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  1. HEY!! taking now a closer look of previous test (Balapan old test in VR) I have just picked a CPU processor (the 6800K) with 4 channel RAM. It was 18 fps above the expected correlation. It would be good to have more tests of the latest 4-channel CPUs to confirm how they help for monitor and VR.
  2. LOL! 😂 Thank you for your test. All data is valuable. You have the same CPU than me with the topline GPU available (2080Ti), but this test shows how important is the CPU and RAM in this game. As expected, your result is along the lines of STMark index. I also plan next year to upgrade CPU/RAM so I am interested to gain as much as info from what is important for this game. Thank you for the pics in english.
  3. These are the intel CPU with 4-channel memory, : i9-10980XE i9-10940X i9-10920X i9-10900X i9-9900X i7-9800X i9-7900X i7-7820X i7-7800X i7-6950X i7-6900K i7-6850K i7-6800K i7-5960X i7-5930K i7-5820K i7-4960X i7-4930K i7-4820K i7-3970X i7-3960X i7-3930K i7-3820 Is anyone here with that CPUs to test the benchmark?
  4. Good advice Don. I didn´t know about the adaptive voltage. I thought it was a fixed value, that´s why it was so strange. For overclock I also do as you indicate, using fixed custom voltage (override mode). Many thanks for running again the tests with the new settings (Clouds Low). It is clear that your 1080 GPU was not bottlenecking the test too much, since the average results of the 3 tests does not differ too much. Yes, your PC delivers a quite nice result. This is a fact. And I really don´t know why, but I took a closer look at the specs of the i7-3820 CPU and I saw it is a CPU of 4 channels RAM, allowing a higher max memory bandwidth: It is the first time we test a CPU like that. So, perhaps this could be the reason. If this is like that we could search for CPUs with that capability.
  5. Not really, but I still remember what I wrote along the years (although vanishing in my memory). Thanks to the "Find" option and date, you can find the "post I have started" by date. Normally IL-2 forum is set to 365 days, but you can change the find date.
  6. That´s a very nice STMark. Let´s see how it goes. If you have time, try to run the test at other frequencies like 4.0 and 4.5 Ghz. Remember the clouds to low. Thanks.
  7. Hey!! from what planet is your CPU!! that´s pretty amazing, you reach 5.2 with just 0.98voltage!!. You can try to go directly to 5.4 with 1.2v watchingout temps. I am very interested in what OC you can really reach and what results do you have in the becnhmark at 5.2 and higher freqs. Also, you said that your MB prediction is 5.5AVX (on or off?). From where do you see that prediction? Thank you for running the test, although I still have to change the instructions and the image of the settings since the base test has been changed to clouds low, but additionally I also asked to run the test with clouds High. Regarding your CPU, you STMark, your RAM at 1600 (I don´t know latency) you achieve and incredible max fps. And a good avg fps. The 259 fps for the max is really strange. Normally I could find reason for people who obtain low performance, but it is difficult to find the reasons for people who obtain a higher performance (like Alonzo with their CPU freq test). Please, if you have time could you please check that you set the same graphics settings (please be sure that you run at 1920x1080 since I saw that your monitor is an HD TV, not a FHD TV) and repeat 2 or 3 times the test with clouds high and low. We need to find plausible explanations to every fact if we want to extract some knowledge. With your verification we could then see if your system could be valid for VR with the Rift-S. But in anycase, you can buy the Rift-S and upgrade later if you see that performance is not good.
  8. I was greatly surprised by a nice Spitfire XI hanging from the ceiling of the Oslo airport. I have a two meter wingspan replica in my living room but being under a real one you get really an idea of the fantastic wings of this plane. In fact Norway acquired 4 Spits and train their pilot in a place in US called "little Norway"... more here: https://www.norwegianspitfire.com/ And 99.9% of the people don´t know that you can enjoy as never before that plane in IL-2 VR!!! They should put a IL-2 VR demo station just below the plane!
