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  1. Patrick, Your suggestion was both constructive and helpful. I was able to return to the previous working configuration by deleting the startup.config file. I will do as you suggest in the future to try to maintain what is now working well. I look forward to the day when we, as a community, full of thoughtful people such as yourself, can correspond on issues of airmanship and tactics rather than getting the product to work as it should. Thanks again for your help
  2. My point is that if a stable installation were to be left alone, there would be no need for support. Imagine an installation that has been set up to work well--then never changes. Where is the need for "support?" I would gladly forego the latest "bells and whistles" for the knowledge that when I want to use a product it will be usable--in the moment.
  3. I have one simple request. Please give users the option NOT to update. Every time there is an update it means one thing only to me. I will be spending 90% of my time researching threads and tweaking and, if I'm very lucky, 10% of my available sim time actually flying. (Although this may sound like and exaggeration, it is the LITERAL truth.) Since my free time for sim flying is very limited, this is a constant issue that has lead me to conclude that "the game is not worth the candle" as the saying goes. There is a sequence of events that repeats itself over and over --three time
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