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  1. I dream of this one I know Pat that you love it, but I would remove the Spitfire - it could (and should) be a collector plane out of a normal BoX module though. My proposal for Allies : MS406 (to have a French fighter, and useful for Finns & the potential Karelia Map) Hurricane MkI or Gladiator (to have a RAF fighter, useful for BoB and Finns) Potez 630 / 631 / 637 (to have a French Twin, useful for Romanian scenarios in BOM/BOS/BOK) Bleinheim MkI or IV (to have a RAF Bomber, useful for Finns and 1941 channel missions) Collector : Hawk 75 (
  2. Many thanks for today's DD, both cities looks superbs ! Not perfect, but trade-off have to be made . My only remarks would be that the streets ground looks too green, but that's a detail, and it's still WIP. "Le Havre" looks very good to be honest. I studied there for a full year almost 20 years ago (time flies 😅), the city landscape can be easily recognised here in the screenshot ! Anyway, many thanks Jason, Han and to all the team ! My grand-mother grew up in Le Havre, she was 6 when the Wermacht arrived the city in june 1940. She fled the city with my great grand mot
  3. It's ... just ... AWESOME ! Even if it's clearly a work in progress, it already looks very good. The black lettering seems out of a normal skin, not a decal like on the old il2. Good Job and Big Thanks !
  4. Condoleances to his family. His awesome work for il2's community will be remembered, may he rest in peace.
  5. My bad, I mixed up the messages and pictures (late evening answers should be avoided ^^'), thanks for the correct answers :).
  6. Since it's a RAF squadron, I would guess (after some googling I admit😁) that it might be 309(polish)sqn, with WC as squadron code http://www.polishsquadronsremembered.com/309/309_story.html
  7. Hi, There are two parts on any skins for the prop spinner : one for when it's static and one for when it's rotating (generally blurrier). Here, it might be because you only changed the "static" part on the skin (it shows yellow in the hangar, black while flying). Let us know how it went
  8. Those new pilots are awesome 😁 ! Will it be possible to assign them to lend lease aircraft, either as plane modification or for mission builder ? It could be useful, as an example to fly the Boston over BoBp map 😃! Many thanks to the team for the impressive works
  9. At least it's not out of the question then :). It would be a very good and historical (as it was i think used by the 9th AF on the continent) way to add a level bomber to BoBp line-up :), however I do understand the constraints.
  10. It would have been awesome to have it as a player aircraft, as it would have been a good level bomber, but it's already great to have it as AI. It should give some nice variety to bomber escort mission :). As a similar question, do you plan to have the P38 "droop snoot" playable in the campaign (if this mod is planned for BoBp) ? Many thanks :).
  11. Camm, I think it's the way it should be for coconut's servers at the moment, by mission design. He had to lock the loadouts, as there was a bug in the mission log in 3.001 (don't know if that bug's still there) preventing him to know the type of ordnance used by players (and so to calcultate how depleted each airbases were after the mission).
  12. It may not be a placedo, there is a line in the update post that might imply changes on cannon explosions : "34. Damage to large objects from small explosions now calculated more accurately;".
  13. Hello all ! I had the same problem, with my TM warthog, saitek quadrant and/or MFG crosswind not being recognized in game. In fact, I could associate the axes in the settings, but they would not work in flight. For my part, I could fix it (following your advices, many thanks you all ) by first checking that both "storeddevice.txt" and "saveddevicesidentifiers.txt" are coherent between each other (same ID# for each controller in both files), and by removing any lines refering to the TM warthog separate Throttle and/or separate Joystick, only to keep the "combined" HOTAS line created
  14. In some cases it's VERY important to implement human limitations... E.g., without proper modelling of elevator stiffness at high speed on a early war Bf109, how is it possible to simulate her "dive problem", and the need for the poor pilot to use the trim to get out of a dive? Therefore, without it, the RAF tactics of diving and then "resourcing" (is that a word? i'm not sure) to break from combat against an Emil is useless. So in that case, keeping the 1:1 scale is greatly degrading the realism... in my view anyway. I hope i'm not saying something stupid, but in my opinion, a "simul
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