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  1. That's my bad, so sorry bout any confusion I may have caused! I should have been more clear in my post. My zip was structured for JGSME, and had the files for all MG's (all 30 cals, as well as German, Italian & Soviet 50's), only excluding cannon's and the US 50 cal from @ACG_Cass's original mod. Will edit my comment to clarify for anyone in the future
  2. Thanks for sharing this, this is great! Always hoped there'd be a fix for the bullet dispersion. EDIT: I edited the files for all the other MG's in game in case anyone wants them. I figured any other wing mounted armaments (e.g. .303's on the Hurricane), as well as defensive armaments (e.g. on bombers, etc) would benefit from this mod as well. _________________________________________________ EDIT 2: To avoid confusion and ease installation, I have updated my zip to include ACG_Cass's original US M2 50 Cal mod. The zip now contains files for ALL MG's
  3. Dirtbag_Jim

    Weapons Mod

    Cheers for your work on this! Much appreciated o7 On a side note; would you happen to have any plans of releasing a mod for the 13mm, and possibly the Russian 12.7mm, HE rounds to tone them down closer to what we have with the M2 50 cals in your mod so that their damage effects are less overdone?
  4. Was wondering what everyone's preferred ammo loadout (and possibly convergence settings) for the American 50 cals were. Alternatively if anyone knows what the historical belting was, and possibly convergence, that was actually used during the North Africa campaign, I'd love to use it in-game. Cheers!
  5. What do you expect when there's been no official response from the team? Do you have anything useful to say or are you just here to be a prick? There's been some pretty good discussion in this thread recently, despite your stated desire for everyone to just "let it die". There isn't even any more arguing, everyone has come together for a very productive, and civil, discussion in the hope of improving this sim. If you're not interested in this topic, I have an incredibly simple and effective solution: don't read it. If you're somehow incapable of doing that, then a 20 p
  6. By your logic it means we should need even less time on target than we see in gun cam footage, considering that the footage is in slow motion and thus the time on target in the footage is much quicker and shorter in real life. Also considering your self confessed obsession with 'historical accuracy' in other threads, what are your thoughts on the completely non-historical pure HE belts that german 13mm guns are using, or their overblown and unrealistic damage effects that would not occur in real life? Or what about the bugged bullet sponge 109 tail that is capable of soaking up to
  7. Really appreciating the constant and consistent updates that keep making an already great game even better. Tobruk is probably the best purchase I've made all year. You can really tell the level of care and commitment the team has for the sim when you look at the work that is continuously put into it. Much respect to TFS for all their work.
  8. Strangely I found the opposite, moving from BoX to CLoD I've found the AI more challenging to fight, they almost feel human in how erratic they bob and weave and take pot shots and deflection shots. The AI in BoX is probably the weakest aspect of the sim to me, it feels incredibly lackluster and boring to fight (No deflection shots, constantly turning in a never-ending circle in fights, can't BnZ, etc) . Also CLoD AI wingmen are actually useful and help me out instead of just dying and crashing like in BoX. The planes also just have a nicer feel to them (not even sure how to descri
  9. Hey man Threw one together for you. Tried my best to get the color's and all that accurate. Just save the last jpg and put it into the skins folder for whichever Tomahawk's you wish to use it with. Hope you enjoy! (TIP: Looks best with 100% weathering/wear)
  10. Great to hear this! If head movement in the Tomahawk's are being improved, I was wondering if head movement in the Martlet's might be improved as well? It also has the same issue of very limited head turn range (can only look directly to the sides at most), so you can't turn around and look up to check your high six, and even with open canopy you can't turn around to check your six. Will be an especially big disadvantage compared to 109's with their newly removed head armor. On a side note: been really appreciating how on the ball TFS is with listening to player fe
  11. Hi, After this patch I'm having issues with the Tomahawk where gun sounds seem to randomly not play, or play erratically (sometimes the sounds for only the right wing guns play, or sometimes only the ones on the left). I've got in-game sound at 100% and did not have any sound issues prior to this patch. EDIT: Just tested a few more planes in Quick Missions and they all have the same gunfire sound cutoff issue, so seems like it's a problem with sounds in general and not just the tomahawk.
  12. That's interesting! I hadn't realized there were other aircraft with the limited head-turn range (like the Blenheim), but then again I've only flown fighters so far in CLoD. Good reminder for me to start branching out. What were some of the other planes without the ability to go full Linda Blair (haha loved that) that you know of? Hopefully the head-turn thing is something that can be fixed and isn't a 3D model problem and just an understandably small oversight (considering the scale of the sim and the amount of work that goes into it). Cheers
  13. Hey @Buzzsaw, I've noticed a view problem related to the Tomahawk MK II Trop Late (possibly the early version as well, haven't double checked). You're unable to turn fully behind (180 degrees backwards), which you're able to do in all other fighters, and it seems to have a roughly 90 degree gap where you're unable to turn directly to the rear. (As shown in the diagram below, where the red is the area you're unable to turn). It makes it impossible to get a direct view of high six (most common area to get bounced from) without having a very zoomed out FOV to have you
  14. I really respect and appreciate how dedicated you and the team are to addressing player concerns I'm sure you're very busy with other things, so I wouldn't worry too much about the Kittyhawk overheating. Seems like it was just a combination of me running on poor engine settings, and me mistakenly thinking the plane was overheating on cruise, which I thought was something the team would want to know (both just issues stemming from incorrect information I got in the old manual, which has thankfully been rectified with the updated manuals). Apologies for any inconvenience/
  15. Thanks again for such a quick response, haha was literally just editing my previous comment to say your advice worked great and solved my problem! At 42" Boost and 2800RPM I have no issues with the oil temp going over 90 (and eventually beyond and seizing up). Thanks again for your help, really much appreciated! o7
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