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  1. Hey, Thanks for posting the first test of the Quest2. I didn´t include the settings in the instructions since I really don´t know how it works or what SS should be applied. So in this heavy test you are almost at 72fps, this means neither your CPU or your GPU is constraining your experience. Whenever the bug is corrected let us know how it run at 90Hz.
  2. Many thanks for this tests. Just by upgrading your CPU to Zen3 you got +22fps in VR in this heavy test with the G2 at 100%. You are having good numbers in VR. If you look the table at WalterScott or others, you will see that you could go even higher if you run your RAM at 1900 and use lower latency RAM. 32GB RAM is more than enough to run this game (also 16GB is enough currently). Try to use two sticks and go to 1900 or more. I think your RAM will be more stable with 2 sticks than with 4. You can also run the CPU test, just for completeness. Th
  3. About 3 months ago I was lucky to grab a second hand 3080 card for 999€ in my own city. It replaced my old 1080Ti which went to ebay. I was keeping the same 850W (70A) semi-modular PSU that I acquired when my 1080Ti was needing more amps. Most of the reviews said that 850W is more than enough for a 3080. I put two independent PCI-E cables from PSU. In the last three months, I have experimented occasional sudden shut-off of the PC in the middle of a heated battle always in VR (Index), sometimes after 30 minutes, other after 90 minutes. Normally when the battle was intens
  4. Thank you so much for this frist test of the 11th gen of Intel. It tells a lot. In the 120Hz tests, the CPU is still the bottleneck I believe. As you say, the gain with respect 10th gen is really modest. Now this chip is aligned with other 5600X in the CPU test, but below the 5900X/5950X. But on both the VR test, you are at 88fps, so better than my 5600X and 3080. Well in fact, in VR your PC with the 11700K (and also your previous 10700K) are having a top performance. Thanks for this first test of a 11900K at stock speed. It seems that on VR the gain s
  5. here you can also see other shops with stock: https://geizhals.eu/?cat=cpuamdam4&xf=16686_Ryzen+5000 We got yesterday some tests of the 11th gen for SYNVander benhc. I have to analyze them.
  6. Regarding Palmer, this is what he said about it: Facebook has "perverted" the original vision of the Oculus of Palmer, where he was behind a high-end headset and putting the PC at the center. The current Facebook account requirement is a non-sense. And risky as it has been demostrated with the continuous leaks of data (533 million accounts leak). Imaging that you have to compulsory open an account when you buy an HP laptop, or an EPSON printer, or an LG TV, or an BOSCH fridge, or a DENON Hi-Fi, or a Ford car, etc. I could understand a
  7. That laptop is currently the best you can have for IL-2. On the CPU side the Ryzen 9 is the best performer for single core. We still need to see how the 11th gen CPU chips from intel performs in IL-2, and also right now there is no 11th gen CPU with 3080. On the GPU side that card is also the best you can have for laptops. I was using VR (DK1, DK2, CV1, Rift-S) in the past with laptops for work (petrochemical plants). And they worked OK. For the VR headset, specially for architectural or IL-2, I would pick the Reverb G2 due to the better resolution and audio.
  8. Here you can buy the 5900X: https://www.pccomponentes.com/amd-ryzen-9-5900x-37-ghz This is the best online pc parts shop in Spain. I believe they dispatch to EU. But If you go for the 11900K we will be very interested to know how it goes.
  9. Uhmm....Just a bit below the Thanos PC... 😉 If you have a chance, you could run the SYN_VANDER bench for CPU and GPU (4K). We only have one GPU test of the 3090 at 4K. If you fly VR then you can also run the VR tests.
  10. Hey, thanks for this second test at 5.3. You got a significant gain on the VRtest1&2. In all registers, min, max, avg. Very good. If you reorder we will be very interested in your benchmark... It looks promising on the single-core department: https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-11700K-vs-Intel-Core-i7-10700K/4107vs4070 If the gain is significant, the good thing for FCLGA1200 socket owners is that they will need to simply change the CPU. The most important for IL-2 is the result of the SYN_Vander test. 😉 S
  11. Well, Ryzen desktops based on 5x00X are better than 10th gen Intel for IL-2. The SYNVANDER benchmark show that. But we have the new 11th gen from Intel and their single-threaded performance is surpassing the Ryzens 5x00X: We still need to see if this is translated in better performance for IL-2. So If I were you I would try those new laptops based on the 11th gen, for example i7-11375H: https://newsroom.intel.com/news/11th-gen-h35-processors-fastest-single-threaded-laptop-performance/#gs.wxkd4n
  12. Thank you for your multiple tests at different freqs. They say a lot. Firstly, you can see that VrTest1 and Vrtest2 deliver almost same results. This means that in VRtest1 your 3090 is not really loaded and the limitation is not the GPU, it is the CPU. And secondly that in both tests (1 and 2) you are CPU limited. In VRtest1 at 80Hz you are almost at 80fps, so this 80Hz mode is really good for CPU limited systems. And when you move to 90Hz or 120HZ you hit the CPU limit around 82fps. With my Index I always use this 80Hz mode. Other people with ryzens 5x00X a
  13. Moving from 1200p (2.3MPixels) to 1440p (3.7Mpixels) you have basically increased by 60% the GPU load, being CPU load basically the same than before. This, in addition to your settings for clouds (Extreme) and MSAAx2 is the perfect combination to give your GTX1660 a hard time. I suggest you use FXA x2 and relax the clouds settings. Otherwise upgrade your GPU.
  14. You can use this table to guess what would be your gain: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gJmnz_nVxI6_dG_UYNCCpZVK2-f8NBy-y1gia77Hu_k I think you can keep your memory and run it at 3200 and see what bench you obtain.
  15. take alook of this: but it is something I have not followed, since I am OK with my current performance. take alook of this: but it is something I have not followed, since I am OK with my current performance. Aslo this one:
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