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  1. Sunday's JU52 mission We lost 3 out of 11. Don't straggle!
  2. The Stuka Horizontal Stabilizer had a four position lever to adjust the angle of the entire tailplane. This prevented the pilot from having to use trim to get through all the stages involved in a dive bomb attack. It would be awesome to have in our Stuka. As is we have to do extreme deviations in pitch trim to optimize our performance. It works ok but it's another compromise. And yes I did mix up BoX and CLOD with the Afrika comment, but rather intentionally.
  3. I heard some talk about Afrika. Wouldn't it be sweet to get a B model for that theatre and work it into the BoM Careers too? I want to fly the Stuka in the Moscow Campaign!
  4. It's be neet to have the bomb 'screamers' too, the little miniature organ pipes that made the bombs whistle on the way down. You can see them in the pic attached to the tail fins of some of the bombs. I still love flying the Stuka, just wish it had all these extra cool features.
  5. And the Variable incident tailplane...and starboard elevator trim tab, operates when you open the airbrake and causes the Stuka to angle down. All part of the Auto pull out dive system. Neet stuff but not in game.
  6. The Ju-87 is really fun. It doesn't have the contact altimeter working but it's still fun. It's a real challenge to be successful. The dive bomb attack kicks ass. It's slow, not very maneuverable in A to A combat and has a somewhat temperamental power plant, but can be managed with a little practice and knowing how it works. It's got a neet little bomb window, air brakes and a siren. You can mount BK 3.7's on the wings. What's not to love?
  7. It's time, we should have this. Not having it makes the Ju87 something else. It's such an integral part of this aircraft's dive bombing procedure.
  8. Hi Spidersky Log into your account: https://il2sturmovik.com/account/ and change it there. I think... Bobo
  9. Stuka squadron right here:
  10. Thanks Brother Pat...great pics of a great plane.
  11. Hi Old James. I wonder, are the guns firing when you don't hear them? Could be you need to cock them first, forget what the default keys are but they need to be cocked before they fire. Do you see gun flashes/tracers and don't hear guns?
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