flying not my strongest subject. I have been flying IL2 3 weeks now. Looking for group to fly with. Active please. I fly almost daily. Need group that can also help me improve my aircraft handling skills. You, Must have common sense. For example, if you're the flight lead, don't fly the plane at max sustainable speed and expect me to catch up. I am tired of blowing motors to try to catch up. If you're flying lead, I will be watching for planes while you navigate so no wild moves uncommunicated or I may lose you as I am constantly looking around and only checking your position. Also, communicate. It is real easy, just speak. Yes, I may seem like a cynical ass but only because these are issues I have been running into more often than not. I think, I evaluate, and I expect the same of others and would prefer you to be better than me so I can learn as I am just not yet very good. I am not arrogant, cocky, and listen well. Eager to learn. American is my first preference, I love the P51 and P38. German is ok. I hate the Russian planes. I can and will fly British. Prefer fighters, not bombers. I have been as straight forward as I can. I should mention, I am in Florida, USA. So that's my time zone. Also, hopefully getting VR soon if that matters at all. Should also mention, I have SRS for Combat box, I am registered for TAW servers, and have discord comms. Teamspeak can also be added if needed.
  3. When I registered I didn't realize I would only be able to fly Russian junk on the allies side. So I would like to be German. Is this possible?
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