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  1. As far as my impression goes, there is still a huge untapped potential for TAW. It does add a huge layer of depth to an otherwise pretty shallow game that BoX is in its current state. It's a selling point on its own and the server is in my opinion able to reach beyond your usual BoX playerbase, drawing otherwise uninterested players back to the game and directly onto TAW server. One huge asset TAW has is an already pretty dedicated community around it. There are youtubers making videos from their gameplay on the server, there are players who precisely look forward to playing this server, there are entire squadrons that play the server extensively, bringing teamplay competitiveness element to it, there are diplomas for best players, there is a sense of persistent collective awareness regarding the server, apparent in posts like "this is the fiercest campaign so far" that everybody agrees with. The start of the campaign is an event itself, the end of the campaign is also an event of itself. It's all very much alive. Those are all traits of a very well conducted recurring event - like universally, not just gaming-wise - indicating that a significant 'client base' has been built and a certain level of relation was developed. Well done! Transitioning to Discord will help emphasizing and building upon those traits, as this is a very community-oriented communicator. That said, there is one issue with all this community activity and dedication, that makes all of it heavily underutilized regarding the growth of TAW - it's all internal. The videos are made by TAW players for TAW players, the hyping up is not really happening that much beyond this thread or BoX forums for that matter, the squadron activity is, well, pretty much limited to the squadron itself, etc. This is not an accusation by the way, this is purely a marketing perspective, something players understandably don't usually think about. That said if the server is to grow, 'penetrate the market' so to speak, it needs to go beyond and tap into those yet to be reached audiences that either aren't aware of TAW existance or don't really understand the appeal behind it, because it's not that well conveyed outside. I can speak for myself that even though I've seen TAW videos made by some youtubers I follow, they didn't really go out of their way to explain why this server is so special and worth playing, it looked like a regular multiplayer game. I had to make an effort and discover it by myself and that's something you cannot expect from your average viewers. And going beyond IL2:BoX community, for example I've seen some pretty darn disillusioned players on SimHQ forums that just didn't enjoy the shallow gameplay. Of course there are some inherent issues and controversies with the game itself, like spotting, flight feel that some refer to as kiting, or upgrade unlocking (not even sure how up-to-date those complains are, but awareness of fixes may be lacking as well with some players), but many players just got bored with the framework-level-of-depth gameplay and I'm sure they just don't know something like Tactical Air War exists. And while the server is usually pretty populated in EU primetime, it's admittedly lacking in other timezones. This may be the way to fill those ranks. Reaching out to some popular sim youtubers from other timezones and encouraging them to try out the server during the next campaign and extensively covering it if they like it may help as well. I don't really think there's a prominent youtuber that would say no to an opportunity for interesting content, even if he has some issues with BoX game itself, and TAW provides a great base for interesting content, because it's an interesting server - simple as that. If the content - and that's regarding every type of content, not only YT - is branded as TAW content, emphasized as special TAW content, having this particular TAW context behind it, it will build a certain awareness of TAW being a special kind of server. Then this content needs to reach not only TAW players, because that's preaching to the choir, but those who are potential TAW players - WW2 simmers who seek a deeper gameplay. That goes for videos, screenshots, impressions, campaign start, campaign end, campaign turning points, diplomas - all the things that make TAW seem alive and exciting needs to reach those outside TAW or BoX community for them to be attracted to the server and the game altogether. Facebook, Youtube, other forums, websites, discords, twitch, reddits - so many channels that can be used. I mean, this will be the tenth edition, right? Which one will be more worth of going out hyping it up with a bang, if not this one? Of course that is if that's what the dev team wants. Maybe you guys want to keep it as compact as it is. But if not, I think a collective, coordinated effort for promoting the server could be very effective. I, for one, am willing to help with that if that's the course to be taken. Sorry for inability of being concise.
  2. Statshaming. Classy. Also you clearly missed the point of my arguments, but whatever. Yeah, except current map is clearly heading towards being settled by pilots depletion, but sure, keep saying shooting a parachute gives you nothing.
