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  1. I share this confusion too. I noticed that the old il-2 1946 was another game, but the rest was very confusing. For exmple, I didn't know what actually Cliffs of Dover was, as it was older I thought first it was the "main game" of Il-2 for a short time, then I realized that "Battle of Stalingrad" was the main one so I got that one from Steam and later B of Moscu as it was sold as "an expansion", until later I realized the other battles and collector planes. What made it worse for me is a game called "IL-2 Surmovik: Wings of Prey" that was developed by Gaijin Entertainment between IL-2 1946 and it is not even listed on this page or Shamrock list and I actually confused it with Cliffs of Dover. So yeah, weird.
  2. Wait, wait, wait. People actually fly the MiG-3 voluntary in multiplayer? Wow, every day I'm learning something new around here.
  3. I have barely been a week posting in the forums and I see that there are lots and lots of mods, skins and other materials created by the community, which I find quite impressive. The community is quite alive. But find some of those materials needs time and even more time to explore them. I’ve been googling a little to find more mods but the main places to find them are here, in the forums and in mission4today. What it is worse, it is that sometimes links are dead (completely natural, as those are user’s cloud drives). Have you guys (as a community and as individuals) ever considered to upload to dedicated mod pages like the mod database or nexus? It would be way easier to find those hidden gems and keep track of updates, also, the creators wouldn’t have to keep the file up.
  4. I wonder if we can ask the devs to make this as easy as it it to add skins or change the cabin photos. It would be nice to add more stories or countries.
  5. Where? How? and why is this not more widely known? I thought I missed things because I am new to the game but that doesn't seems to be the case. On topic, I completely agree because most of the time I have to interrupt my game because real life. Someone calls me, package deliver, a job urgency, the frikking seismic alarm and I just need to get out of the game quickly without waiting for the whole "refly" process, I just need to get out quick and the firsts times playing I did punched the "continue" button. I can't imagine how it is for those that play ironman as they don't even have that option. I remember that back in the 90's the X-Wing games had the option that if you died or got captured, you could revive your pilot but with your score reseted to zero and your rank down to flight officer. Maybe that could be implemented as a semi-iron man thing? I will back up my pilots anyway.
  6. BinakZaino


    Totally, with that done, we could team up and recreate whole countries and grand campaings from Finald to the Black Sea and from Moscu to Normandy via interconected maps. Well, in theory, such thing would take years, but we could recreate smaller things like Malta, Crete, maybe even Sicily.
  7. As far as I know, the main limit is the CPU rather than the GPU or the RAM, so I think it is the amount of active objects in the map, like AA emplacements, other planes (bomers like the Pe-2, especially), vehicles, etc., what really makes the game stutter and drop FPS. I use a and old i7-4790 and a GTX 1660 super and I manage to keep good FPS with VR, as long as I don't have 6+ bombers in front of me.
  8. Modern fighter pilots have much better equipment, like g-suits, better gas masks and especial training like having excellent phusical condition and tense the stomach. Without those things, I think most people would black out at 5-6 g, and couch potatos like me, probably at 3 or 4.
  9. If anything PTO related is out of limits, I would love to see a map set in the Spanish Civil War, maybe Madrid-Turel where the major battles and air combat took place. I think it would be interesting because it was that brief moment when biplanes were at their apex, monoplanes were still unproven, the Regia Aeronautica was master of the Sky, Germany had bad planes and was the prelude for ww2 in the west.
  10. Buen tutorial, gracias. También logré el efecto usando Paint 3D con lienzo, expandiendo a la derecha hasta lograr la relación 1x1 y de ahí logré un tono sepia con uno de esos sitios gratuitos: https://funny.pho.to/es/efecto-sepia-retro/ https://pinetools.com/es/efecto-sepia-imagen Aunque no queda el efecto tan bien como con el GIMP o algo más profesional. Luego lo convertí a dds con: https://www.aconvert.com/image/jpg-to-dds/ El efecto no queda ni de lejos igual de profesional, pero es más rápido.
  11. Siete minutos... me tomo 10 horas de juego aprender a aterrizar correctamente con viento a 5 m/s... -_-
  12. No le voy a mentir, sigo poniendo los juegos en inglés 😕 Ahora que si la siguiente Batalla la hacen en Madrid/Teurel pues...
  13. I would like to add to the group that like Elite because it is great in VR. I bought it and played it first with flat screen and didn't pick my interest, but once I got VR things changed a lot. Even the "hyperspace jumps" haven't got old and I've made literaly thousands of them. And visiting the rotating space stations is also stuning. About the drama, I have made a conjecture. Some of the fan base is the oposite of the No Man's Sky fan base. With that game, they delivered them crap but somehow the fans remained loyals, then they fixed the game and now they have become some kind of heroes for those fans and they hail their accomplishments despite they sold them, at first, a broken game with false promises (more a fault of SEGA, but still). A part of Elite's fan base is the opposite, they got what they were promised from the start, and they complained, they got more updates and features and they complained more, the fans demanded something to dain credits (as everyone has getting rich with mining), the devs delivered with upkeep for carriers and they complained again. About the ARX, it is not play to win at all, it is just for cosmetics: decals, cockpit bobble heads, colors for the ship, you can also earn up to 400 of them a week just for playing and actually got better than before when you paid directly for them, because if I wanted to paing my ship red, I had to buy the 6 color pack with 5 colors I didn't want, now with the ARX I can buy only the red paint. The big problem with elite are gankers (a very complex topic), the feeling of "ocean big, an inch deep" and an eternal griding, but it's not as bad as it sounds.
  14. I think it is fine right now, taking care of tiredness while flying sounds more like a chore than an interesting gameplay addition. Maybe I would like to see tiredness in campain and career modes to model the strain that soviet pilots had at the beggining of the war like in Moscu and german pilots at the end like in Bodenplate that could make them less resistent to the current G model and physiological effects, but that would be all. Nothing to add in single player missing of multiplayer.
  15. The pwcg tool looks really impressive, if I can abuse a little of this thread, what are the main differences from this tool to the standard stock BoX careers?
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