  9. VR has been and will be wise decision for this great sim. I still remember the times when we were trying to argument why it was so important to support VR. This post was more than 5 years ago! And here was my goodbye to IL-2 after trying VR in DCS: And here two years later again in IL-2 VR with my favourite plane!!: ( Since then everyday a give thanks to the Lord and Jason for giving us VR!!)
  10. You will need to overclock your CPU, ideally to 4.8 or above. Overclocking is safe and easy nowadays. But you need a good CPU cooler (either air or AIO liquid). You can already start to OC before your your Index arrive. Try to run the remagen benchmark just to be sure your system is OK in term of CPU/RAM. The 1080 card should be OK for the Index.
  11. The cloud rendered is because the detailed render bubble is bigger or smaller. But I remember there were also some old post were it was explained that the Presets changed the number of polygons of every objects. You can see that in the screew of the plane if you look to them closely. So it results in a more complex scene to render , larger and with more polygons. That´s why it loads both, CPU and GPU.
  12. Thanks Voyager for your multiple test, but the first three test show something a bit unconsistant. You get more fps with DistantLandscape at x4 than at x3 which is the setting for the test. It should not like that. You should achieve at least the same or lower, but not higher fps. I think the reason is your variable turbo technology which is changing the CPU clock speed during the test. You should try to find an overclock method to fix the CPU freq to a constant value (like we do it with intels), and then just repeat 3 or 4 runs with the exactly the same settings (the tests settings for example) and be sure that you get similar avg fps, normally a margin of noise of 1 fps up or down it could be ok, but not more. Many thanks. That´s confirm my theory. The test with lower GPUs (like your 1060) was limited by GPU. You get 12 fps more now. So I will change the instructions to run the test with Clouds at Low. Anyone who already run the test before is welcome to run it again with clouds low, just to have a results table with same settings. Thanks. This again confirm the theory that clouds load the GPU and bottleneck the test for lower cards (2070 in your case) your delta was 8fps, smaller than the Redwo1f comparison since your card is a 2070.
  13. Be aware that the Rift run at 80Hz and the Reverb at 90Hz. So you will need to take 1.3 and divide by 80 and multiply by 90. In any case, this is just an approximation to load your GPU since the WMR software might not run as your Oculus or OpenComposite. But with your system you will be quite OK with the Reverb. In any case the Motion Reprojection works very well in Reverb. Hey, that CPU has something strange. I don´t know why but it was not performing as expected in all the tests we did in the past with the old VR benchmarks (Balapan, Samuel, Chili). I couldn´t find the reason. CPUs like 8086K, 9700K, 9900K or the new Ryzen 3xxxX line are quite OK for VR if you put a god GPU and not all settings to max. You will be quite happy if you upgrade your CPU.
  14. Yes, of course, the IPC counts as well, but for pure single-threaded app (like it is almost IL-2 in VR) the IPC has not been increased significantly (7% in total) from the 2600K (9 years old chip). Take a look of the 3DParticle Movement single thread test: https://www.anandtech.com/show/9483/intel-skylake-review-6700k-6600k-ddr4-ddr3-ipc-6th-generation/9 The PCI-2 2.0 and RAM speed support might be the major influencer for IL-2 VR.
  15. Yes, thanks. I should indicate in the instructions that the test should be run with Mods off. I have been looking to the avg numbers achieved by people running lower cards than mine 1080Ti, for example 1060, 2070 and 1080. They are achieved less fps than expected value and this could mean that the GPU is limiting the results in some periods of the test. I also observed that clouds doesn´t load the CPU but the GPU. And the instructions said to run the benchmark with High clouds, which I think will limit the ability of lower cards (1060, 2070, 1080, 1070) to run "properly" the test. The purpose of the test was to bottleneck the CPU not the GPU. So, I am thinking to change the instructions and relax the setting of the clouds to Low, since clouds almost has no impact in CPU. People with higher cards will almost see not change in the test, but people with lower cards will see a fps gain. Before doing that, could anybody of the previous people with lower cards than mine run again the test but setting the clouds to Low. (whitav8, AHstatuskuo, Stolle, Redwo1f). Thanks.
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