  3. Playing the objective is not disrespectful. It's justified by being the objective.
  4. Ok. Now try to speak in relevance to the server this thread is about, because you went completely off-topic. TAW is neither present from day one of BOS beta, nor it is merely one of the most realistic servers in multiple sims. It's a particular server that treats pilots as a map-winning resource - something I presume is a very uncommon thing. Disrespecting anybody because he choses to attempt to win the game in one particular way you don't like on a server you both play completely voluntarily is immature. If you enter TAW server, you should be ok with that some people might shoot a bailed out pilot for gameplay reasons, because that's one particular server where pilots' lives are a resource you're supposed to play with - that's the mature approach. Another would be not playing on this server due to potential winning methods you find disrespectful. Choosing to play, but respecting only those who play it your way is childish.
  5. Yes, I do, if we consider two additional circumstances: a) it's a part of gameplay mechanics, not an empty, irrelevant act, b) members of that playerbase call those participating in that part of gameplay inhumane, openly declare their disrespect for those players and threaten to ostracize them from their community. That's taking it way too far from being mature about it.
  6. Such a friendly and open-minded community. Keeping it as small as it is one day at a time. There's a disagreement on this even on your side of the barricade. Also, considering this discussion, being ostracized by part of the community seems to be a very real risk here, so it's very well balanced. All that said I find it ridiculous that such a minor and largely inconsequential part of gameplay can create such a chasm, as you called it. The fact that some people make a big deal about it and openly display their disrespect to those they disagree with is the real problem here. That's just harmful for the community overall.
  7. If you refuse to question your beliefs, you're no partner for a discussion anyway. I can't imagine myself making such an absolute statement, especially when it comes to video games, certainly not the most serious topic in the world. Isn't that what we're doing right now? How else do you imagine that to proceed if you refuse to discuss? By simply ostracizing everybody you disagree with?
  8. If that's so, then you're the one comparing oranges to apples. Why are you even here, in a dedicated TAW thread, talking about morals and situations that simply don't apply to this server?
  9. How is chute shooting less humane than for example ganking up on a single enemy or shooting down a plane that's already smoking and trying to RTB? You're basically saying that I'm inhumane because I play the game by the rules that you don't like. That's it. A very serious accusation based on a entirely fair video game behaviour, but that's just another example of elitism and disregard. Too bad you don't realize that your problem is with the server that not only allows it, but also rewards it. Maybe play another server and stay off TAW for as long as this action you consider so inhumane is not only condoned, but also encouraged here by a complex set of rules and is by all means part of the game? By playing TAW you're basically supporting this "inhumane" playstyle. Kinda hypocrisy. Just saying. Yeah, sure, I play games to win. If you don't, I sympathize with your teammates. I don't see why I should abide to some arbitrary code of morality at expense of my team when the rules are precisely stating contrary in this regard. As far as other servers go, it's a foul play, but on TAW it's a fair game entirely. As far as being shot by teammates goes - well, it's not like it doesn't happen even without chute shooting. But you don't feel weird bombing a supply depot with all the defensless virtual workers there? It's as inconsequential in real life as killing a vpilot on a parachute, and as justified by the ruleset. Yes, it's an action against a player-controlled character in latter case, but so is every hostile action in multiplayer games. Should a pack of fighters restrain from attacking a bomber, because its pilot on the other side of the wire may feel offended by having no chance of fighting back? One bomber is more or less defenseless against a group of fighters, but I don't see anybody advocating disallowing and condemning attacking bombers in groups. They don't do it out of spite, they do it because it's a way to help your team winning a game. Fair game. Those are simply bad players. Bad players will always make bad decisions and do bad things, no matter the rules. You cannot assume though that every chute shooter is a spiteful, angry player trying to humiliate their opponent if the rules are so that there is some tactical benefit from chute shooting. And that's what chute shooting critics assume, unrightfully. And even if chute shooter's motivation is questionable - it's still irrelevant. On TAW chutes are a fair game and by playing this server you should be ok with people doing so, just like you're ok with willingly participating in virtual warfare and all actions that come with it in general. Looking down upon those who don't restrain from chute shooting on TAW in general is simply disrespectful and many display such stance, even if you don't.
