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  1. It is seems they have improved their quality over these months: (Recieved mail on KickStarter yesterday) Dear Futurists, We have a number of developments to update and share with you. Frist of all, we have some good news about the new Pimax 8K X. The new panel of the second version arrives this week and will enter a new round function of testing. After the test, we will share with you the latest progress. Also, we have implemented some improvements to the existing Pimax 5K+ & 8K products. Since the shipment began last year, the quality issues of Pimax 5K+ and 8K have always been our concern. We immediately began extensive analysis of returned device to both refine the manufacturing process and institute improvements. To that end we have some good news to share: 1. Packaging and Material updates: a. Packaging: We found that some issues were caused during transport and developed a new packaging design that is much more resilient and passes a higher standard shock drop resistance test. b. Fabric Headstrap: We have fine-tuned the existing strap to ensure a more comfortable wearing experience. c. Mask bracket & Face cushion: We have implemented new design and more comfortable materials that are more likely to achieve the best viewing distance. d. Nose pad: According to your requirements, we can increase the design of the nose pad to solve the light leakage and improve the wearing comfort. 2. Other Production and product improvements: a. Cable Improvements: (This relates to the flickering pixel and “snow” effects some have experienced.) We have analyzed the cause which turned out to be mainly due to the proper effectiveness of the conductive shielding effect. We have found that some special cases (different computer configurations and environments) are the main causes of this issue, and we have asked supplier to enhance the shielding performance of the Cable. We rigorously screen and test the cables and closely monitor the factory assembly process to eliminate this issue. b. Face cushion: We are optimizing the ergonomics of the face cushion and the new face cushion is more suitable for the face and more comfortable to wear; c. Headphone jack improvements: We have improved the headphone jack with much higher soldering strength and it now passes a rigorous test where it can withstand more than 3,000 insertions and removals; d. Housing issues: This issue was a low probability issue where the housing mating points on some of the assemblies contained microfractures that were due to the cooling and deburring process not the thickness of the plastic. We have implemented much more rigorous standards for the cooling and deburring process and are implementing further improvements on how the housings are mated; e. Optical Detection: Now we have imported Automatic Optic Detection equipment for QA phase into the production line. The function of this equipment is to more accurately detect lens issues such as dead pixels and avoid manual detection of omissions. 3. Pimax Accessory Progress: a. Pimax Controllers: The latest prototypes will arrive in July and we will announce the test results and progress after the test has completed. Special Note: Our plan is to manufacture the Sword and Sword Sense controller designs for many years. Because of this it is important these devices are more than competitive with other marketplace offerings. As always with Pimax we take into account feedback we see across the VR marketplace and we realize how important it is we get our Pimax controllers “right”. b. Rigid Audio Headstrap: This has now entered the verification phase for ergonomics and the compatibility between built-in speaker and external speaker have been improved/adjusted. c. Lighthouse 2.0 Base Stations: The base stations are currently in production and we plan to bundle the base station with the controllers due to shipping costs. d. Hand Tracking Module: The company that produces the hand tracking module (Leap Motion) was unable to deliver as they were being purchased by ULtraHaptics. We are happy to report that UltraHaptics is restarting production of the module but this transition has taken some time. They have committed to maintaining and expanding the hand tracking ecosystem. We have neglected you for quite some time due to the work on products, modules and accessories. We clearly have not shared with you enough information on the current company situation timely manner and we apologize for the impact. We are very excited about VR and our small (but growing) team couldn’t have gotten as far as we have without the help of Pimax backers and the VR community. Finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone for being so supportive over the years, we couldn't have done it without you. Yours sincerely, Pimax Team
  2. There have been tons of post of this topic on internet, Rift have more, Vive have more, etc etc. It is very subjective and dependent on many factors. Some people claims 110 for Vive, but probably 100 is a more realistic figure for Vive and 90 for Rift. https://vrroom.buzz/vr-news/tech/hp-mr-headset-suffers-narrow-fov With the RoV tool you can measure the FOV horizontally and also the FOV vertically, but not diagonal . A Diagonal FOV it will be a bit difficult to measure, this is not like 2D monitors and inches. The official specs of HP claims 114 FOV, they don´t say anymore, so I believe it will be the maximum horizontal FOV, but marketing is always fooling us here https://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/getpdf.aspx/4AA7-4776ENW.pdf I didn´t took the worst intentionally, just took one which seems to be serious. But I will modify the table to include also other measurements. Bottom line: FOV are only indicative, don´t take that literal. There is a lot of marketing pitch on it.
