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  1. I also think the learning curve is a little step for new players and the "general tips" are not helpful enough. The training missions for "realistic" in WT gave me more insight of how to land a plane due to all the visual cues of when and how to turn, speed control, etc. I feel that is lacking in Great Battles which is way more complex, especially for the soviet planes.
  2. Sure, the 109 was the best plane in the war, but it was one of the last ones to reach the conflict, I think none was present in the battles of Madrid or the more decisive battle of Teurel. I used wrong words there, it wasn't that Germany had bad planes just that at that moment, Italian and Soviet planes had most of the action. And yes, lot's of biplanes, some of the best ever done and I like that. Another battle I would like to see too is about Greece as a player could progress from Gladiators and CR. 32 to better planes like the Hurricane and the Fiat G.50. There are also some pla
  3. If I understood correctly, by quantity we are talking about having more planes, then I think the devs should stay with quality for the Il-2 Series. In first place, I like to feel that each plane is different. I'm also a begginer in this and I tried to play chronologically with the B. of Moscu and that was enough for me to notice difference with other games. Learn to correctly pilot the I-16 was a challenge for me, because I'm used to more "arcade" sims. And then, the jump from the I-16 to the MiG-3 was huge, I found they were completely different aircraft and I was still struggling just to mak
  4. I'm trying to download the template, but BT Cloud says "This shared resource seems to be empty, looks like the owner removed the content". Do I need an account to download or something similar?
  5. About the 3 second fuze. Is there an ideal altitude to launch them? Does the fuze starts the moment I drop the bomb or after it hits the ground?
  6. It would be great. I haven't bought it yet, but I wonder if we can, or could in the future, play in the Moscu/Stalingrad/Kuban maps in career mode, that would be awesome, and considering that the battlefields are smaller maybe get some local parts of Bagration and other battles. That way they could sell maps with vehicles that will also be usable for the planes without the need to add more planes. This could be awesome.
  7. Probably not, but it would be nice. BTW, did they add female voices if playing the U-2?
  8. I see that some like "Battle of Finland" or the PTO are one of the most requested, but I would think that people would like to see a "Battle of Britain" (probably the most famous airbattle of all the war) or a "Battle of Kursk" that despite being famous for being a tank/infantery battle, it did saw a lot of plane action, several aces were made and died, and also seems like the historical next step for the Great Battles series in the Eastern Front, before the "year of the 12 victories". Is there a reason for this?
  9. I share this confusion too. I noticed that the old il-2 1946 was another game, but the rest was very confusing. For exmple, I didn't know what actually Cliffs of Dover was, as it was older I thought first it was the "main game" of Il-2 for a short time, then I realized that "Battle of Stalingrad" was the main one so I got that one from Steam and later B of Moscu as it was sold as "an expansion", until later I realized the other battles and collector planes. What made it worse for me is a game called "IL-2 Surmovik: Wings of Prey" that was developed by Gaijin Entertainment between I
  10. Wait, wait, wait. People actually fly the MiG-3 voluntary in multiplayer? Wow, every day I'm learning something new around here.
  11. I have barely been a week posting in the forums and I see that there are lots and lots of mods, skins and other materials created by the community, which I find quite impressive. The community is quite alive. But find some of those materials needs time and even more time to explore them. I’ve been googling a little to find more mods but the main places to find them are here, in the forums and in mission4today. What it is worse, it is that sometimes links are dead (completely natural, as those are user’s cloud drives). Have you guys (as a community and as individuals) ever consider
  12. I wonder if we can ask the devs to make this as easy as it it to add skins or change the cabin photos. It would be nice to add more stories or countries.
  13. Where? How? and why is this not more widely known? I thought I missed things because I am new to the game but that doesn't seems to be the case. On topic, I completely agree because most of the time I have to interrupt my game because real life. Someone calls me, package deliver, a job urgency, the frikking seismic alarm and I just need to get out of the game quickly without waiting for the whole "refly" process, I just need to get out quick and the firsts times playing I did punched the "continue" button. I can't imagine how it is for those that play ironman as they don't even hav
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