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  1. Beautiful. My research is lacking. I will do better.
  2. DD, can you please supply me with info on 80th ftr sqd, 8th fighter grp? I am working on Miss Mecca. Thank you, Patrick Thanks Dearest Jeag, I am seeking any color info on the 80th ftr sqd, 8th ftr grp. Thanks I am working on Miss Mecca
  3. http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3756-il-2-p-38j25-kozy-koza/
  4. http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3754-il-2-p-38j25-tangerine/
  5. http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3754-il-2-p-38j25-tangerine/
  6. DD, This was my source. What should it be? Patrick
  7. no just some flickering in the distance now and then. Thanks.
  8. 485th fighter sqd...370th fighter grp...USAAF..Belgium, 1944 http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3752-il-2-p-38j25-7f-n/
  9. Is there a page that recommends settings for the game with my computer specs? Gforce GTX 1070 ti with windows 10 and a cpu i7 intel? Thank you. Patrick
  10. Thanks, Let me look at it. Im afraid that all I can do now is redirect you to the video that I pasted. If you watch closely from 7:55, he explains what you want clearly. Good luck
  11. Aminx I think this needs the attention of someone more experienced. Sorry
  12. Well, he explained it, and I did it. Now give me an hour to write it up in this email 1 in you alpha file ...flatten the image 2 unlock to flattened layer...just duplicate the layer to unlock it 3 hover over the layer image in your layers window...ctrl+left click on the thumbnail 4 go to your left where the large image is in the workspace and hover over it with the mouse. 5 hit shift +ctrl +c (Copies the alpha) 6 Go back to your file with the actual paint layers 7 go to channels...at the bottom of the right dialogue channel box, hit "create new channel" 8 go to the left to the black alpha channel and hover and hit ctrl+shift+v,,,,this will past the alpha to your paint image. 9 press ctrl+d....ctrl+d again and it is now save as a dds let me know how you do, Patrick
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