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  1. This Walt Disney video taught me the fundamentals of attacking bombers and what approach to use. I highly recommend it. Fundamental Fixed Gunnery Approaches
  2. Thank you pat for the AA tune up. You're the best.
  3. For me the mod was absolutely essential both online and offline. The native zoom only allows me to read gauges but was absolutely useless to identify planes in VR. From the rear I've mistaken mustangs for 109's and 110's for a20's. Before I discovered the mod the only thing I ever typed in chat was "sorry VR user couldn't identify you". Offline I use it to change identification markers to a neutral gray dots so that I can practice identification during dog fights without being totally blind. I also used it to dim the map during night missions so that I didn't blind myself every time I pulled up the map. In VR I absolutely do not think it gave a competitive edge. It merely allowed me to use a VR headset without sacrificing clarity or the ability to identify. I truly don't see myself playing online without it. And if I do play online My friendly team better watch out because I'm coming for them. I guess the benefit to not having the mod is I'll have twice as many targets to shoot at, but only half of them will shoot back!
  4. The next post volunteers a tribute. I congratulate the devs on making such a large improvement on something as vital as the damage model on a combat game. I can't wait to see what other core improvements are in the works. Coming from "another" game it truly great to see that invest in the core gameplay. They want us to have an truly one of a kind experience that's rooted in verifiable documents. If they manage an overhaul of the engine model someday with the same care we're in for a real treat. I think a lot of people are stuck on damage visuals not matching up with damage modeling 1:1. But are missing that the modeling is more important. Something like the wing spar could be a simple line of code in the DM calculation. I'm happy it was patched and shocked they were working on a Saturday for our enjoyment. To the form? Yeah. but I also own every single module and have ample time in the game to have an opinion like you. It seems like your happy they fixed an error. I am too. Wouldn't it suck if the devs gave it 3 spars when it only had 2. Thank God they fixed it...
  5. Guys, let it go. He's both entitled to his opinion and an ass. we're having a conversation, he's arguing. Don't feed the troll. Anyway, something...something... .50 caliber convergence settings matter more now.
  6. You have said everything I've been too lazy to write myself. PWCG is a godsend and Andres Sim Shaker with a buttkicker is the best non-essential / quality of life / this money is burning at hole in my pocket, improvement I could have made. As far as hardware value goes for me: 1) head tracking ( bonus points for VR) 2) quality joystick 3) Andre software with a buttkicker. Flying Sims take up more of my time than any hobby right now. As such, sometimes I feel like investing in this but as a VR player there's no point in me upgrading my cockpit because I can't see it. The Sim Shaker software added a physical experience that gives the game a whole new depth almost as much as VR did. Is a bonus if you play other games such as first person shooters. it's amazing feeling grenades go off around you and rifle shots. The artillery in squad and postscriptum is downright terrifying now. Please don't be mistaken and thinking that it vibrates, it doesn't. It actually moves you up and down with varying intensities. I can feel my landing gear rolling on the ground very differently than I can feel that same landing gear folding up or the shock of a shell on my aircraft or even the onset of a stall in high AOA. It's more of a piston than a vibrator. If you have VR you absolutely have to download The 3dmigoto mod. It makes up for the resolution and spotting shortcomings of VR, as well as adds a whole bunch of quality life improvements. It gives you the same zoom settings that 2D players get which is amazing for scanning the sky and identification. It also does little things like allow you to dim the map when flying at night or adding knee boards because you can't glance at reference material with a headset on. If you have a VR and you try 3dmigoto you will never go back.
  7. I'm saying you use load on the engine to keep the RPM where you want it. We both understand how it works we're just explaining it differently. I don't see the need for a transmission or gear changes because there's not a direct correlation. I understand how the p-47 and everything works I was just trying to do an "explain like I'm 5 years old" for the relationship between RPM and pitch nothing more. We're on the same page just trying to explain it differently. I'm not trying to explain anything about top speed, propeller efficiency or anything else. Just how pitch/load relates to RPM on a system with 1 gear and a fixed throttle. When the RPM is faster than you want put more load on.
  8. Exactly! They don't act like any transmission. That's why I don't use one in my example. Notice how I said pick one gear and leave it there. Using a transmission to answer someone's question on "how does prop pitch affect RPM" has the problem (to me) that every time you shift gears in a car RPM goes up and down. Which can be confusing because the person is trying asking a question about RPM and you're using an example that makes you think about RPMs that work in a totally different way or ignore them going up or down every time you shift. A CSP works on a single gear engine (why I said leave it in one gear), with a throttle we more or less leave in place (stuck gas pedal because car pedals rest to zero) And the RPM changes because of the load that we are able to put on in (the hill). I'm trying to explain the force that is acting on the engine that causes it to slow down versus speed up. A transmission of any kind is not needed nor is it applicable. In fact it's totally unnecessary and can be confusing. Load is what's actually changing, not gear ratios or transmissions. aircraft don't have a transmission in this case.
  9. To each there own. It works for me because pitch/RPM on a CSP is putting load on the motor, it's exactly what's happening. Gear shifting happens at altitude and confuses some people in that analogy. It's great you also get it but this is how I understood it and if it helps even one person all the better.
  10. if we're going to use a car analogy i think it makes more sense to think of it as a manual car stuck in whatever gear lets say 3rd... and have the gas peddle stuck in one place. the pitch controls how much load is on the engine because it controls how much air it grabs and shoves back like a corkscrew. so back to our car the pitch/load is more like changing the level of the ground up or down hill. if you go up a hill the load is increased i.e. lower pitch grabs more air and slows the rpm (prop). if you go downhill load on the engine is decreased and the rpm(prop) increases. but if you go too fast the rpm will blow your motor so you change the pitch to put more load on the engine so as a safety the road curves up whenever you get near redline(the pitch angle/rpm limit you set in game). i hope that makes some sense but that how i think of it... changing gears is very bad analogy
  11. ok just checked, i have a 1080 monitor and it is set to 100% and can not go lower. if go up (i.e. 150% or 200%) then it makes the problem worse. i also tryed toggling the "fix scaling for apps" and i doesn't change PWCG.
  12. i also can not see the Americans. I've updated java and deleted and reinstalled PWCG 8.4.1 while i can not see the Americans i can use "Tab" then arrow keys to select them...
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