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  1. EVERYBODY is on one side or the other on this debate it seems. But it HAS been said it will be investigated. No, they haven't said there is an issue, no they haven't said they will fix it. But they did say they will look into it. So my suggestion is to let them and just see where it goes. I myself have missed many of the posts in the other threads and missed some of the replies and was frustrated at what appeared to be a complete lack of concern on the devs part about it. That's my bad. so for now, lets just practice patients and let them do their jobs. I am only posting this so others can see
  2. This is the typical response I usually see to a well thought out, respectful argument. It is also the reason so many people are bitter about the subject. Nobody expects a instant fix. They just expect it to be admitted that there is an issue and a future plan to fix it. Seems reasonable to me. What doesn't seem reasonable is to expect people to pay for the expansion pack that includes the American planes they have always loved just to find out the planes have no teeth and then be happy about their purchase.
  3. My preference of plane is American or German fighter. What I need. First, actually fly. This is a very beneficial part of the squad. Otherwise, joining is pointless. Second, actually fly IL2. Also works out best given the forum this is posted in. Third, have some people with some ability to actually fly and think at the same time. I have joined 3 squads. First one was in Europe. Schedule didn't work. Second one, they just never fly. Almost literally. Third one, i spend more time looking for lost pilots than the enemy or target. It's really not th
  4. Some realistic engine performance would be nice. Since I fly in VR, I don't have a stop watch to tell me when your timebomb is going to go off and seize the engine. What I do have is gauges. And the engine in the P-40 is modeled like trash. Perhaps consult some aircraft mechanics on how the engines really perform and act.
  5. My suggestion to you and every other game developer is to stop releasing flawed additions to your games. My other suggestion is for people to stop buying them until they are released in a working fashion. I am tired of spending my money on broken crap. I can't possibly be the only one tired of throwing away money on broken crap. So I suggest A; the Developers start actually getting things to work before they release it and B; people stop spending money on developers who can't release things that work. And yes what I am mainly referring to is your dysfunctional damage model fo
  6. And if it was just a hollow skin they were shooting at that would all make sense. But what you're failing to take into account is the structure, fuel tanks, engine, and all the other objects inside of the skin.
  7. So, when are you geniuses finally gonna actually fix the 50 cal ammo? I don't know if you realize this, but the Americans actually DID have incendiary rounds in the 50. I am real sick and tired of you devs for every game company rolling out crap that is wrong or just doesn't work. Its just LAZY and STUPID. And you're not the only company. But Youtubers have made videos clearly showing your design is crap. Especially when compared to REAL WW2 COMBAT FOOTAGE. Now I realize, you may have never seen actual footage, but it was NOT REQUIRED to unload the equivalent of 2 full plane loadout to shoot
  8. I would prefer to fly the P-51 ideally. But ultimately, I just want a squad that actually flies. I am really sick and tired of flying solo. I am in a squad and still flying solo. Maybe twice a month my squad seems to fly. They're cool guys but just not active. I myself don't really play a lot of other games. And if I do it's because I am sick of flying solo in IL2. I try to wing up but consistently, the wingman bails or something and again, I am solo. Is it really so hard to find someone wanting to fly fighters? Or do I have to switch to German just to find people?
  9. Can't do much because they hardly ever fly. Might just trash the game.
  10. Advice is appreciated. I am just trying to be clear what I am looking for. I have, in other games, joined squads that just were not active, run poorly, or otherwise just not what I was looking for. So in this post, it is all about me and what I am looking for. When I find a squad to join, it will be all about the squad. Normally there is a squad chain of command of sorts and I will follow the structure they have in place. I don't expect to join a group and have the whole group change to meet my needs, that would really be stupid. I expect to grow into their mold.
  11. Me, formation flying not my strongest subject. I have been flying IL2 3 weeks now. Looking for group to fly with. Active please. I fly almost daily. Need group that can also help me improve my aircraft handling skills. You, Must have common sense. For example, if you're the flight lead, don't fly the plane at max sustainable speed and expect me to catch up. I am tired of blowing motors to try to catch up. If you're flying lead, I will be watching for planes while you navigate so no wild moves uncommunicated or I may lose you as I am constantly looking around and only checking your
  12. When I registered I didn't realize I would only be able to fly Russian junk on the allies side. So I would like to be German. Is this possible?
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