  3. It is a really difficult question to answer since my experience is only limited to Pimax5K+. And Rift/VivePro in the past. I was originally a backer of 8K, but with the Sweviver videos I discovered that the LCD panel has 3 subpixels (RGB) per pixel, but the OLED pentile arrangement only have 2 subpixels per pixel: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/31215-pimax-8k-5k-vr-headsets-coming-to-kickstarter-this-month/?do=findComment&comment=672888 that´s why you obtain more detailed images on the Pimax5K+, and me and many people switched from 5K+ to 8K. But the colors in the Pimax5K+ are more faded and tend to blue, but this is something was not really affecting me a lot. With the VivePro the color are very vivid but a bit off the real world colors. It is the same it was happening with Sony or Samsung mobiles phone, the make nice pictures thanks to filters which modify real colors. If you really like the colors of the VivePro, you should go to 8K or 5K XR. And since rendered resolution is the same then you save money going to 5K XR. If you prefer to have more subpixels per pixel, (ie clarity) then you should go to Pimax5K+. Ideally there should be a specialized shop in VR where a person could try all VR devices on the market and just choose the one which best adapt to his taste. Let´s say for an small fee (15€). I hope this kind of shops will exist in future to better decide the right headset.
  4. I didn´t know you sold your 5K+. Do you know you can adjust colors with the Lefuneste mod? Did you try that? Did you adjust your gamma in IL-2? So, which is your current headset?
  5. I didn´t test myself the FOV in any device (you need hand controllers in the RoV app), but was looking what other testers with FOV measuring tools were reporting: This is the one a picked: https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/vrman66-pimax-5k-review-impressions-and-measurements/18527 Other people of RoV (who also create a tool to measure Horizontal FOV) reported a 10 degrees more for normal and Large: https://www.realovirtual.com/articulos/5246/pimax-5k-analisis Regarding the Index I put the horizontal FOV based on specs (they said 20 more than Vive, and Vive is 110 at max). Basically it will a bit more than Vive FOV, but nothing spectacular. More here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ValveIndex/comments/boejwx/the_index_has_an_fov_of_less_than_130/ In any case, the FOV of Index will be above Vives, Rift-S and Reverb. Let´s see it soon!
  6. I received this email today. The thing is getting closer!!
  7. Having a 9900K and 2080Ti you can work on achieving maximum stable overclocking while you decide which headset. Of course, you need to map all keys to your HOTAS before going to VR. Any of the current offers (Rift-S, Reverb, Index or Pimax5K+) will blow your mind if it is your first VR device. I don´t know DCS, but with IL-2 and Pimax5K+ you have to play with settings in other to have acceptable performance and visual detail. I have ordered Reverb and Index as well to compare it with Pimax5K+, which is a nice device despite of the deficient headstrap fixing. Once you test a large FOV like Pimax5K+ it is difficult to go a lower FOV, and according to the Reverb users, once you test a high resolution it is difficult to go a lower res device. The Pimax5K+ is on the market, but for the Reverb and Index you will need to wait a couple of months probably. If you don´t want to wait and being this your first VR experience, I could recommend you to go with the Rift-S, just to test water in VR (you will love it). Then you can sell it later and decide on Pimax5K/Index/REverb in September.
  8. Thanks for the pictures. I have finally also ordered the DAS, since the original headstrap is not well balanced in weight.
  9. Thanks for the pictures. it is really a shame that a great headset like Pimax5K+ requires to mod the fixing in order to satisfactorily play for hours. This is something Pimax should address. Not all people is ready to start doing hardware mods.
  10. You have fair point here, all depend of what you consider as "well enough". We could also say that there isn´t a CPU made that can run IL-2 VR well enough (being 90fps always at max settings in all maps). In fact, it is the the combo CPU+GPU (and RAM a bit) the responsible for the final fps result. If the CPU is not doing his job well (above 11 ms) then it doesn´t matter what GPU you put. I have not a top CPU nor the top CPU, but running at balanced settings and with 72Hz mode I have an acceptable experience. Pimax has Fixed Foveated Rendering, this will really help here, but unfortunately it doesn´t work with IL-2
  11. That´s a very nice and easy to read explanation with animated drawings about factors influencing FOV.
  12. This is an update from my Reverb order from the Netherlands derekenwinkel.nl shop, glad to see they are correcting the cable problem : Dear customer, You have ordered an HP Reverb VR headset from us recently. Unfortunately, the lead time of this product was delayed from HP due to the fact there were units in the market with a not properly working cable. As we, and HP, only want to deliver 100% perfect products, all the stocks in the China warehouse have been checked and faulty cables have been replaced. Yesterday, the shipments to Europe were continued again and our orders will be delivered to us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this means for you that the delivery of the Reverb has been slightly delayed. I expect to receive the stocks around 2nd week of July. As soon as we have a fixed lead time, we will inform you of course. My apologies for this delay, I hope you can understand the decision made to ensure a 100% perfect product for you! Have a great weekend. Met vriendelijke groet,
  13. You are a lucky man!, Not still retired (I am 50) but no problem at all with VR. I will not play without it. I have been waiting 30 years for this since my first experience in VR, I remember that quite well. You have to try the Pimax5K+, no scuba mask anymore.
  14. Let us know your experience with Vive Head Strap, I might consider it as well.
  15. I use this: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/31215-pimax-8k-5k-vr-headsets-coming-to-kickstarter-this-month/?do=findComment&comment=719474 It also helps to fix the Pimax better to my face.
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