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  1. I think the biggest problem is that there is no hyper lobby style interface to coordinate and corral players into different servers. When WOL goes down a lot of players just call it a night or migrate to other servers, but since there is no method for everyone to communicate from the server list screen there is no way to know which or direct players to these servers. Fortunately I believe Jason was talking about adding something like this to IL2 BOX in the future. P.S. I have been subbed to Magz for awhile now so I would love to check out the Unprofessionals server, is there a common night when you guy's get together to fly?
  2. I'm looking for a English speaking squadron to fly with on the axis side, I only have BOS so far so I will be limited to Stukas and He-111's for the first few maps. Please pm me if you have a open slot for a fairly green pilot, cheers!
  3. Thanks for the info everyone, I don't have the cash to pick up BOM at the moment as money is pretty tight, but I do plan to pick it up in the future so I'll hopefully get in on the next go around for TAW.
  4. Just registered on the website but I have a question, will I be able to participate in the campaign if I only own battle of stalingrad?
  5. I keep getting redirected to the screen that says I have too many requests coming from my IP, what gives?
  6. My favorite part of that video was the guy running away at the end, like screw this I'm outta here lol.
  7. Mute the sound for N8's video ( I know it's amazing all on its own) and let the song play through. It's almost as if they were made to go together from the outset, I'll post links to both videos below. X Ambassadors song - N8's video Fly in Together - Enjoy!
  8. TEN is the only mp server I fly on, the ping for me is in the 50-40's, all the pilots I have run into have been really nice and helpful, even on the enemy side. I enjoy flying on the server even when its not populated with very many people, I like to take that time to familiarize myself with the map and practice my gunnery.
  9. P.S. Since I can no longer edit my above post, I really only noticed bad turbulence while climbing through the clouds, after that I didn't really notice it having much of an effect on my aim. I was going after ground targets so I was pretty low to the ground, I don't know if it very's with altitude or not.
  10. I was flying on the EN server late last week, I had never tried the cross wind landing mission, and have never attempted a cross wind landing in any other sim either. So here I was in my Pe-2 heading back from a bombing run, beat to hell, one engine left as the other gave out half way home, damaged rudder and a broken elevator. I had one shot at the landing, pushing engine No.2 to it very limits just to stay in the air, almost stalled her trying to make the last turn to line up with the runway. My heart was pumping, hands sweating, and with the cross wind I was coming in at what seemed like almost a 45 degree angle. I did not have high hopes of getting her on the ground in one piece, but to my utter and complete surprise she straightened out just as the wheels were about the hit, and although it was a ruff landing, I did it. I was shocked, no way did I really just pull that off! I sat back, drank a long swig of my almost warm beer and smiled. It was the most intense moment I had ever had playing not just a sim, but any video game EVER!
  11. I've have a bit of stuttering, but I have also been crashing to desktop after this last update, happened twice in about 5hrs of play on the TWB server.
  12. Thank you! I normally have to search all over the place to get all this info, having it in one simple pdf is a life saver. +1
  13. I should have read the whole post, sorry I thought it was your own video for a min. Found the song title though incase anyone wanted to know, its Deathbeds by Bring Me The Horizon.
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