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  1. The Rift-S will be discontinued in early 2021 (most likely spring). So, it is a question of weeks or months. Before Oculus was acquired by Facebook, no one could image that one day they will discontinue the PC-VR (with all their sims) in favour of just only mobile games and apps. You may say, well they don´t abandone it, they provide the USB PC-link option, but this is just a joke since: - You need to paid +99$ for the cable - You have inferior image quality because compress-decompress via USB (image quality is important in sims) - You add latencies in th
  2. I you don´t like being forced to have a Facebook account to use Oculus devices the best path is to go to non-Oculus devices. Also, in addition, you will be contributing to the development of the PC-VR business like IL-2 which is abandoned by Oculus (they went to promote the mobile VR games and discountinued the Rift-S). Both G2 and Index are two good options to consider. But none of them are perfect. If you pick the Index and will only play sims you will not need to acquire the controllers. And just one basestation is enough. They can be v1 or v2. I have just one v1 Bas
  3. It is not weird. It was also my case as you would know. And I made some trough lens pictures to know exactly how much detail I was lossing in the center. But having now both you could do one experiment if you use glasses for reading. Try the G2 with reading glasses, Read this. The edge-to-edge clarity is not related to head-shape or IPD. You can test the G2 with just one eye, put it exactly in the center of the lens. No matter how you push/pull or tilt the lens, the bluriness around the center is there. I think it depends more on the geometry of the eye and if you
  4. Congrats for your 5800X. I was trying to write like a guide here, but I didn´t go further since I am quite happy with the current performance. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/68087-overclocking-ramtimmings-for-new-zen3/ Perhaps one day I will explore it more. There also another thread talking about another tool to optimize the CPU which I also didn´t try yet: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/69312-clock-tuner-for-ryzen-version-20-was-just-released/
  5. More along the lines, my first VR flight exactly 6 years ago, it was as good to leave IL-2. But returned when they did VR.
  6. Good post. I was also a kind of gamer/hacker with my Sinclair Spectrum 48K. The Fighter Pilot game was amazing. And I was young, a not easy guy to be impressed. (irony tone). I also had my old TrackIR5 in a cupboard for more than 5 years, but just two weeks ago I decided to sell in Ebay (I hate to have things I don´t use) and got 75€!!
  7. The presets also determine the number of polygons of all objects in the scene. It is hard to see because the textures are very good, but for example try to see in close distance a circular object. I think (only think) that also affects to the number of particles in smoke/explosions. I always use the High preset, and set the other settings according to performance.
  8. LOL, I asked him to run unlimited fps at 4K and he got 518 fps avg!! More than Thanos!
  9. Exactly the same CPU and same GPU used by my 13-yr old son to play exactly the same game. His favourite game. I didn´t measure fps but I will. He wants to play with me to that game and I want him to play IL-2.
  10. Good to know that. I didn´t know that Quest2 had lower FOV than RiftS. If I were you I will escape from the Oculus devices, not only for being inferior, but also for leaving the PC-VR business (Quest2 USB cable is a no-no). So Mark Zuckerberg don´t care about high quality PC sim games (flight sims, space sims, race sims). By going to non-oculus devices I think I am helping to the PC-VR game industry, specially IL-2. Definetely other devices like G2 or Index have higher chances to make your IL-2 VR more enjoyable. In my case I prefered the Index, but most of the people is very
  11. If you were playing at 4K, then going to VR through the Quest2 you will have a large downgrade in resolution. Take into account that although the number of pixels of the Quest2 is quite OK for a VR device, the image you obtain is lower quality than other VR devices which uses the Display Port cable, both in graphics quality and latency. The Quest2 have to compress-decompress the image for every frame in other to fit it to the USB bandwidth, and this decrease the graphics quality and increase latencies. But in any case, if you don´t like IL-2 in VR with the Quest2, you will mos
  12. Thank you for your test. Your VR test1 with 1.36PD seems that it is a bit compromised for your 2070S, but normally with the RiftS having 1.1 or 1.2 is quite OK. Your RiftS is well complemented by the 2070S. Regarding the PBO, we still don´t know to what extent it helps to the performance. Currently I don´t use it but perhaps it could help. I really don´t know.
