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  1. As far as I can tell it's not that unusual. Happens to me periodically. I think it has to do with me doing a force shutdown on the PC. 9/10 though as soon as I go to reinstall it rediscovers the existing files. Happens once every few months.
  2. I would love for the p-47 engine to get some love. 15 minute combat and 5 minutes WEP is a joke especially with 15 minutes of water available. It also flies extremely bad at continuous power. Oftentimes I have full trim and can't fly level, I have to give it ~8% flaps. 150 fuel is also needed. Also the critiques on the damage model are well noted. I hope the new Normandy p-47 warrants an entire revisit. Historically it's an awesome aircraft and I keep trying to use and love it but it's simply is not matching up with its reputation.
  3. I really could not agree more. As a VR user it would be an amazing feature. but it's not a post scriptum thing, its every FPS as well as SRS(?) on DCS. it makes the experience much better. It would be nice to speak to other flights but i think its essential within the same flight. I would hate to set up a bomb run via text chat or whatever. Also cant imagine running a tank without the driver, gunner and commander speaking. i am curious as to how they will use radios on tank crew. If i recall correctly it'll be more of a way to share info between units like data link in modern planes... except its tanks. but i don't think it will be VOIP comms.
  4. Hey guys. I got it sorted out. I got the game via steam along with Kuban and the game was activated. After changing dozens of setting on my pc i found out it was only whenever the MSI Gaming app was turned on. thanks for the help everyone especially BOO! Now to go fly for my first time.
  5. i have the same problem. i just got the game and have 1.2 hours of "play" but haven't ever gotten past the "start" button. the moment i click start and any mission or whatever i just goes to the desktop with no error pop up. i have windows 10, gtx 1070 w/ updated drivers, i5 6600k, 16g of ram. idk what to do this is nuts. its hard to not return the game having never played it.
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