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  1. I see, the Artisan is then the "budget" line of Pimax then. I think Pimax prices are a bit out of the market, they should rethink the margins they apply, people are not buying the 8KX right now and Rift-S and Index are out of stock. In addition, they are comercializing 5 devices (8KX, 8K+, 5Kplus, 5K XR and Artisan) with multiple options, and this is something they can not afford for being a small company. The elastic band should be forbidden in the current Pimax line (it is first thing you need to change can device arrives) and the confrot kit should be also a default thing. Unfortunately the Pimax devices are not finished devices out of the box. You need to tinker a bit with mask, with band, with audio, with settings, with tracking, etc, etc. If you like that you will enjoy that, but it is not still ready for mass market. And I really love the Pimax guys.
  2. I have just recieved the money back from De Rekelwinkel from my pre-order cancellation. Let´s see now how it evolves the G2 pricing in europe.
  3. Be aware that IL-2 VR require a decent PC specs. I saw you have a 9900K CPU not overclocked. You will benefit a lot from overclocking in IL-2 VR. You can put a good CPU cooler and learn how to overclock during this wait.
  4. How you can go down to 35fps with that PC? What memory frequency? What VR headset? Are you maxing out all settings and going to fly low in a city with 20 planes + 20 ground targets around?
  5. It is really the Fenris strategy since he is also buying the Pimax8KX, I have just pass on the 8KX even having a big discount as Pimax backer. Although I love the Pimax guys for pushing the VR tech to the limits. I still have not an answer for your question since I have not the ReverbG2, but I will keep just one of the two. As you realizsed with the Artisan the best way to know which headset is best for you, you need to test it. Of course, you pay an extra: the difference between buy a new one and selling second hand ( although this difference can be even positive when Rift-S or Index is scarce or not available in other countries). There is many things that are need to be counted to choose a headset: Confort, performance, tracking, clarity, resolution, sweetspot, FOV, distorsions, colors, audio, etc, etc Since you have Artisan and Rift-S, both budget VR headsets, I would spend more time on adjusting the Artisan until you get what you should. Then you can tell to the people your comparison of both of them. If budget allows then buy an Index (just only device for 539€) and also the ReverG2. Then keep just one and sell the others. As you know, I am not sharing the same thinking that Fenris, that´s why it is important to test personally every device. My tests of Reverb vs Index are here as you know: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/53603-valve-index-vs-hp-reverb-through-the-lens-pictures/ The bad sweetspot (definition#2) of the Reverb comparing to Index was a big obstacle for me.
  6. I told that reddit link to the Dutch retailer and they just told me: "No, it is not correct is the guarantee from HP. They have to increase their pricing and all orders placed will be deleted or the customers have to pay the difference. All over Europe, the price is set at €699 incl. VAT." What a real mess! I have asked to cancel my pre-order at the Dutch retailer and has made a new one at the bestware. If finally prices are really equalized (independently of the VAT of every EU country) at least the shipping cost for Spain will be free of charge.
  7. One thing is running general VR games and another thing is running IL-2 VR. Here you will want to go for the best for the buck. On general terms you will want an overclockable CPU with fast RAM in order to run IL-2 VR with decent settings. Then, depending of the device you go, you might need a better or less better GPU. I would really avoid the PSVR device, if price matters I would go for a Rift-S (new or second hand) Just my opinion (it is not necessarily the best, there could be other combinations) for a PC with budget limitations: - CPU: i5-10600K (IL-2 VR is now less constrained by CPU but CPU still plays a crucial role). I think it is better to go to the new CPU socket and be free to upgrade CPU later if needed. - Basic Liquid cooling 240mm AIO, for moderate overclocking of the 10600K (5.0 to 5.2 GHz) it is more than fine. For example https://es.pcpartpicker.com/product/PVfFf7/nzxt-kraken-x53-7311-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-rl-krx53-01 - RAM: go for just 16Gb (2x8, or 4x4) and the highest without spending a fortune. For example 4400MHz for 140€ (https://es.pcpartpicker.com/product/vVVD4D/patriot-viper-steel-16-gb-2-x-8-gb-ddr4-4400-memory-pvs416g440c9k) - GPU: For Rift-S I think a 2070Super will be quite OK. GPUs depends just on VR device. Since there will be new VR devices every year the GPU is easily upgradable. For storage is irrelevant for game performance, just only loading times. Go to a small &fast SSD for running OS and IL-2 and a large HD for storage if you need more space.
  8. The Netherlands retailer replied me regatrding the Bestware price: "This German reseller has made a mistake, they are using incl pricing for excl. " I assume HP will apply the same pricing policy for retailers in EU. Let´s see then if Bestware price is with or without VAT.
  9. I have contacted them to see If I can cancel my order to them. 200€ is a big difference and I am not in a hurry. If they don´t accept a cancelllation I will then be forced to open a dispute through PayPal, we have 180 days from the transanction day and the item has not even been dispatched.
  10. Well, I thought it was 725€ but taking a closer look of my order made at 29th-May and paid with PayPal the total was 775€ after including VAT and shipping!
  11. You don´t need to take the decission about the GPU now. Just wait until the VR device arrive. For now, you could concentrate your efforts in upgrading your PC for IL-2 VR and get the most of it in monitor (ie: some overclock, maximize RAM frequency, game settings). Regarding GPU don´t worry about chosing one or another, they will basically limit the amount of supersampling you could apply. It is very easy to upgrade GPU, just sell the old one and go to a new one. Of course you can run a 970 with the REverb but you will need to apply a lof of sub-sampling factor to reach 90fps or 45fps with motion reprojection.
  12. 583.9€ is a very good price!! this include VAT, and they say shipping is included for orders above 500€. When I made my order in the netherlands webpage (https://www.derekenwinkel.nl/hp-reverb-g2-new-generation.html) the total with VAT and shipping was 725€! 775€!! It is nice to see how the price go down in just a month. 😉
  13. Can you ellaborate this more? do you mean latency when you move your head? How did you measure the improvement? (specially for Index)
  14. CPU utilization is telling you nothing in IL-2 VR. That % is just an average utilization of your cores but since IL-2 is very much single-threaded dependent, your PC can be actually bottlenecked by your CPU and the % can be very low. As you did, best thing is to chek fps with fpsVR. If both are in red then both CPU and GPU are bottlenecking your CPU. For CPU: You can overclock you CPU or decrease some game settings For GPU: You can decrease SS in SteamVR (put it in manual mode) or just bypass SteamVR using OpenComposite. You can also reduce clouds settings and avoid MSAA filter.
  15. Looks they made some progress. It is nice to have the Pimax guys always breaking the ice into VR unexplored territories. I hope other major VR companies follow their steps in FOV, resolution and eye tracking developements. But not in pricing... 😉 One think it realy surprises me is that the Pimax8K/5K+ had about 6000+ backers IIRC. But for the 8KX there is ONLY 500. How this can be possible??
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