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  1. Congrats with your new build! You have been very patient. It looks amazing that Mobo. You have now a PC dream for VR! Now it is time install Prime95....
  2. You guys knew it! Well done! It is just the glass reflections of that mountains picture (BTW, Aguas Tuertas in Pyrenees). The problem disappeared completely when I removed the picture from the wall. Now it works perfectly with one basestation, even looking to six. I don´t know how I had been sooo blind when I was installing the BS in the new position. I will see what I can do now, or remove the picture every time I play or put the BS in another position or something else... Apologize for blaming Pimax about this problem. Here it has been again my fault!
  3. HEY, HEY HEY!!!! HAHAHAHA !!! Problem solved!!! Below was my Basestation new fixing I did last sunday, Who can guess what is the problem???? Clue: Just with "picture" you have enough data to know it!! Clue 2: think cold!
  4. Last sunday I proudly installed the single basestation in the left wall at 1.8 meters elevation making some DIY. Now it is at 1.8 meters from my face. It should be OK. I also connected a combined switch to turn off the basestation and Pimax at the same time. This afternoon I also put some more foam (reusing some of the original foam from Pimax) in the bottom area, so me nose doesn´t touch the lenses. And finally tested Il-2 VR.... and ...I have a new problem now.!! The menu is moving a bit with me when I turn the head! I had not this problem before!! I have tried to delete Lighthouse folder, stop services, reinitialize device, recalibrate Pimax Tool and SteamVR, but it didn´t solve it. This Pimax thing is being like an obstacle race!! You don´t know what is coming next. Perhaps the heating of the top fans of the CPU liquid cooling is 30 cm below the basestations and it is affecting it. Or maybe it is because it is not just centered in front of my face as it was before. I hate to read Pimax forums again and again!!
  5. It is 59.9 to 72.6 mm according to the info displayed in the headset when moving the IPD wheel.
  6. The text in the spanish amazon is wrong. The product say 18mm: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cusfull-Soft-Memory-Replacement-Pillow-18mm/dp/B01N5JTSWZ But measuring it is 19mm, more exactly 19.12mm :-))
  7. chiliwili69

    Selling my Oculus Rift + Touch

    These are the Touch and headset in ebay: https://www.ebay.es/itm/183634869616 https://www.ebay.es/itm/183634887470 Shipment only to European Union
  8. That´s difficult to measure well. The original foam is a bit more rigid than the 19mm. So, the original 11.5mm when compressed in my face became about 8-9 mm. The new one 19mm when compressed in my face became about 13-14 mm. This new one leaves no marks on my face after 90 minutes usage. The Rift instead were leaving on my face some marks over my skin (everybody knew then I had been in VR). But I am still trying to find a solution to avoid my nose to touch a bit the lenses (also happen with he original foam). I will put more foam in the bottom area or I will put less in the top area...
  9. I am now preparing my Rift to be sold. It has been an amazing device during this 2.5 years. Surprisingly I am only now realizing the superb work performed by the Oculus design team. The size and form factor is just incredible light and compact. Once you practice a bit, it is very easy to put it on and off, and adjust the flexible straps and tilt (The Pimax has not tilt DOF to adjust!!). The rear part of the straps are rigid and at the same time a bit flexible and fit very well with the back side of the head. It is also thin in the back side and with sensors, so it doesn´t has a horrible adjust wheel like vivePro which touch the back of my seat. The headphones are great and allows to adjust them in all directions, so they can be quickly positioned over the ears. (Pimax has not headphones!) The cables of the headphones and back sensors are hidden inside the lateral straps, you will not see them even moving back and forward the straps. The materials used for the Rift are also very nice to the touch and easy to clean. When the headset is well fixed it doesn´t move from your head even doing quick rotations of the head. The Rift fitted well to my face from day 1. I didn´t need to do any mod or extra adjustment. My Pimax5Kplus is touching my nose a little bit, it is annoying, I will need to put extra foam in the bottom part or do something else. In summary, Oculus made a 11 over 10 work when they designed the Rift more than 3 years ago. I hope they maintain this good work and form factor for future PC VR devices. I have to say goodbye to my Rift now, it has been a great product, I will miss his design, so just wanted to say: A BIG BRAVO FOR THE OCULUS DESIGN TEAM!! and don´t forget your PC users 😉 !!
  10. I am going to sell my Oculus Rift + 2 touch controllers + 2 cameras in eBay next sunday. Before I wanted to offer them to anyone interested in this forum. They are in perfect conditions. Zero problems in these 2.5 years of pleasure. I will sell them for 270€ plus shipping . I can also deliver them locally in city center in Zaragoza, or Santander, or Barcelona. Send me a PM if interested.
  11. Thank you for running the test with your i5-4670K. It is the first model of this CPU tested in the table. According to your Singlethread value 2567 you should achieve a bit more. There could be 4 reasons for that: - The 1070 is being bottleneck. You can check that by looking the load of your GPU during the track run. You can do that with MSI afterburner free tool. - The RAM 1600 is affecting the performance - The i5-4670K suffer the same problem than the i5-4690K, it was the only CPU that didn´t correlate well with the singlethread vs Avg-fps - Something is not well configured in your system or throttling the CPU during run. Look this checklist: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34107-items-to-review-if-you-have-low-performance-in-il-2-vr-test/ But if you are fine with your framerates, then there is no reason to upgrade. But if one day you want to upgrade I would upgrade first the CPU and keep your GPU.
  12. chiliwili69

    New HTC Vive Pro Eye

    Well, I don´t think this would be a problem. Increasing SS makes spotting a bit more difficult since a dot is then diffused with the sky. We will have a high SS in the center of the view and a low SS in the periphery.
  13. This is the 19mm cushion foam from HTC Vive that I purchased (3 units) for 16€ https://www.amazon.es/dp/B01N5JTSWZ/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_2xpoCbHSRWV4R I doesn´t cover fully the nose gap but I am quite OK. It is confortable enough (at least for 90 min, which is the longest session I have had with the Pimax). It is not pure leather, is synthetic, but OK. Now, there is no distortion on the edges and the FOV that I lose by separating the headset 8mm more is negligible for the great FOV it has. Definitely, I am going to sell my Rift and touch. (note that I almost don´t care too much about any other game or app in VR) Here some pics:
  14. Pimax 8K/5Kplus review of RoadtoVR: https://www.roadtovr.com/pimax-8k-5k-plus-big-improvements-hands-on-ces-2019/