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  1. Ah-dammit... Elem is correct..the Wart Hog does not require rudder pedals....& the Saitek X52 Pro is a great choice also. As an engineer - esp mechanical - you will thrive in this game!! (My youngest lad is a Mech Engineer!) It's a great learning process guaranteed to keep you up nights! Keep in touch! ...John
  2. Welcome to one of the best forums on the internet! If you can afford the $$, the Thrustmaster Wart Hog HOTAS (Hands on Throttle & Stick) is unmatched for realism & performance (https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/thrustmaster-hotas-joystick-throttle) In this forum & this topic (New Players Start Here...), you'll find loads of info on getting into this hobby. It's amazing how folks help each other out. Check my posts (I joined in January) if you want to see some stupid questions & the patient /helpful responses from the members! But be warned...this hobby is more than addictive...& fun! Where are you located?
  3. Sturm... Here are the settings for Mouse Lookarounds. Try it out..you might like it.
  4. You can easily set up a mouse (Bluetooth or USB) for your look arounds...quite handy! A combination of Requiem's video and your game settings does the trick. Let us know if you have any problems!
  5. Another "lost rookie" question. Is there a reference/explanation article on playing with others (? MP ?MP Servers) Lots to learn
  6. Milo...Visited Ottawa's Canadian War Museum last fall..fantastic experience!! And it was warm! ...DocJMB Was in Alert with the 424 SQN last year..now that's cold:
  7. Wow..talk about lots to read/view! Thanx! How did you put the link in using one word (here)?
  8. Thanks to our Aussie friend who noted our frigid flying conditions....just pushed the snow blower through 12" of fresh stuff. And SShrike offers some of that well known and appreciated western hospitality! Canada Rules!!
  9. New member..from Trenton Ontario..home of RCAF 8 Wing - largest base in Canada - National Air Force Museum of Canada - take a look http://www.airforcemuseum.ca ...424 Tiger Search & Rescue Squadron ...Dad flew Tiger Moth after WW II Former Birds of Steel player on PS3 and War Thunder on PS4 - this forum absolutely trounces those run by Gaijin! Now to learn this game!
  10. Got it...sorry to be a bother! And found out that the trick to Reseting the View is to go to the Pilot Head Snap settings! Who would have guessed? Now to learn how to fly (& land) these beasts! Are there any in-game flying lessons/tutorials
  11. Thanks to all of your help, IL-2 BoS is installed & up & running...but now need help with Settings! Not sure whether to post here or in another forum but here goes. Using my mouse for View Lookarounds...took awhile to set up properly but now working great...in Cockpit view...but can't get External View Running a test flight --> Custom Set-up --> unable to get External View! Have searched these forums --> noted tips to locate " No External Views" settings --> unable to locate this --> same with "Allow Outside Camera" Screenshot of Custom settings screen below. Can anyone point me to a reference article/post that might help?
  12. Thanx Mabes... Lots of Disk Space Have installed & deleted & re-installed twice now..still the same. Did you note that the top line states that "Your Installation will not occur"? Hard to ignore!
  13. Need some help installing IL-2 BOS .exe file on my new Gaming PC Posted this yesterday in the Technical Issues Forum but have had no response. Hope I'm not breaking any rules by trying this forum for us rookies! Received a gifted Key to BOS (Thanks Tzigy) Downloaded .exe file to a USB stick from my Mac - game PC not built yet Received the PC - Installed the .exe file on the PC - ran the .exe file Near the end of the process, the attached message appeared IL-2 BOS appeared on the desktop but running it will not work - "Incomplete Installation" So I deleted the IL-2BOS program from my PC, downloaded the Install .exe file directly to my PC & tried again. Same result - program will not run - received attached message. Sent inquiry to Support but no answer yet. Would appreciate any advice! PS Downloaded War Thunder from their website with no problem Would really rather play IL-2!
  14. Received a gifted Key to BOS Downloaded .exe file to a USB stick from my Mac - game PC not built yet Received the PC - Installed the .exe file on the PC - ran the .exe file Near the end of the process, the attached message appeared IL-2 BOS appeared on the desktop but running it will not work - "Incomplete Installation" Sent inquiry to Support but no answer yet. Would appreciate any advice!
  15. This rookie sends New Year’s best wishes to all! And I just love noting the countries from around the world involved in this great game! Amazing👍
  16. Tried to check out the aircraft guides but was advised I did not have permission to view them: Error 2F173/K
  17. Wow..I knew this was a grand forum. Thanks to all for the advice & comments. MAUF...I have a TM T-Flight HOTAS X and a TM Warthog (which just was not compatible with the PS3 or PS4). Over the years, I think I tried out some 5 different HOTAS set-ups with Birds of Steel & War Thunder. The T-Flight HOTAS X was the most reliable but the WH was a simply great bit of kit! SO my move to IL-2 and a PC was motivated by a wish to utilize all the capabilities of the Warthog. And then I discovered this forum...talk about a bonus! PC due to be completed next week & then will get into the IL-2 series. Smooth Flying, all! ...John
  18. Frustrated Birds of Steel veteran has discovered the IL-2 games & this forum. Wow..what a great bunch of fliers! - Lots of help/advice/fun/camaraderie from all over the world - just like the Birds of Steel Forum which Gaijin sadly took down. Have ordered a gaming PC & about to jump in (formerly a PS3/PS4/Mac user) Which is the best of the IL-2 game/series to get started in? Appreciate any & all suggestions! Merry Christmas! ...John
  19. Greetings from cold & sunny Trenton Ontario Canada - home of RCAF 8 Wing! Love this newly discovered forum!
  20. Ted Barris (a great CDN writer of all things military has just published Dam Busters One great read!
  21. Thanks for this. If you were a flight combat ‘vet’ just introduced to the IL—2 Sturmovik series and this forum, which version of the game would you get. Have to tell you that this Forum is the main reason I want to get into this game! As I indicated above, Birds of Steel was/is a great game but it’s forum was a big part of the experience/fun. Sadly, Gaijin took it down.
  22. Sorry to be a bother! Would anyone point me to the preferred download page for IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 Is it the GOG.com site? Swing (above) advised me to"Download it from the official site (here)" but there was no link included.
  23. Merci beacoup, Swing! What is the web address for the official site? ...John (I’m not dumb...but can’t find it! My browser keeps ending up on Steam site)
  24. Wow..what a great forum! Should I buy the CD version of the game or download it? If the latter, should I do so from the Gog.com site, Steam or other? Thanks! . ..John
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