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  1. Hi Kintaro, I suppose the prop pitch limitation to 11:15 for the P-2 version is a bug. Prop pitch should go to the 12:00 position. I have noticed another bug in the P-2 cockpit - the magneto #2 switch is not clickable. Josef
  2. Hi Chibolethbis, beautiful skins, thank you for them. Would you be willing to create also historically correct versions of the above skins and post them somewhere else? If not, I will understand it. I'm just asking. Thank you. Josef
  3. Hi E69_julian57, the link under the KX-V screenshot is for a zip file that contains a single skin - just the KX-V one. Is there any other file I have overlooked? Could you check it please? Thank you.
  4. Hi E69_julian57, thank you for all those beautiful skins you have created. Especially for skins of aircraft flown by Czechoslovak pilots. I'm looking forward to new ones you will do as I hope. May I ask you for a download link to Wellington KX-M you did on request from 310_cibule please? There is just a screenshot here but I can't find any download link. Thank you. Josef
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