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  1. I with to use my ipad to view the map and make some navigation marks on it for a more realistic experience when I need to fly from point A to B, instead of switching to map/objection view repeatedly in the game.
  2. Hi guys, I bought BOS/BOM/BOK from steam and used my steam account to login on https://il2sturmovik.com/ to active. In game, there is no problem for the content or multiplayer server access. But I note many guys in this forum have these badges below. I guess these badges are acquired by activating key on https://il2sturmovik.com/. But I did not received any key from steam , 1C or other sources. How can I get the key?
  3. Understood, thanks all. It's the first time I can land it steady, so excited.
  4. I am learning to fly BF109F4, in the specification I note that the stabilizer(or called elevator trim?) should be set to +1° for taking off and -4° ~ -5° for landing. But in game, when I adjust stabilizer, it will give a range from -100% to 100%. So how can I match these two means of reading, what percentage is the equivalent of +1° and what is -4° ~ -5°?
  5. Hi guys, I just bought bos/bom/bok and I am looking for manual for the planes. Really need to know where are the indicators/meters of each plane and how to read them. I found a 2015 version manual in this forum which contains the first 10 planes of bos, but the other planes released together with bom and bok I can not find their manuals. Anyone has useful information for the above?
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