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  1. It is worse while online, but I also see it happen some offline. Not nearly as smooth as before even with 60fps
  2. I am running into same issues and nothing I do seems to help. Makes the game unplayable for me sadly
  3. =FI=Rambo

    Tactical Air War

    My issue has been stability of server, joined 3 times and every time server crashed. Made me feel like I was wasting my time. That and most people I fly with are not active there or are flying blue.
  4. =FI=Rambo

    P40 Guncam - beast of America -

    Nice video! thanks!
  5. =FI=Rambo

    MC 202 Guncam

    Wonderful video! Good shooting!
  6. =FI=Rambo

    Why We Fly What We Fly

    LAGG3 by far. not the best at anything but good at everything. and laser 23mm!!!
  7. =FI=Rambo

    Developer Diary, Part 146 - Discussion

    I am guessing next week sometime
  8. =FI=Rambo

    I-16 vs 109 E-17

    From my experience flying E7 V i16 the E7 has the advantage in a sustained slow speed knife fight and i16 has the advantage as long as he does not get low and slow.
  9. =FI=Rambo

    How do you define cheater?

    A cheater? no not in my eyes at least, I have flown with and against you many times. Some days you have my number like anyone else and some days I have yours. We have fought many battles all of which were great in my eyes and nothing ever seems out of the ordinary in our engagements. other pilots are able to put up the amount of kills you do just not as often. Accuracy on targets is probable cause.
  10. =FI=Rambo


    Hi Adam great to see you here. Looking forward to flying with and against you! S!
  11. =FI=Rambo

    Tactical Air War

    https://www.twitch.tv/firambo97/v/99222644 fun in the PE-2!
  12. =FI=Rambo

    Tactical Air War

    I do fine above 4k fighting 109s and the lone he111s
  13. =FI=Rambo

    Tactical Air War

    That is a real shame, but thank you for the info and all the hard work you have put in