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  1. Thanks Pegg00, this is a perfect solution!
  2. Not exactly, In IL2-1946 there was "SightView". It is the same as if in BoS you would lean your hear almost all the way forward centered on the sight, and applied a little zoom. You could still see the upper part of the "dashboard" on the cockpit, a little to the sides thru the front window, etc. It was exactly as seeing the sight up close, with a little zoom. But made with a single key press, instead of having to "steer" your head into the sight using controls for each movement. I will try to make a custom snap view for it. thanks guys Yes, exactly. That was a different (cheaty) view hehe. Yep, Numpad 5, followed by head forward, and a little zoom get the same result. Now its only a matter of saving it as a quick snapview. OT: YAY! i just completed my first "full" mission in BoS. taking off, destroying some ground targets, returning and landing. While continuing to have a pulse, no bulletholes and a complete aircraft hehe.
  3. Hello everybody, new player here. I have a little experience with IL2 1946, and i recall that there i had a "gunsight view" where if i pressed the Delete key, my view would "snap" to the gunsight for accurate aiming, and then pressing End would return me to normal view. Now on IL-2 Bos/BoM i cant seem to find such a view. Sure i can "manually" manouver my head to lean forward, look at the sight, zoom in, etc. But it would be nice to have a one-key quick view of it like i had in 1946. Is the Quicksight view not in BoS, or have i just completely missed it? thanks!
  4. Hello, new player here. Any chance of releasing a version of this campaign that doesnt require BoM? This campaign looks very interesting, but i just bought the game (BoS), and cannot afford BoM yet
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