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  1. Noticed CLOWNY went down so we (III./SG77) jumped on the new Coconut hardcore, great fun! Hope to see more action there. Does anyone have a stat/discord link for Coconut for poor old Bobo?
  2. Get in game, in your favorite tank, on the ground. Quick Mission's great for this. Push 'Esc'. Push 'Station Notes'. Much will be revealed Then click through the different positions. Each one gets a custom screen, key list and stuff like that! Very helpful it all is.
  3. That's true! I saved mine to the games folder after my re-install. Get it from your account page, the installer is 168 mb Thanks Gramps!!
  4. Hi Taxman, I'll try to help. First you need the IL2_setup_Great_Battles.exe file, that should be in your C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles folder. Save that file in a safe place along with your account, input, startup and skins/campaign/career stuff you want to carry over. Then uninstall the game. Once uninstalled, re-install it with the IL2_setup_Great_Battles.exe file you tucked away. Run the launcher and it will update to current. Then replace all your saved files you tucked away and resume playing. You say you have room for a second install. If doing the above makes you feel insecure, use the IL2_setup_Great_Battles.exe file to do a second install, then transfer your vital info to the second install, then uninstall the original or try to fix it. Good luck and have fun! It just takes some time.
  5. Hello Sir! We train new pilots. We have trained many pilots and turned them into absolute killing machines. And had fun doing it. It's Luftwaffe only, no allied planes, and furthermore it's only 109, 190 or Stuka. Best training happens in Stuka unit We have many EST pilots, all mature folks and really a great group to fly with. 6 Luftflotte https://luftflotte6.ipbhost.com/ Have a look and fill out an application if you like.
  6. The MSFFB Sidewinder works best with BoX if you use a powered USB hub. I had many problems till I plugged it into the USB hub and now it works perfect.
  7. I've been trying to introduce the 'Triad' to my squads training night. It's a great skill to have. All the stuff I learned at JO helped me in all my flight-sims and brought a much deeper enjoyment whenever I fly any of them.
  8. I did it, it was a treat! You had great instructors for 3 hour classes. Lots of note taking then flying. I recall three levels of ground school/basic before you advanced to fighter or bomber school. Then there was about three basic and three advanced levels of your chosen field. And you could do specific aircraft training offline and get credit. Yep, it was awesome. I even still have a pic of the training field and all the course docs.
  9. My advice when using MSFFB Sidewinder in BoX is plug into a powered USB hub. That solved all my problems. Maybe it'll help you too!
  10. I use an old MSFFB Sidewinder full force feedback stick and it's very good in game. As you say, fully utilized. What I don't know is if it will work with an XBox unit.
  11. Are there any TC squads yet? Need a ' Virtual Squadrons' sub-forum? If guys are fixin to squad up, I'll belly up with the wallet.
  12. ClownsDynCampaign is not very busy but it's the old Coconut style campaign. Fun but I think the maps roll to often. No icons but GPS
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