  10. Since you raise up numerous topics in your post, I will divide it into parts and respond to each of them separately. That's an ungrounded opinion. I don't recall a sport where a tackle aimed only at injuring other player is anyhow legal. As far as tackles with tactical gain go, they're sorted as legal or illegal based on risk of injury they bear. Risky tackles are illegal in general, less risky are allowed for the purpose of the game. Now if we look at chute shooting as such in-game tackle, it doesn't even qualify as a tactical gain tackle on traditional servers. It's simply an action aimed to furtherly humiliate the enemy. On Tactical Air War server it does come with a certain tactical gain and this gain itself nullifies the harm. The motivation behind the action is no longer petty, it's game-oriented. If somebody feels disrespected by the act of chute shooting, it's only because he's stuck in former mindset, not because the action itself is foul. The action is - as far as we can assume - motivated by the rules. A disclaimer saying that on TAW server chute shooting is not a malicious action, but an allowed and valid tactic within attrition warfare mechanics, may be in order to ensure everybody understands it - but that's it. If somebody feels offended after such disclaimer, it's theirs and only theirs issue. Answering your first question - it seems I'm playing the game in play and you're playing the game you've made up in your head. It's not me accepting or encouraging "it", it's the rules that accept it and encourage such action by a thought out set of mechanics and me merely respecting the rules and players who play within them, without my personal tastes interfering. If you're asking if I'm even playing anything when I'm strafing those who barely took off or chute shooting, you're implying that I play it wrong and you're playing it right. You may have your different point of view, but questioning actions that are set within the rules of the game and implying your way of playing is better is what's elitist, condescending and disrespectful. Games and war are different, I agree, but one thing common is that a goal is to win and it's always at other's expense. You cannot expect an opponent in a game to restrain from acting in a way that's effectively closing him and his team to a victory. You can only expect him to follow the rules and the rules are clear on TAW server. Blaming somebody for playing within the rules is ridiculous. Claiming moral high ground for restraining yourself from doing so is, as mentioned, elitist, condescending and disrespectful for those who just want to play the game as it is.
  11. Please explain to me then - are we playing a game, or are we roleplaying? Is TAW a roleplaying server or a purely competitive server? Because you compare killing a virtual pilot to killing a real person - which may have had a significant impact on his mental health. That's two completely different things, unless you're roleplaying an actual pilot. Certain rules, like limit of pilots and consequences of dying, were established for a reason - so you can use them to get an edge in the battle. Using all the rules available at your disposal to win the game is a sign of respect of its own as giving a slack for some reason is considered condescending. If TAW admins say chute shooting is allowed and establish rules that take into account pilot's death, I see no reason not to do this. It's part of the game now, not some mean, malicious attempt at frustrating opponent that has no benefit at all, which was the reason behind condemning it. Saying that not using the rules regarding this particular feature to win the game is a sign of better character is simply elitism and a sign of intellectual inflexibility - inability to change your mindset based on different circumstances. How is deliberately restraining from helping your team honourable? Because the rules of TAW clearly make it so killing the vpilot is one of the ways to help your team. It's not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of effeciency and result - unlike other servers, where it's only a way to grief your opponent or show him respect by restraning from shooting him. Again, saying that this particular game action with a particular influence on the result is somehow dishonourable is a display of elitism and mindset inflexibility. And I see you're trying to somehow go around the topic by referring to "personal feeling of honor" instead of honour itself, but that wouldn't be an issue if there wasn't a whole group of people trying to enforce their sense of honour on others and talking them down like they're inferior human beings, just because they're playing the game the way it was designed and intended to be played. Chute shooting on TAW and chute shooting on WOL or any other "traditional" server are two different actions. The former is justified by the ruleset and serves a purpose, the latter is nothing but being a