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  1. I was watching a tacview track last night of 6 of us in formation. He was keeping up okay but when I switched to first person view, I noticed he was bouncing or wobbling so I suspected a rudder sensitivity issue. Sure enough, I had him check his yaw sens, and it was at 0% and no dead zone (he has twist rudder). I had him set it to 100 and enough dead zone to fix the weighted hand and small play in the stick and we flew on pub for a bit. I could tell he was in much better control. So it seems this was probably the primary issue in addition to the secondary issue of the trim/stab being double bound I mentioned before.
  2. I have also seen this myself when I hosted a campaign with my and my (same) friend. He was about 100kph slower than his IAS was showing and his plane stuttered back and forth, almost like vibrating lag. Very weird. So yeah, I can vouch for this. Interesting. That makes sense except no one else, including me when I'm not flight lead, has an issue. I really enjoyed your videos btw, very good info. Whoops, accidentally posted before I was ready, but maybe this works better as a separate post. Last night we both got into g4's and I had him lead. We climbed to 1k and he set ATA 1.1 and autolevel. I formed up tight and we were able to match speed at same ata perfectly and quickly, no problems and no need for him to run slower or me to run faster to keep up. However, he did realize (I'm not sure how he didn't notice this before) that he had double bound vr zoom and either trim up or down, so I'm willing to bet that is what was causing the issue. In the future though, we will keep an eye out for a more obvious sign of network weirdness in case it becomes a problem for him. Thanks for everyone's help and input.
  3. This is something I was thinking too, or his twist rudder was drifting and he was rolling to compensate or something. I followed him with the chase cam for a bit last night and his rudder seemed straight, but his aircraft seemed to be wobbling around more than normal given the light turbulence on that particular flight. I'll have him check to see what the actual input is doing. Thanks for the useful input. I suspect that once I see a track of his cockpit view, I'll have a much better idea of what's going on.
  4. As for a network test He's as frustrated about it as I am. It's hard to have fun with your buddies if you can't keep up with them without overheating your engine. So if you're plane is 20kmh slower than it's supposed to be, you don't consider that a disadvantage? And having to run in combat or even emergency mode to keep up with someone in the same plane that is running comfortably in continuous is okay? Strange. I'll have him run a speed test asap, maybe tonight. He's in Dallas, and I'm in Houston, and our coop campaign host is in California. I have no idea where Combat Box is hosted. That's primarily the two servers we fly on. I don't know how to see ping in-game, unless you want me to ping the ip from the os. But like you, I expect it is not a network issue if only for the lack of having ever heard of this or experiencing it myself. That's the main point of asking here, is if anyone was aware of such an issue, or if it's even possible from a netcode standpoint, of which I know next to nothing about. I suspect it's a piloting issue. I hope to verify that tonight with a side-by-side recording on his end that I can watch.
  5. LOL. Last night we were climbing out at around 330 I think in the d9, but I can't think of any aircraft or scenario where he is not slower than me (and everyone else when we're all in formation). The only reason I thought perhaps it could have been a network issue is one time I ran a campaign hosted on my machine and he was going extremely slow and his speedometer was actually reading incorrectly. We were flying side-by-side at the same pace and his IAS was showing something like 50 to 100 kph faster than mine, and he was also jittering back and forth. I doubt this is related to the ongoing problem though as I'm pretty sure it was just my machine not able to keep up. On a public server or with someone else hosting, it whouldn't be an issue that singles him out. There's no way that everytime he takes off in every plane every time he flies, he's damaging his airplane in such a way that is reducing his speed so that he can't keep up with me at the same settings, and he's not getting a tech tip showing something is damaged. You need to understand, we fly together a LOT. This is a consistent problem, as in every single time. I would tend to think the issue has something to do with this, except I'm not using my rudder either, most of the time, particularly in the d9 as it flies pretty straight unlike the 109's. That doesn't solve the issue of him being inefficient and at a severe disadvantage in a fight.
  6. We have ruled out radiator, were flying d9's and don't touch the rads (think it's all auto anyway on the d9) but the same on other planes we fly too, even the bombers he'll always be running behind and we run the same rad and trim settings. This happens on cbox and locally hosted campaign that several of us fly in with full-real settings, so that should over-ride anything he has in his settings. I think tonight, if I get a chance, I'll set auto-level at a set ata, and have him catch up and run next to me in auto-level and have him take a track recording so I can see everything he's doing all the way from take off. That should allow me to see what's going on. Unfortunately he's in a different locale so I can't fly his pc or watch him fly to test.
  7. I posted this in the steam forum but I figure you all will be more knowledgeable and helpful.... my account was locked out at the time so I couldn't post here: I fly coop with several guys, but my friend (who isn't as experienced) can never keep up with the rest of us (of course flying the same plane). He often has to fly 1.4 ata to try to keep up with our 1.2, etc, and even then usually catch up. This happens consistently. It's obviously not something like flaps, gear, trim, rads, fuel/ammo loadout, etc.... happens regardless of what planes we're flying. Same settings, he may be 10 to 20 kph slower. Is it possible his network and/or pc is causing an issue? Or could it only be some sort of piloting issue? Remember all plane settings are the same. I was thinking maybe his twist stick was causing rudder drifting but I spec'd last night behind his plane and his rudder was the same orientation as mine (ever so slightly to the right). We were flying D9's and he was running 1.4 or 1.5 to keep up with the 3 of us in front (we always take off at the same time, right behind each other). I think we were running 1.2 or 1.3 ata. Is there something we could try to narrow down the issue? Anyone else experienced this when flying with someone on comms? Unfortunately I'm in a different location so I can't get on his machine to fly it myself, or that's what I'd try. Any ideas?
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