  13. Depending of the focus plane distance of every VR headset there is a "comfort zone" range: DK1 : infinity (6-8 m depending on who you ask) : ~1.5 m to infinity DK2 : ~1.3 m : ~0.75 to ~3 m (0.75 to 3.5 m mentioned in the Oculus Best Practices guide) Rift : ~2 m : ~0.9 to 10-30 m (not clear with their log scale, but probably doesn't matter past 8 m anyway) Go/Quest: 2 m The information above is just from googling, not offcial sources. But the focus plane of each headset is something not written in the specs of the headset and it should be something important to
  14. I would disagree with Fenris here based on my subjective testing of RiftS and G2. As said, the G2 definition in the center is really awesome, but it is also awesome how quickly it degrades as you move your eyeballs towards the edges. So, you are "obliged" to turn your head (not your eyes) looking always to the best image clarity (the center) This doesn´t happen in the RiftS. With the RiftS you lose much less clarity as you move your eyes to the edges. But overall the G2 is superior to the RiftS and having a 3080 there is no doubt, you can go for it. Take into account tha
  15. This is a much better result. Well aligned with all the other tests for your CPU. These tests also confirms that going to lower freqs with lower timmings can be better. This also confirms that the new game update doesn´t affect performance at all. I don´t know how far you can go with better RAM, you are already well above of most of the 5600X tested.
  16. Thank you Dark_Jak for you result and congrats for your new rig. I think it is the first test with the new 4.506 update. Your 106.0 value is a bit below expected. I don´t know if this is because the new release or because you RAM freq-timing. You achieve 2000 FCLK but using 19-19-19-39. Perhaps you can try to lower the FCLK to for example 1800 or 1900 and decrease the timming. Trying other xmp/docp profiles. Look at RAAF492SQNOz_Steve test results with Viper RAM as well
  17. I will reply here since this is more a G2 vs Index question. Having the CV1 as your previous device you are going to experiment a huge gain in terms on resolution with the G2, and to less extent with the Index. The G2 is more handy and more similar to the CV1, but for me the CV1 was the number 1 in terms of ergonomics. As don said, it Don said it doesn´t require the basestations setup and for a seated game like IL-2 the tracking is good engouh. (but remember to have some light in the room). You 9600K will be equally good to run both, the G2 and the Index. I never t
  18. Thank you for this. It seems that in the VRtest2 the impact of the RAM is minimal. There is a variable +-2fps noise probably due to the default AMD PBO or the GPU overclock. It could be also that at this really high rate (80s fps) you are bounded by GPU in this 19.5Mpixel test. Or by any bus bandwidth. I wonder how this memory freq will affect the VRtest1 or the CPU test. But don´t need to run more test, you already did a lot. Thanks for this. You got some extra fps by tunning the memory. And achieved with just 2x8 Gb sticks (not Dual rank) results on the 5900X le
  19. Nice. You are probably the first person to try that with IL-2. As far as I am aware. Let us know how it goes. I saw you used the Rift in the past, Did you use any other VR headset with IL-2? Just curious, how much does cost "the thing"?
  20. Thanks for this. You improved your previous results with FCLK 1900, that´s interesting. In theory, the disk thing shold not influence the performance since everything is between CPU, RAM, GPU. Perhaps the fresh windows install eliminated some software or processes which were affecting your previous performance. I wonder now how far you can go now with the new ClockTuner tweaking and/or with some RAM timming tweaking...
  21. 3330 is a pretty high mark for an Intel CPU. I wonder how fast will run the Syn_Vander.
  22. You need to take into account that the they are crops of a larger picture (12Mpixel), so that´s why it has fuzziness since you can almost see the pixels arrays. On the HMD specs, sometimes they are misleading. There are other factors like panel utilization, real FOV/advertised FOV, sweet-spot (there is not specs for this), lens quality, latencies, etc. Obviously they are a good starting point, but they only way to know what is best for one is just try it with your own eyes. For example, based on specs I had a big hope for the G2, but unfortunately the sweet-spot issue in
  23. That´s right. The colors, contrast and sweet-spot (clarity edge-to-edge) can not be fully reproduced by camera thru-the-lens pictures. So, a decission to take one or the other can not be based solely in these kind of pictures. You need to try the device with your own eyes. For example, there are people who are less sensible to small sweet-spots, or lens sensible to SDE or glare, or lens sensible to poor performance, etc. But, in terms of image resolution in the center of the vision, I would say that the thru-lens pictures are a fair representation of what I see with my own eyes. And
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