douchebag. I don't condone being a douchebag, but I completely condone actions that utilize the rules to win the game. Yes, it's a game. A game with a set of rules that both teams play around to achieve the victory. And those rules - contrary to whatever you played before - include pilot kills as their part. If it's not fun for the victim - being simply shot down is not fun as well, losing is generally not fun. It's a competitive environment and everything that serves winning the game and is within the rules is a fair game. If you're aiming to test your skills in an honourable duel, it's not a perfect server for this. If you're aiming at roleplaying a favourite war ace, it's not a perfect server for that either. It has a larger picture in mind than a skill test between two players or somebody's desire to roleplay WW2 pilot and pilots' lives are part of that picture. That's the difference - chute shooting wasn't part of stats back then so there was no reason for doing it. Now there is one, by design. The culture is not set in stone. It grows and evolves. TAW is a step in a new direction, whether you like it or not. It's like a handshake - it used to be a custom that only an older of two men was allowed to offer a handshake and if a younger one offered, he was considered rude and out of the line and the older man was well within the right to refuse the handshake. Now? If you refuse a handshake in any circumstances, save for some extreme cases, you're the one considered rude. So you can refuse that handshake from a younger dude and call it an unproper behaviour - but it won't show him in bad light anymore, but the other way around. You can still restrain from offering that handshake to olders yourself though with no negative outcome in general. So if you want to remain in the old mindset, feel free to, but don't disregard others for adapting to new circumstances. It's elitist, condescending and disrespectful.
  12. So you're basically saying that chute shooting can actually benefit your side by depriving enemies of superior planes... ...and at the same time you use this as an argument to support the stance that it's dishonourable and should be forbidden? As far as I understand, the tradition of honourable restraint from chute shooting was established due to the fact that it actually didn't benefit the shooter in any way and only served to demonstrate lack of respect and frustrate the enemy even further after defeating him. In TAW though it seems to have a genuine impact on the outcome of the battle - even if minor one - so I'd say it should be considered a fair game, regardless of established tradition, as this tradition comes from different circumstances.
  13. Comparing real-life flight footage to computer simulations regarding handling smoothness is always a moot point. Even the most sensitive short sticks on the market cannot replicate the precision of long-arm stick in an actual WW2 fighter. The difference between 16-bit sensors and real life is probably like switching from 8-bit sensors to 16-bit sensors - or maybe even bigger. Even the most quirky fighter could be smoothly handled by a skilled pilot and I believe if somebody gets to fly a warbird nowadays, his skill is impeccable. If we take those fighters and put them into a computer game, where our peripherials limit the precision so much, both due to sensors and to much shorter sticks, only those fighters that were the smoothest of them all would actually handle smoothly and the differences become much harder to overcome. That is unless the simulation doesn't fly solely by the input, but corrects it so the plane behaves more or less like it would in hands of a real pilot sitting in the cockpit, gripping that long stick in his hands. That's actually a philosophical dillema regarding sims, what realism actually is: when a plane flies exactly as it would based on input (even though the input's precision is limited on peripherials' side) when a plane flies exactly as it would if the player was the pilot (correcting the lack of precision caused by limitations of the peripherials) If this wasn't an issue, the whole sensitivity setting wouldn't be needed.
  14. Correct, though I'm also asking about potential BoK planes to use in earlier campaigns. Like, for example, will 190A5 or 109G4 be usable in BoS campaign?
  15. I can't seem to find any definitive confirmation or negation regarding this topic. Several planes are usable in both Stalingrad and Moscow campaigns and their usage is listed on the official site. None of the planes from those two campaigns has adnotation about being potentially usable in upcoming Kuban campaign, neither Kuban planes have such adnotation regarding earlier campaings. I don't know the exact plane rosters of Soviets and Germans in those battles, so I'm not sure if that's an omission or if indeed no planes should be expected to cross between Kuban and other campaigns.
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