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  1. If I have understood correctly Browning tests were conducted against AI fighters. I can believe that a human gunner can outperform AI gunners against AI planes or against someone that attacks from your dead 6 and parks there... and IMO this is a good thing! But if the fighter pilot is a human that knows what he is doing I think the results would be quite different. AI gunners seems to be always able to calculate a firing solution on you no matter where you are or what you do and if you transit for a split second in their firing arc there is a good chance to receive hits.
  2. When you start thinking to remove the rear view mirror from your car to gain a couple of mph in top speed.
  3. Ho no! That's so sad! I just joined the il2 community and your normal server is the best way to start learning the online part of the game. I will miss it so much! Thanks Coconut for your work Best wishes
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