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  1. In career, a couple of times I damaged AI aircraft enough that they crash landed. If I turn on icons then the active enemy icon kind of stays on the ground for a while, then disappears. These things don't count as victory I guess?
  2. May I ask what altitude you typically start at and when you pull out?
  3. This makes me wonder what the existing tune radio to allied/axis control is supposed to do?
  4. Anyone care to share any tips? I found a lot of discussions on interesting historical material but not much that helps me practically in the game. Without Stuvi sight are you supposed to just eyeball it like in a fighter? Is the default sight even useful for dive bombing?
  5. For example when returning from a sortie does it tune in to your home base or just the closest NDB?
  6. I've used that, but they would only be attached to airbases not some random drop location out in the wild. Yet another question...does anyone have an idea about the fuel consumption? Some ballpark liter per km figure?
  7. Any tricks to navigating at night when you can't make out land features very well?
  8. Appreciate all the advice guys! With some practice I don't spin out as much now, though on first landing of course I immediately forgot about the 25% throttle rule. 😅 Are you supposed to use rudder at all while taxiing? As many have said the authority is tiny compared to the wheel-brake-linked-throttle, and it gets a little awkward physically to apply rudder and toe brake at the same time. For now I'm mostly using quick taps of the wheel/toe brakes and watching the slip indicator like a hawk. Taxiing can be taxing I guess, though the bus handles beautifully once airborne. Moving on to other topics...I started a career but the mission variety seems to be pretty lacking. Am I right that there are basically only three built-in career mission types: cargo delivery, cargo paradrop, and troop paradrop? The last one I've yet to see once. Haven't had time to learn PWCG yet. Is there more variety there for Ju-52? Part of the reason that convinced me to buy this plane is this very atmospheric video of a night op. This must be a custom made mission right? In vanilla do they use trucks and flares to guide you to the runway in the dark? The other part was I figured I could focus on learning to fly and navigation before getting into the shooty parts. AFN works great for finding home, though I appear to have zero course-keeping skill. 😅 Coming from some XP11 experience, I find that BOX's map is a lot easier to use, far as matching visual features go, compared to VFR charts from that game.
  9. Not sure if serious...more than the lack of explanation for what each control does and whether some can be bound to the same buttons without issue, I'm more concerned about the lack of built-in profile management, which is just a glaring lack in any serious simulator.
  10. Dunno if this is the place to ask but can someone explain to me how to taxi in a straight line? I have wheel brakes mapped to toe brakes in my peddles, and I understand that they are essentially throttle controls for L/R engines. What I don't understand is why the plane keeps on turning in a circle long after I've let go of the "brake" on one side. If both engines are at equal throttle, and wheel brakes are no longer engaged, shouldn't the plane move forward in a semi-straight line? Yet I have to constantly compensate in the other direction and can basically only taxi like a snake. Rudder seems to have very minimal effect on the ground. I have enough dead zone so it should never trigger toe brake accidentally.
  11. How do you deal with the overwhelming amount of controls and incredulously the lack of any built-in save/load control profile function? 🙄 Are you supposed to tab-out of the game and manually rename input files when you switch planes? I mean it's seriously hard to have one profile that's optimal for all planes. Even ROF had this function! I'm lucky I came across the key mapping guide referenced in this thread, which helpfully explains controls that don't conflict etc. Otherwise even two HOTASes won't have enough buttons...
  12. I have this problem too in RoF. The JoyID utility that's often mentioned is probably outdated, as I find it has no effect. As a workaround, at least for RoF, you can manually replace the joy# references in an exported input profile with what the game identifies it as now and then re-import that profile. RoF is the only flight sim game I have that has this problem, so it must have something to do with how the game code names controllers not necessarily intrinsic to Windows 10.
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